Volume I – Chapter I

First Chapter



The Cosmos

The Cosmos is composed of:

· The Impenetrable and the Indivisible, of which the first manifestation is: The Nucleolinus;
· The Occultisms, veiled by: The Nucleolus;
· The Pathotisms, veiled by: The Nucleus;
· The Etherisms, veiled by: The Attributal Region;
· And the Materialisms.

The Nucleolinus

The Nucleolinus is the first manifestation of what is Unthinkable, Occult for man in his current state.

The Nucleolinus is triple: Love, Light and Life.

The Substance

The Substance consists in all that is penetrable and divisible.

The Substance is triple: Pathotism – Ether – Atomic and Molecular Matter.

The Substance is penetrable, divisible, capable of containing – Eternal.

The Nucleolinus is capable of omnipotence, meaning that anywhere that the substance is capable of receiving it, there is found the Nucleolinus.

The Substance is omnipresent, except in the Unthinkable of which the Nucleolinus is the primary manifestation.

The triplicity of the Substance is divisible by the triplity of the Nucleolinus.


The Triplicities

Love emits through Pathotism.

Light emits through Ether.

Life emits through atomic and molecular Matter.

Nonetheless, everything is in everything and Love clad with Pathotism also emits through Ether in accordance with its receptive capacities, like Light clad with the Ether emits through Atomic and Molecular Matter, in accordance with its receptive capacities.

Triplicity and Centralisation

To expansion corresponds Centralisation, which is the approach towards the center.

Pathotism centralises to Love.

Ether centralises to Light.

Atomic and Molecular Matter centralises to Life.


1. The triplicities of the expansion and of the centralisation are eternal and inseparable.

2. Love clad with Pathotism is the cause of the natural order of states, degrees, spheres and spheroids.

Light clad of Ether is manifested in atomic and molecular Matter in accordance with its receptive capacities.

Life veiled by Matter is the cause of the Formation and of the Transformation.

3. In Pathotism, Passivity and Activity are one and indissoluble.

In Ether, Passivity and Activity are like two in one by affinity.

In Atomic and Molecular Matter, Passivity and Activity are subject to division and to mutability.


Of the Septenary Veil, or of the Etheral States

There are seven ethereal states, namely:

1. PATHOTISED ETHER. In which Passivity and Activity are one and indissoluble; they are therein manifested as centralisation and diffusion. It sentients the possibility of the separation of matter.
2. MOST RARIFIED ETHER (or pure Spirit in passivity).
3. PURE SPIRIT IN ACTIVITY (or Cosmic Cause).

The human being can know all of these states, because for Man, Divine and Human, to whom belongs by right of origin the knowledge of all that is knowable, nothing is occult and no law is opposable. Only, there are things that none may reveal to their kinfolk without violating charity. What is veiled by the Nucleolinus was in the past designated by the words: something to be wrapped.


The Forces

1. When Triplicity of Diffusion blends with pathotised Ether, PATHOTIC FORCE is produced.
2. When pathotised Ether blends with Pure Spirit in Passivity, SPIRITUAL FORCE is produced.
3. When Pure Spirit in Activity blends with Passive Intelligence, INTELLECTUAL FORCE is produced.
4. When Active Intelligence blends with Conceptive Germinative Essence, VITAL FORCE is produced.


The Nucleolinus, the Triplicities that centralise and expand, The Septanary Ether and the four Forces are Impersonal and capable of becoming Universal in expansion.


Of the Attributal State, or Attributal Region

Outside of the septanary states of Etherism is located the Attributal State.

Within that state are the seven Attributes of the cosmic Cause: Love – Light – Life – Power – Effectuality – Sustentation – and Justice.

These attributes, clad with Intelligence in Passivity, Intelligence in Activity, Conceptive Essence and Germinative Essence have passed beyond the states of Etherisms and, clothing themselves with matter of a density greater than that of these Etherisms, have manifested in the Attributal state in the form of seven nebulous radiances.

The Attributal state veils the septenary of Etherisms as the Nucleus veils Pathotisms, as the Nucleolus veils Occultisms, as Nucleolinus veils the Unthinkable and Indivisible.

At the epochs of classification and of reclassification of matter of the Materialisms (which is of a greater density than that which constitutes the Etherisms), these attributes of the Cosmic Cause have produced, one after the other, according to their order, two or even more emanations. These emanations attracted the most rarefied and most radiant of the mixed matter of the Materialisms and clothed themselves with it.

The Emanation that spread itself through this mixed matter of the Materialisms produced, in each state of density, Formations in its own similitude, and gave them the empire over the state where they were formed.

The Emanation of the Attribute that dilated itself produced in turn a second Formation which it clothed with the density of the Matter of the Materialisms, in all of the accessible states and in their degrees.


Of the Attributal Emanations

Of the first Emanation of the Attribute of Justice, or seventh Attribute of the Cosmic Cause.

The most subtle matter is attracted, by affinity, towards the attributal region and its forces awakening respond to the forces of the Attribute of Justice (seventh Attribute of the Cosmic Cause). From this union proceeds an Emanation perfect in itself, and of spherical form. This Emanation enters into the immensity of the mixed matter and, unfurling itself in a spiral, forms a sphere around the Attributal State.

