Volume I – Chapter XXVII

Chapter XXVII



We had received no new from Abiad, although many years had gone by since, having received the empire upon the snowy peaks, he had been taken, still very young, on the heights where Kahi, Kahie, Sheth and Shorah rest in the three Physical Degrees. He was, however, always in our thoughts and often, when the first rays of the sun gilded the snowy summits, or when the splendour of day was shining upon the icy peaks, when the setting sun was lingering on the mountain tops tinting them of crimson, while the valleys were plunged in darkness, often, those who loved him and piously kept him in their memories, would say to one another: “Here is the sun giving the first morning kiss to Abiad”; or: “His empire is resplendent with light; who can tell all the nuances of its tints?”; or again: “The glory of the setting sun lingers affectionately in the golden hair of Abiad.”

I sent a message to Aoual asking him to communicate to Abiad that which had taken place regarding Nimred. I was acting thus because I knew that Aoual was still in rapport with Mavb, whose veil was Nefdi, this Great Emanation of Devo who, despite the obstacles, had managed, by her power alone, to balance her Being and to equal the greatest. As the springs of fresh water abound in the depths of the seas upon which Aoual has dominion, as well as in the glaciers of the high mountains subjected to Abiad, Mavb, the Immortal, governed at the same time the depths and the heights, and everywhere she reigned, Nefdi reigned also.

Three long months went by, the minutes of which seemed to us like hours, and we could do nothing, except to protect all of the States and Degrees of Being of Nimred, which required all of our skill and all of our forces. But finally, we received from the hands of Nefdi the following news from Mavb:

“The messengers who came to get counsel and help from Aoual found him in the narrow strip of land that extends between the two parts of the empire of Nefa and Haiche. He was standing on the shore of the great river; there also, Tzere, the Queen of the Islands, was resting upon the round and resistant leaves of the gigantic white fresh water lily. After having listened to the messengers, he simply said to them: “Have good courage”, and they left in great haste after having refreshed themselves. Then Aoual called me and, from the region of the deep springs where is fed the great river upon which blooms the white lotus, I answered:

— “Melodious is the voice of Aoual which encapsulates all the harmonies.”

— “By the will of Aba, the springs of the glaciers and of the undergrounds are assigned to you; the empire over the fresh waters is yours.”

— “May all the life in the waters which exists in the spherical empires flow towards Aba, the Strong in law in justice, like the fresh waters of the great rivers, rivers and streams flow towards the sea,” I answered.

— “Come, Immortal of the Immortals,” continued Aoual; “let us form together Beings of the same Degree as those who infest the empire of Nefa, as Haiche is the masterpiece of my Formations, Haiche, the strong fearless Passive, whose mouth only opens to announce good news and whose eyes sparkle with hope. Let us make the most beautiful Beings so that they may replace those whom Devo formed and sent ahead.”

— “It is always good and pleasant,” I answered, “to work with one whose Being is balanced. Let us work and form together.”

— “I will emit Emanations, like in ancient times, and we will clothe them together with the Nervous and Nervo-Psychic Degrees. To what resemblance shall we form them?”

— “To yours,” I said, “as you are for all the most beautiful, the one whose form can not be taken on at will by anyone.”

An so he rested and passed from sleep to sleep until the prismatic splendour of his light of aura indicated that he had attained the summit of the Alifa. In this State he emitted an Emanation. When I saw the glory, power and beauty of the latter I exclaimed: “Wake up and let us clothe him together.” He awoke and we proceeded to the envelopment of this Emanation.

We gathered the sparkle of the rays of the sun, the color pallet of the stalactites of ice, the purity of the waters and the air, the life of the gems, of white and yellow gold, the pathotism of the sky, of the earth and of the sea and we enveloped this the Emanation in the similitude of Aoual.

When he had rested in his aura and was perfected in the Nervous Degree, Aoual told him: “Wake up!” and he awoke.

