Volume I – Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII



And so, Kahi was becoming ever weaker; he was overtaken by such torpor that he lost consciousness of his surroundings and his faculty to move: he remained immobile near the circle of the trees of sustentation.

“Behold my work”, said Devo to his chief Formation; “and now, Kahi can no longer sentient this materiality with which the Great Former made him a vestment in his own similitude.”

At that epoch, Devo came out from the glimmering fire and fluctuating cloud, approached Kahi, enclosed him with his subtle force, like a spider enveloping its prey in a web it has so carefully spun, and tried to communicate with him. But Kahi had entered a state where he could sentient nothing in the physical degree.

The face of Devo lit up with malicious joy: “For as long as I am able to do so,” he said, “I will extract from Kahi his passivity; from this passivity, I will form a being and together we will populate this sphere with active and passive beings in our own similitude; I will clothe myself with the body of Kahi so that I may be in full rapport with the degree of materiality with which I will form these beings.”

He had a sardonic laughter:

“Then I will descend below the waters and throw away, with contempt for the First Emanated, this form which I have used for so long.”

Using much ruse and wile, Devo separated the very being of Kahi during the heavy sleep into which the latter was immersed; he then tried to attract the passivity out of the protective and sustentative form where the divided passivity and activity of Kahi were still enveloped ; but despite of all of his efforts, he could influence neither the one nor the other.

Attentive observation allowed him to make out an oval form that was gradually appearing inside the form of Kahi, and he surmised that this form veiled the being that he had in vain attempted to form. He was troubled by this.

Soon after, Kahi awoke and, seeing his passivity separated, he extended his arm towards it.

“Here is the being of my being,” he said, “and although every other thing is subject to division, we are not subject to it because we are one.”

Devo, beside himself, left the glimmering fire and dark cloud to descend into the region of heat to strengthen its barriers.

The pain Kahi felt was immense. “Now, for the first time,” he said, “I seem to be truly sentient of pain, as I am no longer alone. In my isolation, I was strong against suffering and at enduring but now, I have this being who depends on me and I am incapable of sustaining her.”

And this passive Being, who was the being of his being, he named Kahie.

When Kahi noticed that their mentality and their vitality were rapidly diminishing, he said to Kahie: “I will go to the edge of the Great Vasha; perhaps I will find there that which will sustain you?” And he left.

Kahie, who did not have the strength to accompany him, remained in her envelopment of protection. While she rested, she saw a multicoloured splendour inside which a from was moving in a spiral. The latter spoke to her thus: “You know that Devo said to Kahi: ‘if you take of the fruit that sustains mentality you will surely be disintegrated.’ ”

Kahie answered:

— “We can eat anything that Kahi has formed except that which is necessary to the mental state and to the state of physical vitality; yet, of what use is the rest to us?”

— “Enter without worry into the circle and take of the fruit of mentality; you will thus acquire the knowledge of all that is knowable.”

— “I feel strongly about this,” answered Kahie as she listened to the advice; she took some fruits of mentality and ate from them abundantly, and brought some back to the place from which she came.”

Soon, she saw Kahi return, weak and discouraged; she went to meet him and gave him some of the fruit saying: “Here is the fruit that has the property of sustaining the State of Mentality; eat some.”

And they ate some together.

— “Of what use is this,” he said, “if we do not have also the fruit of vitality?”

— “By means of our mentality,” she replied, “we will find a process to perpetually renew vitality.”

Kahi was consoled and they rested together.

Meanwhile, Devo was again sending rays of concentrated heat towards the surface of the earth, as he had done before: he had decided to once again divide the sphere inhabited by Kahi.

When everything was prepared, he started to laugh bitterly:

“All the material spheres are your domain, Kahi, and this one is your palace,” he cried out. “So be it! But, what if I threw you far away? What if I separated you from the central focus of the pathotic force, in such a way that your world would no longer have any light within itself?”

Then he came back up. When he saw that the fruits of mentality had been taken, his anger erupted.

While Kahi and Kahie were resting, the arch-enemy approached them and saw that their being, although separated in form as Kahi and Kahie, was nevertheless enveloped by the body of the physical degree, glorious and light, elastic, resistant and self-luminous, and that this body partially protected them against the hostile by helping them conserve the forces which were inherent to them.

