Volume I – Chapter III

Chapter III



At a certain epoch, leaving the sustentation sphere in the immobility, the Former and his two Formations (the first of which was not awake), enter into the most rarefied expansion of classified matter following his affinity. There the Former clothes his second Formation from the most rarefied and most radiant part of this matter, but without dressing himself with it, neither himself, nor his first Formation.

And, together, although in different degrees of materiality, they dilate themselves in power all the way to the limit of the active sensitivation of the second Formation, meaning all the way to the greatest density of matter capable of sustaining it. There the Second Formed wakes up; it attracts the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces of its Former (the second Emanation of the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause); drawing them as from an inexhaustible source, it unites them to its own quaternary force with which they are in affinity, and it scatters them all over the rarefied matter on the exterior confines of which it finds itself. This matter receives them according to its diverse capacities of reception, meaning according to the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces inherent to it and according to its development.

Then, the Former clothes the First Formation with a form in his own similitude, made of the most rarefied and radiant matter which he attracts towards the greatest density of the state where they find themselves. While the second Formation is in the sleep of assimilation, the Former awakens his First Formation and gives it the dominion over the material state in which it awakes for the first time; he fashions it suitably so that it may dwell there.

Then as intelligence to intelligence, the Former communicates with his Formation and tells it:

— “You have every power here: May you form that which is good, may you continually develop and perfect what is insufficient. However your Formations, no more than yourself, are not imprisoned in form, even though you must always have it; you can always change it at will and you can continually perfect it.

“May you subjugate all that is hostile to Love, to Light and to Life.

“May you avoid moulding any form that is not in your similitude.

“Keep the sphere of sustentation which is the place where you are enveloped and awakened and which will serve you for your work and your rest.”

“Without your consent, no exterior force can approach the light that is in you and which comes from the Cosmic Cause.

“When you will have pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised all that is susceptible to it, recompose yourself, allowing to all the beings their complete liberty. Here is found the hostile being and it is necessary that each one prove their own strengths.”

And then the Second Formation resting in the aura of its Former penetrates with him into the expansion.


The First Formation re-enters into the sphere of sustentation where it was clothed and awakened, and, attracting by affinity the most perfect pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised matter, it fashions forms in its own similitude with all that is good for such formations, and, awaking them, communicates with them in these terms:

“You are our Formations and our helpers. May you always retain Form without ever being subjugated to it; yours is the work of perfecting the forms; what is enveloped is of the Cosmic Cause, of the Nucleolus that veils that which is still unknown to us.

“Take good care use only that which is developed in your own similitude. This is the state of Free Intelligence which is in affinity with the states of Intelligence in Passivity and Intelligence in Activity, meaning the third and fourth ethered states of the septenary veil.”

Having thus formed all that was good for the formation, the First Formation spills out its quaternary forces into the totality of its sphere of influence, all the way to the limit of its strength and power of endurance; and then it rests in the sphere where it was clothed and awakened.

In rest, it sentients, too, that there is something hostile in that which is not formed; but during the period of activity, it did not sentient this; while free, it encounters no obstacles.

The Former and its Second Formation, exteriorising themselves, penetrate into the immensity of mixed matter and rest on the confines of the state of Free Intelligence. After this rest they enter again into the immensity of mixed matter and approach by affinity that which is the most perfected and developed.

While they rest, the Former communicates as from Intelligence to Intelligence with his Formation that accompanies him.

“If you are willing”, he says, “rest, look and describe what you see in the centre of all the states and degrees with which you are in affinity; not what you remember, but what you really see.”

After having rested calm and immobile for some time, the Formation still sleeping, recounts thus, as from Intelligence to Intelligence, what it saw.

“I see like a pure whiteness of great brightness, immutable and possessing a luminous property. Everywhere I look, around, above and under me, there is everywhere this pure whiteness, immutable and luminous.

“Towards the East and above, there is found both its focus and its origin. On the right of this brightness, meaning at my left hand, a Being in my own similitude sleeps while standing; its face is turned towards me. This Being is perfect in all of its states and degrees of being, from the central triplicity that veils the Nucleolus to the state into which you have just clothed me.

“I interrogate him: Why do you stand in your sleep while looking like someone who is waiting?

“And he responds: “I am waiting for seven envelopes by the means of which the chain of the Being will be perfected and Cosmic Balance established for ever and ever. It is with you that lays the responsibility for this perfecting.”

“I remain silent, even in thought, and I do not understand the significance of his words. He notices and says:

“There is within the mixed matter seven unclassified great densities that are divisible and sub-divisible; each state contains within itself all that is necessary for its own well being and perfecting.”

“Why”, I asked, “must I take on for this seven other states with their divisions and sub-divisions?”

