Volume I – Chapter XXVIII

Chapter XXVIII



On the preservation and the well-being of the Degree of Mentality

From Sheth to the Chiefs of the people for whom he is responsible, in proportion to their sincerity and obedience.

The preservation and well-being of all the States and Degrees depend:

1- On their sustentation;

2- On their shelter against exterior evil.

The sustentation, essential to the well-being and growth of the Degree of Mentality comes from:

1- Phosphorus in a free state;

2- Vital carbon similar to the dazzling diamond.

The Nervo-Physical system is not only a composite machine, complex and admirable which, with the Intelligence as mechanic, can function in perpetuity; it is also a marvellous and complete laboratory where the preeminent alchemist, the Intelligence, can form and transform.

This machine, this Nervo-Physical laboratory differs from others in that it is alive and that it can, consequently, be in Pathotic, Spiritual, Intellectual and Vital rapport with the mechanic or the alchemist capable of using them. From the point of view of the mechanism, it is through breathing that the Nervo-Physical Degree of the Nervo-Physical State must renew the force of its bloods. In the tide of the bloods, the quintessential life nourishes not only the Nervo-Physical Degree but also the Nervous, Psychic and Mental ones; in other words, this tide Vitalises the Mental, Psychic, Nervous and Nervo-Physical Degrees of Being.

In the living organic laboratory the bloods provide sustentation first to the Mental Degree, then, and, following their rank, to the Psychic, Nervous and Nervo-Physical Degrees. In the constituents of sustentation of which the bloods are the vehicles par excellence, there are certain abundant and even overabundant parts; there are other, which, in the present state of food and breathable air, are insufficient; though the earth, the water and the air in their integrity lack of nothing, having lost nothing, their constituents are unbalanced, such that the Intelligence is forced to seek to supplement to that which was in the past provided by normal and voluntary respiration.

For those who consider all present things from a general point of view, nothing revives hope and happiness more than the certainty that comes forth from this principle, that nothing is lost. By it, we are assured that no harmful being can stay in whatever State of Degree where he does not find sustentation, and that, consequently, all imbalance is temporary since the most evolved matter has been classified, Pathotised, Spiritualised and Vitalised by the Attribute of Justice and formed by Elohim. Man can therefore still be what he was since no sense, no capacity of his being are lost; there is only in them imbalance.

Thus is man the most perfect Intellectual organic being and the preeminent sentientator because he alone can touch all the rarefactions and all the densities of the formations; he is therefore capable of putting himself in rapport with all of the degrees of density. By right and by origin, by his Mentality, in rapport with all of the more rarefied States of Intelligence, he will re-establish the balance, not only on the earth which is the inheritance and special dwelling of Kahi, but also in the totality of the Material Spherical Empire which is the inheritance and the dwelling of the whole of humanity.

As for the constituents of sustentation of which the bloods are the vehicles, those which are in abundance are distributed in their order of rarefaction and, so to speak, in a completely automatic manner. The rarest constituents and, consequently, the most precious, are distributed under the direction of the Mentality, so small, yet so powerful, and the first care of this Chief of State, meaning the Mentality, is to assure the conservation and the well-being of the exterior Degrees which are essential to the integrity of the being.

Let us take, for example, phosphorus in a free state and vital carbon; the first care of the Chief is to distribute to the brain these two rare constituents of sustentation. This distribution happens methodically; it first nourishes this part of the brain which is in immediate rapport with the Nervous centers on which depend the functioning of the organs not governed by will; these organs having received the food that is generally necessary, prepare it to throw it into the torrent of the circulation after having eliminated from it that which is unfit for nutrition, reject the useless or unusable matter, renew the bloods by respiration and give the impulse to its circulations into the lesser parts of the Physical Degree.

The Mentality then provides the rarest constituents to the spinal chord and to the motor neurons, reserving what is necessary for the organs of the known senses and to its own special dwelling, the intellectual brain. In the brain is placed the visible seat of the Mentality; it is a small form of grey matter that envelops the Psychic and Nervous States; from there, it endeavours to exercise its legitimate and beneficent authority for the well-being of the whole.

