Volume I – Chapter XI

Chapter XI



Some time later Devo again summoned his greatest Formations.

When they were assembled, he told them:

“My will, the will to which you owe your very existence, all that you are and all that you have, is that you go into the exterior density, unclothed.”

The ones who heard him trembled because they knew the suffering that would result from them obeying this order; but they dared not resist because they also knew that resistance would be their demise.

“You are there like beasts before me,” continued Devo, “yet I have nothing better to offer you. Do not think that I desire your disintegration as my thoughts are completely different.”

And as everyone was remained silent he continued:

“If anyone amongst you wants to know my thought, let him ask me.”

The exclaimed in unison:

“Our Lord is great! Who can compared in wisdom and knowledge to the one who has power, glory and domination?”

And they prostrated themselves before him, adoring him, as they were very afraid of him.

— “You act wisely,” said Devo. “Is there not a commandment from ancient times that states: “You will adore the Lord your God and you will serve only him?”

“Rise now and listen. I have prepared for you, in conception, an habitation and an envelope; you will not suffer as those who are not like you suffer; your protective envelope will be the aura of man himself, the aura of these Formations in whom Brah finds his place of rest, of whom Elohim, IE, and Kahi are the elect.”

“Their auras will be you envelope until their being becomes your dwelling. Moreover, once you have been sent into the exterior densities, you will never return here, for that would surely be your disintegration; you also must not seek and utilise any materiality with which to clothe yourselves; your only hope of avoiding suffering lies in man.”

So Devo forced the ones to whom he had talked to enter into the exterior density. He then immediately summoned some of his other Formations, to speak to them as he did with the first and to force them to enter into this same exterior density; he sent them out, in this manner, at a count of twelve times twelve hundred million. Once that was done, all the materiality on the limit of the second degree of the nervous state, neighbouring the first state where the companions of Arg-Alif were, was attracted by him, such that there was now between them and himself like a depleted area. He then withdrew all of the materiality from the fourth and densest degree of the nervous state through which he had ejected his formations, such that this space was also depleted. He stayed in the nervous state located between the depleted regions with the ones that remained who were in his own similitude, as well as with the varied and inferior Formations.

He exulted and said:

“While the ones whom I have sent forth to prepare the way for me take possession, first of the aura, then of the being of man to ensure their own safety, I remain here safely, surrounded by my Emanations and Formations that fear me, adore me and obey me, protected by the depletion of the degrees of this state.”

In the state where he found himself, he infused his intellectual and vital forces into and diligently formed all of the materiality which he had withdrawn, from either side, mixing it with violence, so that, thus united, it became of a density suitable for the formation of being of the degree where he was living; he then evolved these Formations as much as he could telling himself:

“Here are the instruments with which I must carve myself a destiny.”

When he had formed all that he could form and perfected as best he could his Formations, he enveloped himself into an aura of power surrounded by invisibility, and went into the expansion in a sphere of sustentation. His intention was twofold: first, to see for himself the position, and to watch the actions of his Formations which he had sent forth; then to make of the aura of Kahi, and of his very being, his own dwelling.

From the moment of his arrival, he felt an acute opposition and a great unrest. He noticed that his beings had not even been able to touch the exterior aura of man; Kahi, who sentiented everything that took place in his empire, had knowledge of their presence; discerning even their thoughts, he had put everyone on their guard.

Devo therefore made use of all his diplomacy to approach Kahi, with the intention of penetrating into his aura before the latter had the time or the opportunity to resist him. He knew well that Kahi was, to his Formations, as an inexhaustible source of pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces, because of his unity with the universal force and with that of the divine Holocaust of whom he was the sanctuary.

As soon as Devo approached, Kahi told him:

— “I know who you are; I know you and I know your intentions”.

Devo, having no way to prevail against him nor to deceive him, returned back up into his empire and meditated upon all that he had seen.

