Volume I – Chapter XXVI

Chapter XXVI



Here are the reports which were addressed to me:

Chi to Kelaouchi, Chief Mage of Nimred.

Midnight, 15th day of the 6th moon.

Zien, of our own race, was recording our memories of the distant past and we were all at this task when all of a sudden, even though the doors were closed, we felt the presence of someone; looking up we saw Nimred.

At first I felt an impression of joy; I was about to welcome him and congratulate him for having recovered his health and strength when an indescribable feeling of sudden mistrust kept me silent. Remembering then that the doors were closed, I had no doubt that we were in the presence of an abnormal Being.

I noticed that the young Zien was pale and that his hands were trembling. As his look met mine, he said:

“I love Nimred, it is he who taught me to run, swim and dive; it is he who made me understand the celestial signs, the voice of the winds and the waters, the language of the birds; well then, this presence troubles me and I feel chilled to the marrow.”

I placed my had on his head and told him: “Sleep in peace and happiness.” He fell asleep and his calm face and regular breathing demonstrated that he was feeling no ill influence.

So then Chatter, with the intonations of Nimred, spoke thus:

— “What is the matter with this boy that he trembled and paled upon seeing me? Are we not still friends and comrades?”

— “Your visit is unexpected,” I answered; “we assumed you to be suffering from the after-effects of your struggle with Devo and you appear in our midst with the doors closed! Zien might have been afraid that some mishap might have happened to the one he loves so tenderly, and in truth, now that I look at you, I notice that you are not here in flesh and bones but in the Nervous Degree. Is it by occult power, or by will, and temporarily, that you are thus exteriorised or would you have, unfortunately, left your exterior envelope to never return?”

— “You have guessed it,” said the Being. “I came in the Nervous Degree from the Physical State to find shelter with you, because the separation was sudden and I feel weak. I thought of you, knowing that you would grant me your protection against the hostile until the effects of shock and distress have ceased, because if I remained without protection, other more rarefied Degrees of Being would certainly be separated too.”

— “You have done well, I answered; those of good will have nothing to fear here, neither from man nor from other hostile Beings.”

I then emitted power with speed and energy; but before this power had a chance to surround it, the Form had disappeared. It had not disappeared of its own will; it had been withdrawn swiftly by an exterior power that I recognised as Being that of Devo. I noticed extremely tenuous violet lines that were moving towards the West.

The next day, while walking on the shore of the great river, in the shade of the trees, I had the intuition that someone was following me, but Being in contemplation, and not wanting to tear myself away from my thought, I bade it no attention. I arrived then close to a majestic cedar whose thick shade is my favourite resting place; I lay down upon the grass and rested.

I the heard a voice calling me by my name: “Chi, Chi!” I was going to answer, but I remembered the apparition of the form of Nimred; I also remembered that an Hostile Being had thus called Mahallal who, in answering, had put himself in rapport with him which had brought about the loss of his Physical envelope. Following then the example of Kahi, when Devo had called him in the garden of the Orient, I remained silent.

The voice spoke thus:

“You can see, I am the Nervo-Physical Form of Nimred and I have come to teach you many things. Listen to me therefore.”

But I still remained silent, absorbing myself into my thought. So then the Form approached me and I noticed that my usual aura was too dense to affect it as it had affected the Nervous Form that had appeared to me as well as Zien. I therefore penetrated, in rest, my Psycho-Nervous and Psychic auras so that they might be able to affect the Being who was coming closer and succeed in dismissing it. When he sentiented this change in me, he became upset:

— “How can you,” he said, “who sent me to combat Devo and his fellow Beings, seem to want to dismiss me because I have lost in the battle the Physico-Nervous Degree of Being that was so precious to me!”

And as I persisted in my silence:

“Despite everything, because of you and those under your charge, I will make known to you that which I know and then I will go, to never return, since I am so unwelcome. But tell me first a word, make a gesture, so that I may know if you hear me.”

I still observed the same silence, even in thought.

“Where is you Pathotism, Ô Chi?” he continued; “I will speak anyways; although you seem to not be paying any attention to me, I am guessing that your sentience is keen; otherwise you would not have changed the nature of your aura.”