— “Emanate and clothe your Emanations in our similitude; dominate the Hostiles and take away their power,” continued Aoual.

— “We are one by will and by Being,” answered the Emanation.

So then he emitted Emanations which he clothed with the Nervous and Nervo-Psychic Degrees in his similitude. The people of the North and the South of the Empire of Nefa and Haiche saw them and were amazed by their beauty which, to them, was unequalled. The powerful Being surrounded his Emanations with prismatic splendour, which in turn was surrounded by a slivery and changing light. Haiche was delighted. She spoke thus to her people:

— “Here is what the Powerful One says, whose voice is like the reunion and accord of all the harmonies, like the murmur of the winds in the forest, like the song of waters falling:

“Those who want to escape from the dark and malicious Beings who circulate amongst you have only to enter willingly into the slivery light and rest there for some time and to come out afterward.”

Nefa spread these words throughout his empire; they were repeated everywhere, from North to South. And so, people came from all directions and everyone, without exception, entered into the silvery light where they rested. They left afterwards and each had with them a Being in the more or less radiant similitude of Aoual.

The Beings sent by Devo fled like the night before the dawn which announces the sun. It is thus that Aoual who, in my opinion, no one could compare to in glory, power and beauty, liberated his people because of Haiche, his Formation.

It is good, truly, to work with a Being who possesses balance!

Here follows the song of Haiche, when she saw the Hostile flee before the Beings of good will, the Beings of Light:

“Light is starting to appear!” I cried out in the darkness of night, and my cry of hope arrived to the ears of the immortal ones. They heard me, they emanated and enveloped!

The envelopment of the Emanations differed in density; but all shone brightly with the Glory and Beauty of their Emanator. Around them glowed the splendour of prismatic light which was itself veiled with the transparent brightness of the moon.

“May all those of good will,” I cried out, “assemble in the light similar to a halo that extends afar its radiating power!” And everyone answered my call. They took shelter in the regions of light where they rested.

When they were rested, they got up and came out. And there, in the aura of each one, was a luminous form that no hostile Being dared approach as the will of each was united to that of the Beings of Light.

The Hostiles, the Dark Beings could not enter into any aura and without the aura of man they can do nothing. Worried, they looked everywhere for shelter, but found none and they fled like clouds chased away by the wind.

Rejoice! Rejoice! The sky is without clouds, the air is pure, the water without stain, the sea brings a refreshing breeze, the earth is fertile!

It is the song of the bird making its nest; it is the joyful song of our hearts; it is the hymn of deliverance!

Great are the Immortals One who are with us by will!

Glory, honour and praise to the Immortals!

Remember, men, that we too are by right Immortals!


When we learned that Aoual had thus put the enemy in flight, we were somewhat consoled; but our work worried us no less. Benederdin and Elrohragel were still watching Chatter, although with difficulty; but we were powerless to recall the Degrees of Being of Nimred. The Physical envelope that we were guarding did not appear to suffer from the prolonged separation though; we endeavoured, indeed, to furnish to this Degree all that was necessary for its sustentation, knowing that we had everything to hope for, as long as that Degree was intact.

When the tenth year came, the greatest in the empire, the warrior chiefs of Nimred and some mages came forth to Nechohaba. The chief mage said to her:

— “May Immortality be with the flower of the white lotus and with the royal bud ready to bloom in the light to fill the air with sweet perfumes.”

— “What do you desire?” asked Nechohaba.

— “Your son Aubis of nine and three years,” answered the mage; “when he is nine and four, he will be called upon to take his legitimate place amongst us.”

Nechohaba paled:

— “And Nimred,” she cried out, “my Lord and your chief?”

The Chief of the chiefs came forward:

— “Let no one believe that we are usurping the place of the powerful warrior who is our glory and our pride. What we desire is that Aubis, who is the Being of his Being, be our visible chief while Nimred struggles against the Hostile in the invisible kingdoms, and that he wins for his fathers new laurels and a new glory.”