“I,” he thought, “can neither dominate Kahi, nor his Formations, as a result for their unity with Brah, but perhaps I could triumph over that which is not in individual formation and thus provoke some division. Kahi is like the head and the heart of his Formations; if I do not separate them from him, there is no hope for me, nor for mine, of seizing their belongings.”

He descended once again.

The Formations, finding no shelter, no protective envelope and still incapable of holding form, were finally exhausted and decomposed; not one subsisted in the empire of Kahi.

Devo shifted into a furious anger. He then had recourse to new subtleties; exteriorising himself in such a way as to be of a density lesser than breathable air, he descended into the atmospheric part of the Azert and there, he attracted the constituents proper to the sustentation of the mentality of those who breathed there. He, however, did so with precaution, since his intent was, not to destroy a degree of being, but to only weaken Kahi and his Formations, in order to take possession of them. He had to resort to such stratagems since, lacking passivity, he could not himself form such perfect beings.

Kahi summoned the first and second of his Formations and told them:

“For us, breathing is living; breathable air is our sustentation. Yet, this air is now deprived of something; there is no doubt that it is the hostile being who has plotted to weaken thus the mental degree of our physical state, knowing it to be the safeguard of the integrity of our being.”

“Tell all of the Formers therefore to make their Formations rest, starting from the lesser to the greatest, and during their rest, I will surround and I will penetrate their exterior aura so as to give to the air, with my own mental force, that which is necessary to your well being.”

Thus was it done. Kahi then said:

“Now, let the Formers and their chiefs rest in order to be themselves protected.” This was done.

Finally, he also made his two main Formations rest. When they awoke, he told them:

“There is within you a double power capable of neutralising the harmful effects resulting from the depletion of the breathable air. While I rest, infuse this power into my aura so that I am myself sustained. Let us not forget, from now on and for ever, that separation of the being is, typically, the mode of operation of the adversary.”

Kahi rested and was sustained as he had prescribed it.

Devo, who was watching, noticed that Kahi and his beings were still healthy and vigorous; but, incapable of discerning what was going on in the human auras, he could not understand why his methods of action remained ineffective.

He reasoned to himself thus:

“I have missed my target; but, since I am in this state of density which can touch and penetrate breathable air, I must be able to find some other means of affecting man in that which sustains him. Nothing exhausts as much as a change in density of state; as well, I sentient that since I have taken over the form of the First Emanated in order to use its passivity, my forces are slowly but surely diminishing.”

“Here is what I can do: I will remove from the breathable terrestrial atmosphere its nutritive properties that sustain the degree of the soul.” And he did so, yet with great precaution, in order to only weaken the physical state without causing any violent illness to Kahi and his Formations.

Sentienting this change in the breathable air, Kahi rested in the sleep of the Arcana in order to be, in passivity, in a more conscious rapport with his own intellectual light.

During this time of rest, he gave his great Formations the following order: “Tell everyone to rest with me.” And the Formations, from the smallest to the greatest, were happy because they knew that resting with Kahi was for them the plenitude of good.

However, Kahi advised them to rest, not to make them evolve more rapidly unto perfection, but to fortify them physically; he wanted to spare them from any condition susceptible of taking away their vial force now that the atmosphere, partially deprived of its properties of sustentation, could no longer, as before, immediately reproduce this force.

In the rest of the Arcana, Kahi examined the materiality coming from the disintegrated Formations of Devo, and then spoke thus to his great Formations who watched over him:

“A good part of the materiality coming from the disintegration of those whom the enemy sent among us has re-entered into the universality of the constituting elements from which they were formed; however, there remains some and, being insufficiently evolved, it is not capable of assimilation for Formations in our similitude. To leave this non formed materiality would not be desirable; it may even be dangerous, since the enemy touches upon our sphere and, even by re-forming it, I only see it proper for individual formations of an inferior order; I will therefore use it for the formation of stationary beings.”