Devo said to his formation: “I have worked in vain; as long as their state of being subsist in its integrity, this flesh that is made in our image will remain immortal, because the constituent parts of its envelopment are indestructible.”

Subsequently, he called upon three great formations to watch over him so that he could concentrate all of his thoughts without anything coming to disturb his meditative rest. Taking aside his chief formation, he told him: “While I rest in the square, I am assailed by thoughts of the distant past, and I cannot bear them.” The one to whom Devo had spoken called over two of his fellow beings; all six surrounded their leader and he remained in the middle of them for a long time, concentrating his forces, meditating on how he could deprive Kahi and Kahie of the glorious body.

Some time later, he approached them, surrounded by the six powerful beings and, suddenly, he robbed them of their exterior envelope. Abruptly awakened, they recognized their loss, looked at each other stricken with pain and, of a common accord, took refuge under a tree with thick shade that has special properties of elasticity, and the aura of this tree provided them with some relief.

Devo began searching for them. When he was close to the tree where they sheltered themselves, he called out: “Kahi! Kahi! where are you?”

And the latter answered: “I heard you but I remain hidden in the shade because I am dispossessed of my glorious body.”

— “How do you know that you are dispossessed? Is it perhaps not that you have eaten of the fruit which I had forbidden?”

— “The passivity that you separated from the activity of my being procured for me that which was necessary to my mentality.”

— “What have you done?” Devo cried out to Kahie

— “A being enveloped in a multicoloured aura and who was moving in a spiral told me to eat of it, and I ate of it,” she answered.

At that moment, the Form of which she had just spoken positioned itself between her and Devo. The latter recognised in the Form the one who had usurped him in the depth of the waters during primitive life. He felt a burst of anger and exploded into imprecations and threats:

— “You are more accursed than my cattle; you are only suited to crawling on your belly and to nourishing yourself of the crudest and least vitalised matter until your final disintegration.”

Veiled by an iridescent aura, the Form replied calmly:

— “You have sown enmity between yourself and Passivity, between your Formations and his. He, the Collective-Man, will injure your head, meaning your mentality, and you will injure his physical degree; he can only be attacked by enemies who come from behind and attack without being seen, such as you came, hidden amongst your entourage.”

Devo said to Kahie:

“I will increase for you, as much as possible, the pain of conception and that of Formation, which is the materialisation of conception; you will be dominated by the desire to possess the Activity from which you were so forcefully separated.”

To Kahi, he said:

“Because you have listened to Passivity and taken for your mentality the sustentation which I had forbidden, the Physical State shall be cursed for you. It will produce that which injures and deteriorates. You will sustain yourself with difficulty for as long as your material form lasts. You will only nourish yourself of that which is proper to inferior beings, and you will only obtain that substance by the sweat of your brow, until the time when you return to the materiality from which you came. Since you have been formed with crude matter, to this matter shall you return.”

Some time later, the arch-enemy, who was still watching, noticed that the forces of Kahi and Kahie weakened rapidly as a result of the suffering to which their Nervo-Physical Degree of being was subjected ever since they had been dispossessed of the glorious light body, elastic, resistant and luminous. He entered once again into the circle of his six formations in order to mediate on the means to deteriorate the Form of Kahi and thus, disfigure that which was divine like while still maintaining the existence of Kahi on the material sphere. But this work of deterioration was so difficult that Devo was forced , after aeons of time, to make this declaration: “We were able to deprive Kahi of his vestment of glory and beauty; but we are powerless to substitute it for the form of inferior beings, to clothe with it that which is in the similitude of Elohim and of the Saint of Saints, within which rests and acts his Attributal Origin.”

On the other side, Kahi being very despondent, Kahie told him: “Do not be discouraged; I have kept the seeds of he fruit we ate together, and they will forever conserve their vitality forever.”

Devo said to himself: Man can attain to knowledge as well as any of us; what would happen if he were to achieved immortality?