The preservation and the well-being of the individual in his integrity depends upon this power of the Mentality. Mentality ranks itself on the side of order or of balance; it understands thus and appreciates the value of the fourth degree of density of the Nervo-Physical State. It knows therefore the exceptional importance in providing the two relatively rare constituents, phosphorus in free state and vital carbon, in order to satisfy to the needs of the delicate and sensitive subjects, from the smallest to the greatest, without itself suffering from the scarcity. In the present State of its resources of sustentation, its task is very difficult.

Of the Psychic Degree and of the Nervo-Physical State

As a result of the imbalance caused by Devo, his emanations and his formation, this Degree is like a kingdom divided against itself; the most rarefied part is with the Mentality, and the densest part with the Nervous Degree. This Psychic imbalance often has for effect the interruption of the normal rapport of the Mental Degree of Being with that of the Nervo-Physical. This division is however not an absolute evil because it augments the sympathy and union between the Mental and the Nervo-Physical. When the Mentality understands suffering, the excess of work the fatigue caused to the body by the tyranny and arousal of this part of the Psychic Degree which is in affinity with that which is unbalanced in the Nervous Degree, it centralises; it concentrates itself on the well-being and the conservation of the Nervo-Physical Degree and loses no opportunity to try to modify its sad fate. The Nervo-Physical Degree of the Physical State seeks, on its end, to guide itself by following reason, to avoid letting itself be lead by simple emotion, to escape everything which adds to its suffering and exhausting work.

Of the Nervous Degree

The cause of the partial imbalance is the direct influence of the Hostile upon the Nervous Degree. This pernicious and generally fatal influence can affect the Nervous Degree of the Physical State; because the exterior Physical State has been stripped of its protective envelope, normal and natural. From this results that the delicate nervous extremities, which cover the very sensitive Nervous Degree, instead of being enveloped and protected, sustain the immediate contact of that which can more or less be harmful to them. Not only is the Nervo-Physical Degree of the Physical State subject to various accidents, but it can even be damaged by all kinds of harmful microbes and by the impure exhalations; the least accident can be fatal.

In the present State of Nervousness, a ray of sun, water, cold, without taking into account harmful things themselves, can cause the disintegration of the Nervo-Physical body and denude the Nervous body, such that man is no longer capable of moving himself around at will in his legitimate empire. Does he want to travel to the regions of ice? He perishes from cold. Does he want to go down below the terrestrial crust? He perished from the heat. Does he want to rise above the breathable air? He dies. Does he want to go down and travel in the depths of the ocean? Disintegration awaits him.

It is thus that the descendants of Kahi are tied and garrotted; but the Mentality, in rapport with the most rarefied States of intelligence, can free them from this bound and nefarious state. That is why I come here to tell you, through the lips of Aubis, to find the means to supplement to that which is lacking to the quaternary bloods, and to make the Nervo-Physical State the object of your special cult.

— “As soon as I am free,” I answered, “I will go into depth with this question.”

A short time later, Aubis said to me:

— “The blue cloud is no longer visible.”

— “Sheth has left!”

I repeated to Shoofoo everything that I had just heard.

— “The influence of the Hostile, upon the Nervous Degree,” he said, “and, by means of this Degree, upon the Psychic or the Nervo-Physical is easily understood as the Nervous Degree ramifying itself on the surface of the entire epidermis is continuously impressed upon or made to ache, such that its over arousal is chronic. It is analogously the feverous or inflammatory state in which the Nervo-Physical Degree sometimes happens to be, a state which renders it morbidly sensitive to exterior influences or impressions. It is of this morbid and abnormal state that the Hostiles take advantage to influence the Nervous Degree and weaken it.”

— “As soon as we are free and rested,” I answered, knowing from Sheth where the evil is, “we will seek a remedy. It is evident that this is the object upon which the student of biology must particularly devote himself; he must seek the means to provisionally give to the body this exterior protection that was lost. Until this shelter is reconstituted, the Nervous Degree will always be exposed to accidents and to antipathetic influences from the environment as well as attacks from the Hostiles.”

— “Since the bloods procure the appropriate food for the four Degrees of the Physico-Nervous State,” said Shoofoo, “and since observation demonstrates to us that what affects certain nerves also affects the circulation of the bloods, by abnormally dilating or contracting the blood vessels, it is evident that everything that irritates the nervous system can be harmful or even fatal, not only to the Psychic life, but also to the Mental one.”