And as the second Formation was wondering what Kahi’s thought was, the latter added:

“These stationary beings will be formed in such a way that they draw a part of their food, not like us from the breathable air, but through the Azerte; they will have special roots that will descend into the soil where they will find the nourishment most suited to their well-being. Needless to say that it is the nature of all individual formations to form beings of their own species; thus will it be for the individual stationary Formations as it is for the non-stationary ones.”

“The fruits of these new stationary Formations, bearing seeds, will be constituted in such a way as to draw from the breathable air that which is in it still overabundant and to transform it into food that we will use; by eating them, we will compensate for what is lacking in the atmosphere.”

Kahi thus formed these new stationary beings which grew and thrived beside the Vashas; he and his Formations ate of the seed bearing fruit and were sated.

He noticed then that, while breathable air was within reach of everyone, meaning that everyone could inhale it and absorb it according to their needs, it was not so for these newly produced fruits; he therefore formed twelve species of stationary beings such that their fruits were like twelve varieties of sustentation.

Thus, once again, everything went well for Kahi and his Formations.

Devo’s anger attained its paroxysm. I will produce in the breathable atmosphere a combination that will cause all that live within it to perish, he thought. But reason answered Him: “Thus will you destroy those whom you want to make into living temples proper to manifesting yourself and your Formations.”

He tried to rest, as Kahi had done, to find a means of succeeding; but he could not.

So then, enveloping himself in the material density of heat and penetrating the Azert, he reached the regions of subterranean fire.

Once there, he made it so that the soft and beneficial heat that was uniformly spread out became more intense in certain places, diminished in others, such that the temperature of the sphere varied greatly. Since the air that enveloped the terrestrial sphere contained constituents in affinity with the interior fire, this air was set ablaze in places where the subterranean heat became more intense. However, Kahi and his Formations were not inconvenienced thanks to their exterior envelope, light, self-luminous, elastic and resistant which covered their physical state and sheltered it from exterior sensations at will.

Besides, as the heat and cold became more intense, this envelope, devoid of sensitivity, clothed itself, at the will of the being, with fine white hairs, longer and ever more abundant as the parts of the body they covered were sensitive; however, the face and hands remained bare. The exterior envelope, light, flexible and comparatively insensitive, also gave Kahi and his formations the faculty of resting upon the Vashas, or of elevating themselves into the atmosphere, as far out as they could find breathable air. Very agile, because of their lightness, they could withstand prolonged physical efforts.

At that epoch, this exterior envelope, while being little sensitive in itself, acquired, by the effect of necessity, an exquisite faculty of sensitivity by which man became capable of avoiding all that was harmful and to chose all that was good. The luminosity inherent to this body increased too, such that, for the more evolved, the fine and white hairs also became luminous. Man seemed to be clothed with rays of light of a dazzling whiteness, softened by crimson, pink, the blue of mentality, gold or sapphire, in accordance with the preponderance of the states and degrees of his being.

Those who were enveloped thus would say to each other:

“How glorious and marvellous these bodies are! They have always been for us a source of agility and of light and now they are now, furthermore, our shelter and our instrument of physical sensitivity.”

And they sang a paean of joy: “Our force will forever be concordant our needs!”

However, Kahi and his first two Formations were silent and pensive.

“It is good that everyone is content and happy,” said Kahi, “but we who are responsible for the integrity of the being in our Formations, must not ignore the power and the subtlety of the one who is against us. It is better to make to big deal of the strength of your enemy than to scorn it. It is clear that ours has entered into the region of heat which is touched by the roots of the stationary beings, growing beside the Vashas. I thought he might make the heat more intense to harm the deep roots that draw their sustenance from the Azert; or perhaps will this heat be pernicious in some other way to these stationary Formations thus exposed to wither. We will therefore extend, upon the surface of the Azert, a portion of the liquid constituents; it will be excellent for the stationary Formations. Their roots will have ramifications close to the surface of the Azert and, if by chance there occurs a mishap to their deepest parts, at least they will not perish from it. This liquid will furthermore serve to balance the air in the most populated places. When breathable air was the only nutrient, when everywhere the temperature was the same, man could inhabit all parts of the sphere, but now the greatest number of them are found where fruits abound and where the temperatures varies little.”