— “Because”, he answers me, “it is only by means of those who are the most perfected in each of their states that each state can develop and perfect itself ; no individual being can influence that which is not within his sphere of sensitivation, nor be influenced by it, since anything else is to him as if it did not exist.

“Therefore, you, who are the masterpiece of the individual being, must, by necessity, take on all of the densities and states of matter, so that, through you, each state and degree can be developed and perfected.

“The more arduous the work of development of the densest matter is, the sweeter the rest is; the greater the conflict is, the greater the victory is!

“Everything must, by necessity, be One, in the Cosmic Union, without which there can be no perfect balance.

“In each state and degree that you have touched or that you will touch, is a sphere where one can centralise to the place where I am and dilate to the place where you are, because we are One.”

— “While I will take on one by one the densities of matter, will you remain stationary”, I then asked, “since your center is the Nucleolus that veils the UNTHINKABLE?”

— “The only limit to evolution for individual formations is that of their own capacities and of the development of those capacities; it is of this limit that depends their reception of divine forces and their capacity to answer them. What is for you the Unthinkable is for me the thinkable, and what is for you sentientable, is for me unsentientable. It is only when the chain of the Being is perfected that, as one single being, we will achieve to the knowledge of all that is knowable, and that, through us, thus perfected, all that which is of the Individuality will develop and perfect itself in its entirety.”

— “And yourself”, I asked, “while waiting for this to be accomplished, will you remain stationary?”

— “It would be against the natural order”, he answered me; “as you take on state upon state, degree upon degree, I will gain the power of exteriorisation from degree to degree of rarefaction. However, we are not separated; we can unite, I by materialisation and you by exteriorisation, even as we attain to perfect individuality in degrees of rarefaction and density which are still new to us.

“How marvellous and mysterious we are in our composite being!…

“I see then around the brightness of pure whiteness a second whiteness that, while being blue, gold and crimson, is so balanced that only the white is showing. Above, below and around me, everywhere where the brightness of pure whiteness is, can be found the whiteness of balance with the triplicity of colour. And all lives, and in life there is light, and in light there is love, and in love there is light, and in light there is life and in the Three in One and the One in Three there is an envelope where rests a being in our similitude.

“I now pass into the dual brightness of the pathotism and there stands, upright and immobile, face turned towards the seven veils, a Being that seems like a vapour or a reflection of the one that was communicating with me by thought. Above, below and around, everywhere where the triple colour is balanced, there is dual brightness.

“I pass into the state of Pure Spirit in Passivity which is a silvery and immobile half-transparency. There, in an envelope appropriate for his state, sleeps a Being in our own similitude.

“I know that the envelopes within which rest the beings in our own similitude are the spheres of sustentation where, while returning, I rested myself, but I know nothing of their formation.

The great Former says: “until your Being is perfected, what is know to you in passivity may be unknown to you in activity, and that which is known to a state of being can be unknown to another. Thus you can never declare, with justice and truth, when talking about all that exists: I know nothing about this in my integral being.”

And the Formation continues:

— “I then cross the silvery mist of the Pure Spirit in Activity, the immobile and undulating sapphirine light of the Intelligence in Passivity, and of the Intelligence in Activity, the calm and bright golden splendour of the Conceptive Germinative Essence of a golden light of the richest tint, and in each there is the envelope in which rests a Being in our own similitude.

“From the silvery mist in motion of the Pure Spirit in Activity, to the attributal sphere that is outside of the seven veils, I see seven rays of light and these seven rays are haloed. Those are the seven paths which the seven attributes of the Cosmic Cause follow to arrive to the expansion. Above, below and around, I see that, everywhere where the dual transparency is found, there can also be found that which is silvery in the immobility and the undulation; and everywhere where the silvery light is found, can also be found that which is sapphirine, immobile and undulant; everywhere where that sapphirinee light is found can also be found that which is golden, bright and immobile, and there can be found gold of a richer tint where pulsating movement is found.

“Finally I rest a little while contemplating that which makes up my joy and admiration.

“I then pass to the attributal state and I see six nebulous forms gemmed with radiant lights, and these forms are mutable and undefined. The lights bloom and contract, shine and pale in turn. When the pre-eminent master builders, their emanations and the formations of their emanations infused the intellectuality, the spirituality, the essence, the mentality, the nervous, or incarnated, they classified and reclassified the densest Eternal Substance and crafted the seven Materialities.

“Moving forward into the Expansion, I find in front of me the seventh attribute from where proceed two haloed rays of light, one dilating itself and the other one concentrating itself.

“While looking towards the centre I see that the concentrating ray of light touches the One who rests near the source of vitality and who had welcomed me. I also see that the dilating ray of light touches you. Upon seeing you my desire is to be near you, my Former and my all in all. I return to you rapidly crossing the state of atomic and molecular matter, then the star splendour of the sphere of the First Formed and finally the state of transformation at will.”