— “Imagine for a moment,” I replied, “that no unease, no suffering, no weakness could ever affect the terrestrial body, that this body enjoyed in perpetuity of the plenitude of health with unlimited capabilities of perfecting in all of its Degrees, could you have no worry, no anxiety about the integrity of your being?”

— “As the night fog disappears before the rising sun,” answered Shoofoo, “so also would all fear vanish to never reappear.”


We remained pensive for some time, hand in hand, pondering upon what man had been and what he could still be. We embraced, and then Shoofoo passed into the adjoining room to treat one of the watchers who was tired. I bent over Aubis to awake him, but upon taking the hand of Nimred I noticed that the warmth had disappeared and that Aubis had left.

That same night, while I was standing before the immobile form of Nimred, I felt myself exhausted, invaded by torpor, and I said to Shoofoo:

— “At midnight, twelve moons will have risen and set ten times since we have permitted Chatter to take possession of two of the Degrees of Being of Nimred and we do not know how it will end!”

At that moment one of the watchers entered. “A messenger from the Chief Mage awaits you,” he said; “he carries a sealed letter that he will only turn over to you.”

— “I sense good news,” Shoofoo told me.

I went in haste to take the letter and then closed the door again.

— “You are to me like a sun,” I said to Shoofoo; “if they are good news, we will enjoy then together.”

I broke the seal and we read together the missive.

From Menes to Kelaouchi.

May the plenitude of life be with you!

We inform you that when Aubis wanted to re-enter the body he had left, he met with opposition. Yakmana, the Seer, saw two beings in the form of Nimred and these two beings, according to us, are from Chatter. At the desire of Aubis, we surrounded him with all of the protective power at our disposal; he put himself in rapport with Chatter and they struggle one against the other. We are warning you so that you may be on your guards.

— “Would it not be prudent that I go to the scene of the struggle!” Shoofoo said to me. “I know that for nothing in the world will you leave your post and that we are in community of thought. If Aubis succeeds in expulsing Chatter, our mutual affinity can form a safe conduit between you and I for the Degrees of Being which we wish to restore to Nimred.”

— “Agreed,” I answered; “I see no better way.”

He left, and Eskelpas replaced him. He remained in the contiguous room, ready to answer his call.

A half hour went by. I said to Benederdin:

— “Look towards the dwelling of the chief mage where Shoofoo must have arrived and tell me what you see.”

— “I follow a road where very material Pathotic, Spiritual and Mental lines come and go; they are formed by the affinity that exists between you and Shoofoo.”

— “Good; watch the road,” I said, “and if you see something cross it, warn me.”

But the day fell, the shadows of the evening invaded the earth and no being showed itself; no change was reported. At the approach of night, the lamps were lit; again no change! — So then, a feeling of lassitude and of discouragement manifested itself in me to a point where I called Eskelpas to whom I made known my state. Eskelpas joined to his knowledge great wisdom, but he lacked pathotism or rather he did not have the power to manifest it, as there are individuals who, possessing little, manifest all that they have and therefore seem to have a lot, while others who have a lot manifest very little of it and seem thus very ill endowed in this matter. Some seem like a torrent, the others like deep springs.

Eskelpas first gave me some wine into which he poured a few drops of a crimson liquid of which he would reveal the secret to no one. After having drunk, I felt better. He coldly pulled back his hand with which he seemed to infuse me with Vitality and said to me: “You teach to others the danger of yielding to nefarious external influences and you, yourself, succumb to it! Healer, heal thyself.” And then he lay down in front of the fire which burned in the hearth and closed his eyes. But I knew he was only sleeping with one eye and that at the least sign from me, his powerful hand would clench mine. This though put me at ease.

Around midnight Benederdin said to me: “The Psycho-Nervous Degree of being of Nimred has reintegrated the Nervous Degree and they are coming in our direction.”

My heart leaped with joy, as I knew that the Psycho-Nervous Degree enveloped all of the States and Degrees of Nimred and that the latter, being clothed with the Nervous Degree and re-entering thus into the body that I had long guarded, would be the restitution.

I also learned that Aubis was victorious and I shared the joy of all the mages. Instinctively I called Shoofoo but I got no response. Banishing all other thought, I took the hand of Nimred into mine and soon I felt the natural warmth come back and the pulse beat normally.