Descending then into the region of heat, he once again divided the sphere and projected Kahi with the portion of the sphere upon which he had been clothed. He wanted to withhold Kahie but he could not. Thus were Kahi and Kahie forcefully ejected together.

Devo called for the most powerful beings amongst the ones he had formed and tried to clothe them with materiality, but was not able to do so. So he gave them an envelope of fire, and he entrusted a few of the Cherubim to guard the fruits that sustain vitality, and to others the care of forming the materiality; but it was completely impossible for them to touch this density from which he wanted them to form beings in his own similitude. Nor could they clothe with it his own inferior formations.


In the spheroid upon which Kahi and Kahie were, the intellectual focus was obscured, ceasing to be self-luminous.

For the first time there was light and darkness, day and night in the material spheres.

Kahi, while looking at the pathotic foci of the divided luminous spheres that shone brightly in the immensity of the rarefactions and of the etherealities, remained in contemplation while Kahie was sleeping, and a profound peace penetrated his being: “The alternating light and darkness,” he thought,” are like the radiance and shadow of Brah-Elohim.”

And, in their rest, Kahi and Kahie formed a being in the similitude of Kahi and they named him Kaoah: “He is of Elohim”, said they.

They then formed another being that Kahi named Abal: “He is like the breath of Brah-Elohim”, said Kahie.

These formations resembled Kahi, meaning that they lacked passivity. So then Kahi said to Kahie:

“Let us make Formations in your similitude so that the activity and passivity might be equal.”

And so they formed beings in the similitude of Kahie. They awakened the first and the third of these dual Formations, of whom one was more active and the other more passive; the second one rested in a sphere of sustentation because, until then, the third conception was not yet materialised although, in the conception of Kahie and of Kahie, a third active being was formed.

Kahi then emanated pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces into the materiality of the spheroid which had previously received these forces in accordance with its capacity for reception, after which he conferred with his first active Formation:

“You must form, in our similitude, all that which is formable,” he told him.

So then, within the power of his activity united to that of the first passive Formation, Kaoah with Kaoahé, worked to materialize their conceptive forms.

Kahi then said to the second active Formation: “You must look after and prepare that which is not yet adequate for formations in our own similitude and to ensure that no hostile being touches it.”

Abal, being as one with the third passive Formation, watched over and guarded the materiality still improper to the formation of beings in our similitude; he also watched over all of the stationary being which were suitable for sustentation.


At a certain epoch, Devo, having succeeded in materialising and dematerialising himself in the crossing of the degrees of rarefaction between one sphere and another, arrived at the spheroid where Kahi was; he had with him four of his Cherubim.

He noticed that there were fruits of mentality in abundance and that the constituent of the earth, suitable as food to that which sustained vitality, was evolvable, even though it was still insufficiently evolved. He noticed also that Kaoah had fashioned, in conception, beings in his own similitude and that the materiality suitable for such formations was continuously being evolved by Abal.

He said to himself: “I am once again caught off guard. Despite the loss and the suffering that I inflicted upon the masterpiece of Brah-Elohim, I can in no way make use of him. However, division leads to weakness; I will end up prevailing against then.”

He then said to the Cherubim: “I will attempt to touch, through you, the materiality which is proper to inferior formation; this is why I have brought you here; but, since matter can only be touched by those of the same density, I must put you to sleep so that you can be clothed with this density.” They tried but they could not do it.

“We can not,” they said, “because the materiality is guarded.”

— “Search well,” ordered Devo, “and find the one who is guarding it; once you find out, you will tell me.”

A long while later, one of them whose particular quality was clairvoyance, said to Devo:

— “We have drawn the lines of force; it is the second Formation of Kahi who guards the materiality which we can not touch.”

Devo tried to rest as much as he could, meditating on the subject.

One day, as the light was diminishing, Kaoah and Abal were wandering together amongst the sustentation trees of mentality. Kaoah said: “The light weakens; but the one which is inside us and which is from Brah-Elohim never weakens, even though we have so often been ejected into the immensity. This dense materiality is almost ready for the materialization of my conceptions.”