And thus it was as Kahi had sensed: When Devo noticed that neither the excess nor the absence of normal heat was harmful to Kahi or to his Formations, he made this heat even more intense, or partially removed from places where the deep roots penetrated; however, the fruit bearers did not wither but continued to offer their twelve species of production as they had before.

The anger of Devo increased. But also, for the first time, he knew fear. He remembered the words of Izlem and he repeated them like a sinister omen. Yet, what was even more powerful than the warning of Izlem, was this interior conviction that, as he increased the heat to dry out the roots of the trees whose fruits were useful to man, he also felt his everincreasing fierce anger and arousal effectively consume all that could sustain his spiritual being; he was conscious that the glorious light of his origin was fading and was vacillating!

This conviction, this knowledge once again increased his agitation and his furor. He resolved to achieve his scheme at all cost: to possess man and the earth.

Yet one time, sensing the intensity of the cold he had produced, he hesitated for a moment.

“Would it perhaps be better to abandon my plan?”, he thought.

Then, turning back upon himself and thinking of the past, he said to himself:

“Perhaps is it too late to find rest, even if I wanted to!”

“If I wanted it!…”, he added, “would there, at present, be any rest for me?”

At that moment, in the cold atmosphere, a soft warmth coalesced; a colour, first crimson, alternated afterwards with a violet shadow, and within his whole being he heard a voice saying him:

— “The light within you attests to your origin! Rest, and in rest, all that you are lacking will be given to you, and you will transform to good all of the disorder you have caused.”

— “I do not have the power to rest,” replied Devo; “it is too late!”

— “You only have to desire it,” continued the voice.

Devo remained pensive for some time and then, rising abruptly, he uttered a bitter laughter and cried out:

“Crazed, coward that I am! Can I not envision the destiny that I have made for myself? To reign in disorder is better than to server in order!… I prefer to be my own center, even if it must weaken, rather than move around…around…what?”

“Just like in the past it seemed to me that my intellectual force increased as my spiritual force was diminishing, so also does it seem to me at present that my mentality capable of sentienting the denser materiality increases now that the intellectual force darkens. Let the chimeras of the past be ever away from me! Now, all of my desire focuses itself upon the present and the future: The possession of the physical state, that is my goal; and it is only in man, and by means of man that this possession can be obtained!”

So then, taking once again the density of air, hidden in invisibility, he roamed amongst the Formations of Kahi, studying each of them, from the lesser to the greatest, spying for what could, within them, be defective or imperfect.

Kahi surrounded the auras of his people with a pure whiteness which for Devo was like a frozen blast through which he could not pass and where he could discern nothing.

Vexed and furious, Devo descended again into the region of heat.

“The only constant,” he said to himself, “is that which concentrates itself in unity, so from now on, I will abandon everything, even in thought, and concentrate the desire of my whole being in a focus, the beam of which I will direct upon Kahi with all of the power of my will; and since Izlem, who is one with truth, taught me that Kahi and IE are one, then perhaps, by means of Kahi, will I be able to affect IE, and by means of IE, all of those who are in his area of influence and, through them, the ones who gave them their being. So thus, by my own power, and not through rest which has been offered to me as a favour, but in continuous activity and by tireless will, will I recover the states which I have lost and I will have empire over everything that exists in form.”

“Everything that exists in form!”, he continued, sitting up. “What is there that does not exist in form? Is it not true that the Indivisible One, the sole Impenetrable, can be manifested through form, and only through form? Without form, this Impenetrability and this Indivisibility would be as if they did not exist. Is the Impenetrable and Indivisible not that which is enveloped, and is not this envelopment form? If the present unbalance ended in perfect balance, the Cosmos would be to the Impenetrable and Indivisible what the physical body of Kahi is to IE. So then, as I clothe myself with a form in the densest matter, I am perhaps fitting myself, either partially or in totality, with an envelope of the Unknown States. Yet, since the most material state acts as the protection for all the less material ones, once in possession of the physical state, first that of Kahi who is one with IE, and then that of their Formers, I will be able to successively take possession of all of the other states and will thus be able to, from the Azert itself, defy the heaven of heavens. From the densest state of matter I will be able to defy the Ethered of the Ethered. May the Indivisible and Impenetrable, unclothed, remain then always in his Immutability; may he forever be Unknown and Unknowable!”