“In my present rarefied State,” continued the Being, “I have learned many things that you do not know. Devo has prevailed; he is truly the arbiter of the spherical material empire and before long, his will must be done on the earth as it is done in the Nervous State. He has already published, for the government of man, certain laws which I have heard and have come to teach to you, the supposed Lord of the Earth, so that you are not taken unexpectedly. Consequently, etch into your memory these laws of Devo and make them know to the generations.”

“1- All men must die, meaning that they must be stripped of their Nervo-Physical State as they were stripped in the Garden of the Orient of their True Physical State.”

“2- It is Brah-Elohim, and no other, who has forbidden man, because of his presumption, to eat of the fruit of sustentation of Mentality. It is Brah-Elohim who, because of the disobedience of Man, had rejected him many times and has divided and subdivided the spheres.”

“3- Presently, Brah Elohim strips man, because of his iniquity, of the Nervo-Physical State whose constituents are restored to the multitude: solid to the solid, liquid to the liquid, gas to the gas. The Nervous State, clothed with the Degree of Nervo-Physical State, is judged and condemned by Brah-Elohim to a more or less acute and prolonged suffering: for most of the condemned, this suffering has no end. If the one who is judged has shown himself to be humble and obeying, if he has fled all knowledge, if he has pushed away all thought of Nervo-Physical immortality, he is no less guilty and worthy of chastisement because he is of the race of Kahi or of that of Aoual who have endeavoured to obtain all that is knowable, who have claimed immortality on earth for the Nervo-Physical State, who have caressed the hope of re-conquering the Seventh State of which Kahi was stripped. All men have thus sinned by disobedience towards their Emanator or Former.”

“4- Brah-Elohim has prepared for all of the descendants of Kahi and Aoual a special place of torture where, according to his justice, they will forever suffer because they are of this lineage.”

“It is only by an act of charity, by a special pardon, that a few can escape perpetual torments! If someone in the similitude of man can prove that he is not of this race or of this lineage, he is no less exposed to the eternal chastisement because the laws are so numerous and rigorous that it is impossible not to transgress them and when one has transgressed them, no humility, no act of generosity, purity, magnanimity, abstinence, gentleness, diligence or servility can appease the wrath of Brah-Elohim.”

“According to the new law, to appease him, a Saint or an Immortal must suffer for the guilty mortals; and it is only through agony, spilt blood, by the death of the innocent, that the remission of the sins of the guilty is compatible with the justice of Brah-Elohim.”

The though that came to me upon hearing these words was the following: “Has Devo lost all intelligence to dare charge one of his emissaries to proffer before me such a stupid blaspheme?” I then heard familiar voices pronouncing my name and I saw a group of the less evolved descendants of Haiche. I arose and went to meet them.

— “Why did you come to get me?” I asked.

— “Many of us,” one of them answered me, “have seen strange Forms fluttering amongst us; they follow us saying: “The wrath of EHOH is unleashed upon you; he has sent us to you to tell you this: “My spirit, the spirit of EHOH will not always be abased because of man who is, like the other animals, of flesh and bone. The limit of human life will be of a hundred and twenty years.”

“Hearing these words, we came to repeat them to you since we feel great fear and we have also heard what Nimred just told you.”

— “Fear nothing,” I answered them. “These Beings are not sent by Elohim. It is true that a few call the Unthinkable, that which was, is, and will be; but Devo, in his pride and arrogance, usurps this title because he was in Form before the Former of man who is currently on the earth. Devo exists and affirms that he will always exist. But fear nothing and do not be troubled; the eternal, whose name is above all things, is the Cause Without Cause, Without Form, beyond the senses of man. The light of truth, which is inside us, is eternal like its origin. Reason therefore: Would Brah, Himelf, the Impersonal, the Supreme Holocaust, who, to clothe IE with a terrestrial body, became personal, menace man with death, after having clothed him thus?”

They were reassured on this point, but a few of them were still hesitant about the words they had heard. “The one who spoke thus,” I told them, “is not Nimred; it is an Hostile Being.” They did not answer but said amongst themselves: “That is not so, as we saw the face of Nimred; we heard his voice and we know that it is him and no other.” From this were born confusion, fear and a great unrest.