The chief mage confirmed these words and the pain of Nechohaba immediately turned to joy.

— “The will of Nimred, which is ours,” she said, “is that Aubis not be elected chief of the empire because he is the son of Nimred but that he only be made so on of his own merit.”

— “It is for this reason that we have come to get him,” answered the mage; “we will examine his capabilities. We have come without his knowledge because of the dangers that a neophyte like Aubis can face during his time of trial. We, who know of your sorrows, Ô Queen of ours, would not want to augment them. We have spoken to you first in order to know your will on this matter.”

— “Listen, Ô Mages and Chiefs of Nimred,” said Nechohaba rising; “can I steal away the son of Nimred, the Being of my Being, from this honour? Can I hold back our son, I to whom Nimred has entrusted our empire?”

— “Full of courage and of wisdom are the words of Nechohaba,” said the mage. “But, what if some misfortune were to happen to the Royal Neophyte?”

— “My heart tells me that no misfortune is to fear for him,” answered the Queen; “I know that the son of Nimred will prevail against any hostile.”

Upon these words, she went to get Aubis and brought him, holding him by the hand. His height surpassed by his entire head the tallest of the assistants; he was strong and vigorous; his face was beautiful; to the perfection of the features was added an expression of kindness and firmness. Upon seeing him they all cried out: “May immortality be with the son of Nimred, with Aubis our Prince! Salutation to our Royal Neophyte! May he be victorious over all of his enemies!”

The Chief of Chiefs gave him an accolade and the mages grouped themselves around him.

Aubis broke away from them, went to his mother and threw his arms around her neck as if he was still a small child.

— “Have no worry about me, Ô mother,” he said; “think only of yourself. How you will miss your son in your anxious solitude!”

— “Go, my child,” she murmured while embracing him; “go to combat and be victorious. Who know if my son will not return to me his father?”

Aubis came back to the mages his eyes wet; but his mother had no tears.

I have recorded here that which relates to Aubis because a circumstance presented itself which is for us of the greatest interest. At the end of the third month, after the departure of Aubis, bending down over the body of Nimred I noticed a movement of the lips. I then dismissed everyone who surrounded me to another room, with the exception of Shoofoo et prescribed to those who were charged with it to continue emitting Vital force. After a moment, we heard a voice calling me; we were surprised since it was not the voice of Nimred but that of Aubis which we both recognised.

I immediately sent a diligent and trustworthy messenger to the mages to get some information about the state of Aubis. He brought me back these few words:

The one of whom you speak to has exteriorised himself suddenly, as if by his own will, and we are guarding his exterior envelope like you are guarding that of Nimred.

“Aubis,” said Shoofoo, “has no doubt exteriorised himself and if he speaks through the mouth of Nimred, it is to make to you a communication he can not make to those in his surrounding.”

I affectionately and respectfully took the right hand of Nimred in mine and said to him:

— “Be thou welcome, Aubis, as I feel it is really you, because of the affinity that attracts me; speak therefore!”

The hand I was holding lightly gripped mine and Aubis said to me:

— “In rest, during the first month, I learned many things concerning social science; I communicated them to those of the mages who deal with this science. The second month I was instructed in ethics; the third in metaphysics; I communicated all of this to those of my people who had affinity for these branches of knowledge. Yet, on the first day of the fourth month, I was beginning certain studies on ontology when I remembered that no one, except for Kelaouchi, who was with my father, had an inclination for this science. Being unable to communicate with him, I decided to exteriorise myself and use the organs of my father in order to converse with you, since in the initiatic rest, the help of a person in the normal State with whom we are in affinity is essential.”

— “I understand this,” I answered; “in rest, the brain which is of greatest density is more or less passive. You require the duality of a brain in full activity which is in affinity with its Mentality; now that we are reunited, we will advance together in the knowledge of all that is knowable in biology.”