The most rarefied and most perfect radiant matter is attracted towards the Emanation, by affinity; this matter, being more rarefied, radiant and perfect as a result of the pathotism, the spirituality, the intellectuality and the vitality inherent in it, the Emanation infuses therein, according to its ability to receive them, its pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces.

The Emanation continues to dilate itself into spiral plumes and, attracting matter, infuses its forces into the most rarefied and the most radiant part of the atomic matter first and, subsequently, into the molecular matter.

Finally weary, as a result of this infusion of forces, the Emanation rests in the centre of a dual sustaining sphere which can be compared to the egg where the living germ shelters itself with the yolk and the white inside the protective shell; it attracts the most rarefied and the most perfect atoms and molecules, clothes itself with them, and takes on the form which is that of Man.

Enveloped with this radiant form possessing luminosity, self-perfect in terms of passivity and activity, the Emanation rests in the spherical formation where the assimilation takes place.

While the Emanation, the Two in One, rests thus, the most rarefied and most perfect mixed matter, sentienting its presence, approaches the state of molecular matter, according to the measure of its affinity and of its receptive capacity of the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces.

Upon awaking to activity, the Emanation perceives the imperfection and insufficiency of evolution of the third degree of matter. It does not penetrate it, but, emerging from its spherical envelope, it returns to the Attributal state. There, perceiving that the Attribute which is its immediate origin proceeds form an even more etherized origin, the first Emanation exteriorizes itself and, leaving its radiant and rarefied form in the Attributal state, enters into the septenary veil of the Etherisms, retaining the form it had taken on; then it rests in the state of Effective Germinative Essence.

From there, leaving behind as always an etherised, rarefied and radiant form, it enters, in the same manner, into the Conceptive Germinative Essence where it rests once again. Afterward, exteriorizing itself anew, it passes into the state of Intelligence in Activity; on its way, it sentients the hidden sources of vitality; it stops and penetrates its secret and inexhaustible depths.

Of the Second Emanation

From the Attribute of Justice in rapport with subtle matter, proceeds a second Emanation; it crosses, in spherical form, the Attributal state where rest the other six Attributes of the Cosmic Cause, which are similar to nebulous radiances.

While exiting the Attributal state, the second Emanation sees the sphere within which the first Emanation has taken on a body of human form; it sees the splendour of this sphere with its septanary rays. Neither has it faded the splendor of its exterior sphere, of the colors of the prism, surrounded by a third sphere of the colors of the rainbow similar to a reflected image.

Weary because of the rapidity with which it was enveloped and has taken on individual form, the second Emanation rests a little in the sphere before continuing on its way. While it is resting in order to be able to work, it notices that the mixed matter never ceases to classify itself; the most perfect and the most radiant approaches the molecular matter and centralizes continually in the one that is spherical in the same way that a gas rises in the water.

And then, overcoming the desire to rest and the repugnance to enter into a less rarefied matter, the second Emanation leaves the luminous state of the molecular matter and, exiting, goes straight to the Expansion, without stopping, until it arrives at a degree of density of mixed matter where it no longer had the power to penetrate. There it rests in the densest matter that it can perceive; it takes on a body of this density and forms itself a dual sphere into which it enters in order to cease affecting matter during its time of rest.

Having crossed the atomic and molecular matter that was already pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualized and vitalized by the first Emanation, this second Emanation rests on the boundaries of the denser and less radiant matter. There it penetrates with its quaternary forces the matter that is ready to receive them. Then, in the densest matter which the second Emanation is capable of sentienting, it wears the spherical form with which it had been clothed during its emanation by the Attibute of Equilibrium of the Cosmic Cause.

There the Emanation attracts the most radiant and rarefied matter onto the outer boundaries from where it rests and clothes itself in the likeness of the first Emanation. The external and dual sphere, active and passive, forms the intermediary or medium between the former and the materiality of which he forms a vestment in the similitude of that taken on by the first Emanation.

This spherical surrounding presents the sapphirine splendour of Intelligence in Passivity and in Activity and the golden one of the Conceptive and Germinative Effective Essence; it is veiled, as with a protective shadow, by the violet of Power.

The second Emanation is thus in the similitude of the form taken on by the first Emanation; however they differ from one another as each formation always differs from others of its kind. The second Emanation also rests in its spherical envelope in preparation for assimilation.

While it rests thus, it sees the sphere abandoned by the first Emanation, a sphere which it has itself crossed. Shine brightly in the circle of the most radiant and rarefied matter; it is similar to a star of pure light, half veiled by a light of prism colors, that shines clear and transparent through its envelope of rainbow colors. Farther on the Emanation catches sight of a form like a nebulous radiance where is found a resplendent sphere, but without color. It is of a pure white, this form, and shines like a star in the Attributal state. The Second Emanation knows that it is the envelope where rests the form that the first emanation left to enter into the septenary veils.


The Formations

In the rest of assimilation, the second Emanation forms a Being in its own similitude and clothes it with the most perfect matter which it has attracted into the sphere of the Formation and into which it infuses its own forces (pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital). Then it makes a Second Formation similar to the first one and these two Formations rest with it in its aura.


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  1. Quite intetresting to read the English version of The Tradition…which was edited by The Mother from horrible french to finer version.

    Reading many times to try understanding the english text. The translation is neat and simple but one has to rise his level to know its right meaning.


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