So, with a powerful effort, he concentrated the subterranean heat and directed it like a fire towards the surface of the Azert. Then, while Kahi was resting, he tried to acquire over him, through the materiality of air, some kind of influence. But he could not. Kahi, sentient of his presence and aware of the efforts made by Devo to influence his mentality was invulnerable because, strong in his origin, he had lived in such a way that nothing in his being responded to the unbalanced being.

At that epoch Kahi thus spoke to his first Formations and to the most perfect of his fellow beings:

“Let the thoughts of each one, from the greatest to the smallest, be concentrated upon their own self, as for each individual being, the light for which they are the sanctuary suffices for everything. Let everyone depend upon themselves and of no other, because the self of each one is the center of rest for their Former. Let none of you say in your mentality: “I am from Kahi.” Let none of your Formations also say: “I am from such or another”; but let everyone know, in practical terms, that they are from Brah-Elohim, who is one with the Cosmic Cause, that they are Formations whose unity is the place of rest and of struggle of the supreme Holocaust.”

“Thus, whatever happens, all will be well and nothing which causes unbalance and hostility, by lack of intelligence, will be able to paralyse our work which is the Cosmic Order and consequently, Unity.”

“Moreover, everything that seems to be an obstacle will in reality be of help and everything that seems like an evil will become good.”

“Remember forever my words.”


Some time later, Devo descended on the Azert, in the region of the waters, but he had upon them no power. He passed into the region of light, towards the center of the Azert, and was able to infuse ever so small an amount of his forces into the non evolved part of the materiality; but he could not enter into the pathotic spherical center or into the state that surrounded it.

From the state in which he found himself, he noticed that all of the densities of the Azert were penetrated by the diverse rarefactions according to the power of reception of each one, such that, not only each one of the non stationary or stationary Formations, but even every molecule, everywhere within the sphere, had its pathotism, its spirituality, its intelligence and its vitality.

“If I could divide the denser states of the spheres and separate them from their center,” he told himself, “my plan would only be partially realised, since everything that exists has, according to the measure of its power of reception, all that is essential to its individual well-being.”

“Besides, every man is enveloped with a body which is not only acts as his protection, but also as his sphere of sustentation; each one is like a cosmos unto himself.”

“Such are things now; however, from time to time, it seems like the protection that Kahi extends upon his Formations is essential to their safety. So I told myself: let us divide them; let us separate them from one another. It is not against man himself that I fight; it is against That of which he is the most material envelopment, against That which must, by necessity, have more effectiveness collectively than individually. Thus, Unity is our downfall.”

Soon afterwards, the Azert was divided by force. However, each part still moved around its pathotic focus with which it had remained in affinity, not only as a whole, but also in each of its molecules.

Thus, from epoch to epoch, five times were the spheres divided and re-divided, but always they centralised, or as we incorrectly say, they gravitated towards their own pathotic focus, as all pathotic foci themselves centralise around the pathotic focus from which they had once been separated.

Devo rejoiced saying:

“In the distant past, I divided the Free Intelligences, the first Formations in the materialisms, and presently, I have divided, five times, the most material density! Even though everything adapts itself to its state, as the pathotic foci are divided, the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces diminish too; I divide, I wait and I watch always; and I will divide, I will wait and I will watch until I can separate Kahi from his fellow beings, and his fellow beings from one another.”

“Let us divide, let us wait, and let us watch until his force diminishes, until the time when I can vanquish the Supreme Holocaust who sacrificed, for the redemption of the eternal matter, the Personality he has taken on in Elohim!”


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