— “Presently,” continued Aubis, I clearly see that, in the individual organic Being like in the individual worlds, density gradually diminished from the densest envelopment to the central state, the same as it progressively diminishes from the breathable air, that envelops the sphere like a coat, to the greatest rarefaction that separates the spheres from each other. The greater the distance between the spheres, the more the degree of rarefaction increases. Thus, the degree of rarefaction between the earth and the satellite that we call Shenar, because of its alternating waxing and waning, is lesser than the rarefaction that exists between the earth and the sun. In turn, this rarefaction between the earth and the sun is lesser that that which exists between the sun and the closest focus. Everywhere in the system, or group, to which the earth belongs, the rarefaction between foci is lesser that between the other systems of groups. The visible spherical empire and the various intermediary degrees of rarefaction form the Cosmos. In each degree of rarefaction and density, everything lives; from the Unthinkable of Unthinkables to the densest molecule. Furthermore, there is nothing, except for the Unthinkable of Unthinkables that is not divisible; all that is divisible is material and all that is material is susceptible of individualisation.”

“Not only is every individual, no matter what his density, his own Cosmos; not only is every individual living cell of the Azert its own cosmos; not only is every cellular molecule, every atom of molecule, its own cosmos; but every division of atom even, possesses its Degrees of Being corresponding to those of its dwelling.”

“Fire, air water and the earth live. All of the greatest densities are penetrated by the lesser ones. As heat and water provide that which is necessary for life on the earth, as breathable air provides fire and water with all that is necessary for its interior life, so also does ether provide to the air that which is necessary for its sustentation. In the same way, the ether is fed by that which is more rarefied that itself and this order of sustentation has no end since I feel the presence of the Unthinkable in this exterior envelopment, the true physical body, resistant, elastic and self-luminous of which Devo has deprived the spheres and their inhabitants to temporarily subject them to transformation.”

“Friction is the cause of which life is the effect in all of the States and Degrees of Being. The cause of this friction is the penetration of a greater density by a lesser density. The essential purpose of this penetration, from the Unthinkable to the living Being, is the desire that the lesser density has to manifest into the greater one; it is with this goal that it continuously seeks to clothe the individual form.”

“The most rarefied, meaning the Unthinkable, is only found in the densest because, by necessity, it is only thus that it can become perfection and impenetrability. Thus, a body that is sufficiently impermeable to retain carbonic acid, is not sufficiently so to retain oxygen; the one that can retain oxygen can not retain hydrogen and so forth.”

“When Devo stripped man and the spherical immensity of their most impermeable physical envelopment, he made them unfit to contain, in individual form, a certain degree of rarefaction. And, since the greater the rarefaction is, the greater the desire of manifestation in individual form is ardent, the completion and perfecting of the circle of the Being depends on the restoration of the relatively impermeable envelope. This seventh truly Physical State is essential to the most perfect manifestation of Bra-ahd.”

“Inversely, the perfection of the individual form is in proportion to the number of its Degrees of Being. The plenitude of life depends upon the amount and the force of penetrability of the densest by the more rarefied States; from this comes the ancient salutation: “May the plenitude of life be within you!”

“The penetrability of the most impermeable individual and personal density by the Unthinkable Impersonal is the height of the plenitude of life, of the integral immortality and of the universal manifestation.”

“By stripping Kahi of the fourth Degree of the Physical State, Devo has put up an obstacle to the perfect manifestation of Bra-ahd the intermediary between Kahi and the Impenetrable. By influencing or by possessing Man, by seeking to impress upon his Mentality, by suggesting to him that his Nervo-Physical State, in its most material degree at present, has no value, not only do the Hostile Beings strip it away anew, like Devo stripped Kahi, but by removing from Brah-ahd his densest envelopments, and consequently the most precious ones, they hamper the manifestation of the Impenetrable, the Cause Without Cause.”

“Practical science, concerning man, consists entirely in the protection of the Nervo-Physical body. To this end, he must, by all means possible, maintain his Mentality in rapport with the Being of Light, who is in rapport with the Free Intelligence, which is in rapport with the Ethered State of Active and Passive Intelligence inside the Veil, which is in rapport with this Intelligence which is presently Unthinkable and non sentientable by Man.”