— “And the less evolved matter,” replied Abal, “evolves continuously, passing thus from my guardianship to yours: Before long, we will also have here the most precious of all the fruits of sustentation, the one that sustains vitality. I sentient that, in struggle itself, there is a renewal of forces, even though I have, of late, found myself more stricken.”

Kaoah, with his right hand around the neck of Abal, was looking at him with tenderness.

— “If there is such a struggle,” he said, “it is because the Hostile being is with us? Why have you not told me?”

— “Because I am the strongest, regardless, and that, out of charity, we must use our own force before having recourse to that of others.”

Some time later, Devo conferred with his four Cherubim: “It is true”, he told them, “that you are nothing in comparison to I who have formed you; nevertheless, each individual being has his own forces. Abal, the second Formation of Kaoah, guards the interior materiality; surround him on four sides. I will hang above you like a cloud with a light of fire; then you will approach as much as possible in order to be able to touch the most material degree of being; once this is done, my force will be with you and together we will try to take from Abal his State of nervous body in order to separate his being.”

The Cherubim rejoiced: “Let us rest until the intended time “, they told themselves, “in order to be strong, for if Devo accomplishes, through us, this great thing, he will remember it and will gratify us with favours and with gifts.”

They rested therefore in the density of the breathable air.

Yet, they did not have human form; they were strange beings and three of them had faces similar to those of inferior formations. Only one of them had a face resembling that of man. They were crafty, agile, strong and terrible and, as a result, of great use to their former.

Abal was as courageous as he was gentle. Shortly after his discussion with Kaoah, he fought for forty days and forty nights to retain the dominion over the matter still improper for the formation of beings in his similitude. Although the enemy was not able to touch the densest part of the materiality, he fought to preserve the forces that maintained it in molecular form and by means of which it could be evolved.

On the fortieth night of the struggle, at midnight, the four Cherubim materialized to the densest degree of the nervous body and formed a square around Abal. Devo placed himself above, in a cloud of light of fire, and united his force to that of the four.

Abal and his passive resisted with all of their forces, but finally, the State of nervous body exteriorised itself, was removed from them and a separation of being occurred.

Their exterior forms were however left intact, because neither Devo nor his Formations could touch that degree of materiality from which they were formed.

When the forty days and forty nights were passed, meaning from the dawn of the forty-first day, Kaoah, not seeing Abal return as usual, headed towards the theatre of the struggle. There he saw the forms of Abal and Abla and above them the light of fire and the cloud which were descending. He understood that the design of Devo was not only to touch the materiality by removing the forces from Abal and Abla, but to also take possession of their bodies by means of his greater Formations. His desire was not to take on the material form himself, but to touch the materiality by means of the servants of whom he was the master.

As soon as Kaoah saw the light of fire and the cloud from which two of the great Formations of Devo were descending, he quickly removed all of the vitality from the forms of Abal and Abla, in such a way that the materiality with which they were formed was returned to the molecular matter.

The anger of Devo was then undescribable; he descended rapidly and Kaoah was for a time covered by the dark cloud and dazzled by the light of fire. Devo tried to separate his being like he had done with the others, yet he was unable to do it. He then asked Kaoah:

— “Where is Abal?”

— “What does it matter,” answered Kaoah; “am I my brother’s guardian?”

— “The bloods of Abal,” replied Devo, “rise up from the earth crying vengeance! I will eject you like I ejected Kahi and you will wanderaround the earth without respite .”

And he went back up.

As soon as Kaoah had recovered his forces, he went to Kahi to whom he recounted what had come to pass.

“I was almost vanquished,” he said; “it is with difficulty that I managed to retain my integral being, and now, if I am ejected and isolated, any hostile being will be able to deprive me of life because I will no longer be able to sustain a struggle.”

Kahi consoled his first formed.

“You will not be completely separated from the earth, as your dwelling will be visible to all of the Formations of the future and, thanks to you, darkness will become light.”

Kahie consoled him in turn:

“As the activity of Kahi dominates on the earth,” she said, “so does the passivity of Kahie dominates in the waters; you will forever sentient the waters, except in their depths, and they will sentient your power. Thus, we will never be separated.”