At the reading of these pages, my entire Being shivered. I showed them to Shoofoo who is another like me and he said to me:

— “Truly, by permitting this intrusion into the Being of Nimred to acquire knowledge, we have misunderstood the words of Kahi: you shall suffer no mixing of Being, for fear of confusion; remember that all that is against nature is against Charity.”

— “Surely, in our thirst for knowledge, we have lacked wisdom,” I answered; “the only thing left for us to do is endeavour to repair the committed error.”

— “Let us read before the stories of the chiefs on this matter,” Shoofoo said me. “Do not let yourself be beaten as we need all of our courage, energy and prudence.”


Here is the report from Aun:

We know that there are amongst us many Formations of Devo in the Psycho-Nervous and Nervous Degrees; that they take on or possess the forms of individuals whom we have known on earth but who are not currently amongst us. This does not worry us though, regarding our Empire and its inhabitants, even though this may be harmful to others, which we deplore. The reason why these Beings cause us no worry is that, since we have been chosen to lead and protect our people, we have always done everything in our power to keep them in the Material State by realising for them all the desirable conditions of happiness, liberty and progress and by favouring their evolution in this life, just as if all were formed for immortality on this earth.

We have considered that our first duty was to keep unity intact in all of the States and Degrees of Being and we have acted thus, not because we do not fully recognise the usefulness of passing from State to State or from Degree to Degree, but because the current epoch is so full of Nervous and Psychic perils that we have thought to do well by reserving Psychic and separation of being experiments for a few rare sensitives who we can watch and protect effectively. Consequently, for those who are part of our Empire, being used to seeing and thinking in their Nervo-Physical Degree only, these hostile Beings who do not touch this State are for our people as if they did not exist.

In addition, all necessary precautions have been taken to prevent these Beings from touching the Nervo-Physical State; all of those who undergo transition are taken and put in special places where their Nervo-Physical Degree, which remains after the departure of the Mentality, is narrowly guarded by those who have the power to do so. Those who become sensitive for whatever reason, such as disease or grief, are also watched and treated by skilful and devoted people; this way we hope to stave off all danger.

After this reading, Shoofoo said to me:

“Aun, the Formation of Barashino is truly a sage and it is with good reason that the Passive of the race of Kahi is named Ferhan, which means happy. If she had not set the example by living upon the earth and for the earth, the sensitives of the kingdom of Aun would not have been thus, strong and practical.”


Here are the news from Nefa:

To the chief mage of Nimred, on behalf of Nefa, salutations.

We are at the end of our science. Everywhere, Beings invade our Empire and harass us; they are visible to many people. They are not only in the similitude of man but also in that of the least evolved animals; they inspire worry and terror and our animals are even more affected by them than the men. There is especially one fact to denote, it is that these Beings who, externally have two Degrees of Materiality, the Nervous and the Nervo-Physical, all resemble more or less Nimred. Furthermore, the clairaudients, who have heard of Nimred speak, declare that all of these Beings have the intonations of his voice.

After the narration made to me by Haiche, I believe that the Being who has taken possession of the Nervous and Nervo-Psychic forms of Nimred must be extremely powerful and that he is in rapport with Devo himself. I also believe that those who have joined this Being and who have materialised themselves into the Nervous and Nervo-Psychic Degrees of the Physical State of man are not as many as they seem but rather that we have the illusion of number because of their ease at rapidly crossing distances and showing themselves here and there, such that people have the impression to see, hear and smell that which, in reality, does not exist. This does not diminish the state of unease, worry and unrest, as it is impossible to persuade those who are thus afflicted that they are not truly seeing or hearing these Beings.

We have called on Aoual and he told us to take courage; but that is difficult in this time of trial. We however perceive a ray of light in our pain and I hasten to inform you of this, knowing that the good always bear good news and the wicked bad ones.

Haiche, whose veil I am, is without worry; she always tells me: “I know that we are infested by Beings of darkness and evil; nonetheless, by foresight, I still sentient the presence of Beings of good will, serene beauty and divine splendour…”


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