“The Degrees of being of our Chief have returned,” said Benederdin; “he rests in the sleep of assimilation and mending.”

The room seemed to lift up and move itself like a ship upon a rough sea. I felt that the vigorous arm of Eskelpas was upholding me; and then I was no longer conscious of anything.

The Account of Menes, chief Mage of Nimred

May Aubis, son of Nimred, live forever!

“In the beginning of the fifth month of his initiatic trial, at the age of fifteen, he struggled against and prevailed upon Chatter, great Emanation of Devo, who possessed for ten years the Nervous and Nervo-Psychic States of Nimred the powerful warrior. Aubis fought since the third day of the twelfth moon at midnight until the fourth day at midnight; at midnight, end of the fourth day, he vanquished.”

“Terrible was this struggle, so terrible that, when it ended, Aubis remained stretched out like a dead person, and we did not know if he would wake up to the consciousness of the things of earth. Neither during the time of combat, nor before, nor after, did he let out any complaint, any moaning; never did he lose his self-control.”

“When he had chased away Chatter, this great victory did not suffice him. As soon as he had regained consciousness, he exteriorised himself again, pursued Chatter to the Nervous State which is the fortress of Devo and imprinted on his forehead a sign that would make him recognisable to all. Then he rested for a time with Kahi and Kahie and, re-entering into his body, he arose amongst us. He was surrounded by such a splendour that we enveloped him with a veil. Then he returned to the tower built by Nimred and made it to the summit; he penetrated into the Sanctuary that overhangs the dome with a square base whose summit flows towards the sky and he rested from his long labours.”

“During his rest, a carmine light replaced the splendour of his aura; when the veil was removed, it spilled out onto the great river and into the valley like the setting sun. All those of good will, who had affinity with it bathed in this light and acquired forces in their four Nervo-Physical Degrees of Being. As for those of perverted will who tried to penetrate into it, the fell like insects who approach to close to a lamp; such that the Empie of Nimred was purified to a great measure.”

“After seven months and seven days of rest, Aubis stripped himself of his glory and came back to Nimred and Nechohaba whom he found reunited as in the past. The joy of Nimred was lively when he embraced the being of his being whom he had seen as a child and who was now a young giant, full of life and strength, of a male beauty. Nechohaba, his mother, was speechless.”

“He withdrew gently, his eyes met those of his mother and he saw the sadness in her gaze. Understanding that he wanted to speak with her, I approached Nimred whom I saluted affectionately and with respect. He gave me an accolade and said to me:

— “I rejoice to be once again amongst you; but my joy is so much greater that our son Aubis has exceeded my hopes; it is not only because of my love for him, but…”

He hesitated and I saw his unease:

“…But,” he continued, “though I am restored, I know that my Nervous and Psycho-Nervous States of Being, possessed for so long by the Emanation of Devo, are weakened and perhaps damaged; I can not yet say whether it is temporary or not; in any case, I am no longer the Nimred of before with an ardent will and a body of iron. Sometimes the impulses and the sensations almost dominate my mind and it is with vigilance and thought that I manage to master myself.

“Aubis will therefore be another of myself amongst our people until the time when I can pull myself together. I am happy however because of him; he has become a wise and powerful man thanks to the care of the mages and those of the queen, his mother.”

I understood then the sadness of Nechohaba.

A month later Nimred had me summoned along with the Chief of the Chiefs and he said to me:

— “Nechohaba greatly desires that we visit the Empire of Aoual, as I feel more and more that Chatter still influences me from time to time in a mysterious manner; my mate says that Aoual will be able to help us.”

— “Would it not be better to call upon Chi, first,” I answered; “he is the representative of Kahi upon the earth and thus the first in power amongst the son of men. Furthermore, his Empire is closer than that of Aoual.”

— “It is true,” said Nimred; “but what I want to ask is not easy to give. Would I impose again a heavy burden upon Chi; does he not have enough to do taking care of the community? Besides, Aoual is in a relative passivity whereas Chi is in continuous activity.”

He made the Chief of Chiefs aware of his intention and told him: “Consider Aubis as myself.”

Aubis occupied the throne of his father and Nimred left with Nechohaba for the far away Empire of Aoual.



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