“On the surface of your sphere,” added Kahi, “there will always be light and darkness, even in the aura of its light, like a radiance and a shadow. All those who look at it will know that there is inside of it a being formed in the similitude of Brah-Elohim, and therefore no being will dare harm you.”

Some time later, Kaoah and his passive were ejected.

Kahi named the dwelling of Kaoah Nud because it wandered around the earth.

There, Kaoah fashioned a Formation in his similitude, which was also that of Brah-Elohim. This Formation had a great affinity with the waters of the earth and at a certain epoch, while he was resting, he told Kaoah:

— “I notice in the depths of the waters something that moves in a spiral and in the middle of these circumvolutions, there is an indistinct form surrounded by a shadow; it is like the form of a being in our own similitude, with the density of the waters, but of a white luminosity.”

— “Rest,” Kaoah told him, “and tell me what kind of form this Being has.”

— “It is the form of Abal which you disintegrated. His molecular materiality that has life within itself (otherwise it could not retain its form) was attracted by the deep waters; it was preserved by that which was moving and each molecule attracted to it that which was necessary for its perfecting; this is how the form reconstituted itself.”

Kaoah understood and was consoled, as he had an affinity with Abal; he loved him profoundly.

After having rested in the sleep of contemplation, he told his Formation who had noticed the form of Abal:

“You are Kaoahel, our first Formation, and you are in the similitude of times past, meaning of Brah-Elohim; consequently, you are different from the others. Try, by the power of your passivity, which equals your activity, to attract this form that you see in the deep waters and describe for me, if you can, what you sentient.”

Kaoah placed his right hand on the forehead of Kaoahel.

— “I perceive the form of which I spoke to you,” said the latter after a moment, “and it is coming through the waters.”

— “Observe, keep watching.”

— “Now it has left the waters and it is rising into the breathable air.”

— “I do not understand how this can happen, as that which breathes in the water can not breathe in the air.”

— “The one who moves in a spiral is surrounded by prismatic light; an aura envelops the form which rises, as if in a sphere of sustentation.

— “It is the aura of the First Emanated.”

When the form of Abal had reached the aura of Kaoah’s sphere, it stopped in the rarefaction which was similar to the one which Kahi had surrounded by drought and united to the constituent with which he was in affinity; Kahi had done so to produce the water which, while descending, had filtered through the fog of the amassed clouds, and was falling on the earth in showers.

Kaoah was put at ease by this. He said to his formation:

— “When the hostiles are vanquished, Abal will be restored to the integrity of his being. Pass on to the dwelling of Kahi and Kahie and tell me everything which you sentient, because in you there is unity of being and that which is for us impossible is possible for you.”

Kaoahel, under the protection of Kaoah, exteriorised himself, leaving his nervo-physical envelope under the latter’s care. As he was exiting in a sphere of sustentation, he said at once:

— “There is between myself and the expansion a barrier which I am incapable of crossing and I sentient that this barrier surrounds all the material spheres that have the same density as ours.”

— “The sphere of sustentation with which you are surrounded should allow you to cross all barriers and even the depleted regions.”

— “Such is not the case.”

— “Can you find a way?”

— “Being in the perfection of being, I could, I believe, cross the obstacle by the strength of my individuality.”

— “Try it.”

Kaoahel left the sphere of sustentation which Kaoah immediately withdrew and he crossed the barrier.

— “I can only see the light of fire and some dark clouds”, he said.

— “Pass through these layers and enter into the light which is beyond.”

— “Place my body, which is with you, inside the sphere of sustentation so that it may be in rapport with me,” said Kaoahel.

Kaoah complied with his wish. After a certain time, he called out to his Formation, but got no response.

Fear overtook him. He went to find Kaoahé and told her everything.

— “Rest,” he told her, “and try to see where our first Formed is located.”

— “I have arrived in a place where everything is dark,” she said; “beyond that I can distinguish nothing.”

— “Do you not see any trace of Kaoahel?”

— “I am searching but I see nothing.”

She felt a great sadness.

Kaoah tried to console her saying:

— “It is true that our First Formed is not returning; but he is unlike any other. Perhaps Elohim has drawn him to himself.

— “Or someone else”, said Kaoahé, inconsolable.


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