“We must therefore imprint this truth into the brain of every Being coming to life, as soon as he awakens to intelligence, whether he is of the race of Haiche or that he be emanated and clothed in the similitude of Elohim: “Take care of your body; in this consists the true cult of the Unthinkable. Keep therefore intact the Mental Degree, the most rarefied Degree of the Physical State, meaning your Mentality; let no exterior enemy affect it or alter it; remember always that the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to the protection of the Nervo-Physical State in its integrity, meaning in its Mental, Nervo-Psychic and Nervo-Physical Degrees, as well as the restoration of the Physical Degree, the glorious body, depends upon health and vigor and upon the plenitude of Mental life.”

“The receptive power of the Universal Intelligence depends upon the capabilities and metal development, which are only compatible with health and vigor, and by it, the consecutive rapport with the more rarefied States and Degrees of Intelligence. Yet Intelligence loathes the destruction of the individual form in which it was partially located and by which it manifests, although imperfectly. But the highest intelligence is powerless to warn the individual of this destruction if it is not in rapport with the individual Mentality.”

“The glorious light of the Free Intelligence shines eternally, but it is with it as with the rays of the sun that only manifest their light when they come in contact with that which is capable of receiving and reflecting them.”

At that moment Aubis was entering.

— “That we have affinity for one another is proven since you have come to me,” I said to him. “Do you think that I can, by this affinity, identify myself with you to the point of sentienting by your sentience that which pertains to universal biology?”

— “This sentientation is possible,” answered Aubis; “but at this moment your thoughts are too divided by unrest and anxiety. Besides, in our rapports, you represent the positive or active element, and I the negative or passive one; if we could achieve the state of sentientation of which you speak, it is probably mine that would substitute itself to yours and not yours to mine.”

“I perceive,” he added after a moment of silence, “a blue vapour that floats above me.”

— “What is its form and shade?” I asked.

— “The form is oval and the shade is that of the blue of deep waters. It is perhaps the aura of someone having inhabited the earth as a man which comes here in the Degree of Mentality. Please ask who he is, and why he comes here; but if you have no affinity for this Form, pay it no attention and we will force it to flee if it is possible.”

— “I now see in the light of aura the form of a man that I have never seen but for which I feel the keenest sympathy.”

— “Describe to me this form,” I asked; “I have been on earth for a long time and you have been there for a short time; perhaps I will recognise him.”

From the description made to me, I recognised Sheth who had place himself in rapport with the Mentality of Aubis. So then all of my Being rejoiced and, taking the hand of the Neophyte, I spoke to him Mentally such that in rest, he communicated with Sheth as I would have done so myself.

— “Welcome, Ô Sheth, Being of the Being of Kahi, you whom I love and venerate equally as the greatest! What is your desire?”

— “In my current State,” he answered, “through the senses of Aubis who sleeps like a child, every Nervo-Physical Being living on earth is visible to me, except in the cavities veiled by the power of Devo. Still loving the earth and man more and more, I would like to take part in the struggle for the Restitution.”

— “Speak, as your words are more precious that rubies and your presence is like the Star of Hope,” I said.

— “The Free Intelligence is similar to water,” continued Sheth; “it falls ceaselessly upon the earth and, after having been received by all of its inhabitants, according to their receptive capabilities, it withdraws taking back that which was not received. Thus does transformation by intelligence operate.”

“I will not speak here of the violent destruction of the Nervo-Physical form by Devo and his fellow Beings, for fear that by chance the son of Nimred might feel its horror and also because the Mentality, by means of which we communicate, could not withstand, without Being exhausted, such a strong tension as that which would necessitate a double communication.”

“Through the son of Nechohaba, through Aubis, — may the plenitude of life be in him!– I will speak of that which leads to the salvation and restitution of man.”


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