So then the Former communicated with his formation from intelligence to intelligence, from thought to thought.

— “The affinity is reciprocal; as you desire to be where I am, I desire to be with you everywhere you are.”

“What will happen”, asked the Formation, “ when, by my intermediary, you will have pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised the matter in all of its densities, such that it becomes proper for individual formation in your similitude?”

— “As rarefaction is within density, so also is density in a germinal state within rarefaction; as the germinative and effective conceptivity is within all individual form, all individual for is within the germinative effectuality and conceptivity. Can there be divisions in Unity?

“Until the time when the integrity of the Chain of Being will reign, as you will concentrate and dilate, we will do the same; and as in each state you were crossing, you were resting in the sustentation sphere the content of which holds envelopes similar to the states where they were formed, so also do we rest, not in the personality of the Emanations, not in the nebulous and mutating form of the attributes the lights of which continuously contract and dilate, always penetrated by the central splendour, but like One with the Cosmic Cause. Meaning that in each state where is found the individual formation, from that of Intelligence which, although in form, cannot be retained by form, to that of the densest matter, our place of sustentation, of work and of rest is the masterpiece of its individual formations.

“Thus, they are collectively within us these Formations and we are within them individually and this is what constitutes the Cosmic Order. By the universality of the Pathotism, of the Etherism and of the comparatively material rarefactions, all of the states and degrees of each individual being are sustained; since the Pathotism, the Etherism and the comparatively material rarefaction are manifested by the states and degrees of the individual formations, each individual state is sustained by that which is closest to its own degree of density.

“In the individual masterpiece the pathotic state manifested by the etherism of the Pure Spirit; the spiritual by the Intelligence; the intellectual by the germinatve state by means of which it comes into rapport with the most rarefied atomic and molecular materiality; and the later is manifested by its material envelopes of a greater density.

“Each denser state receives not only what is necessary for its sustenance and development, but again each more rarefied state sentients by means of the state which is its envelope”.

After a silence, the Formation asks: “The Formations are therefore essential to their Former as the Former is essential to its Formations?

— “The Formation is as essential to its Former as the Former is to its Formation. When you were traveling by exteriorisation in the pathotic state, you were leaving there an individual state and you were seeing it develop as a perfect being; do you how this was happening?

— “By the construction of that which is more rarefied than itself, and by the construction in envelopment of that which is denser than itself. It was by the union of individual forms from the different degrees of rarefaction and density that the wholeness of the Being was accomplished.

— “In order, says the Former, this union is a combination rather than a mixture, such that the loss or weakening of one state or degree of being unbalances the being in its integrity.

“The greater the density of a state or degree, the more it is necessary to protect it, because it is more subject to imbalance and then to transformation. What I am making known to you, make known to your Formations:

“On the preservation of the densest degree of the individual being depends the preservation of the integral individuality, and on the preservation of the densest individuality depends the unity of all the most rarefied states which are enveloped by this materiality through which alone they can be in rapport with the densest materiality. Consequently, the loss of the densest envelope is, for the greatest rarefaction which it covers, the loss of the sensitivation of the degree of density of which its densest degree is the intermediary. Therefore, it is on the densest state that depend the most rarefied states, and on the individual integral being that depends the universality and infinitude of the Indivisible.”

— “However”, says the Formation, “I am sentient, by foresight, that a degree of being which is of lesser density can be weakened and sustain injuries, while the degree that envelops it gives no sign of weakness.

— “What you sentient is that which can constitute the greatest hindrance to balance”, answered the Former; “meaning the non-naturalism. This weakening, this injury done to the Spirit, or to the Intelligence, or to some state of greater rarefaction, while in appearance the densest degree is not affected, has for cause the impingement of some individualised or semi-individualised being upon the weakened or injured degree. By not being in the conditions necessary to envelop itself properly with the densest material state, such a being tries to gain this material state by luring it, by pursuing it in the individual state of the same degree of materiality as itself; it tries to entirely take over that individual state or at least to share its dwelling.

“An individual being who is well developed can leave at will state upon state, density upon density, and reassume them at will without incurring any damage. But the loss of the densest state puts at risk of loss that whole part of the individual being that you have seen formed from the exterior; and this loss can only be attributed to violence, to the violation of natural law, as, if that which is mixed can be separated, that which is combined is only separable by violence.”

— “I notice, concludes the Formation, that that which is exteriorised from within and that which is interiorised from without, being united, form the perfect being; that, consequently, each thing is essential to the well-being and to the power of perfecting of another. The loss of a state or degree is anti-natural since all of the states or degrees are pathotically combines and that, by nature and by origin, all are eternal. This is because ethered Love, Light and Life touch individualised Love, Light and Life, being inherent to the materiality which they develop and perfect.

“The material state in its integrity is like the living reliquary of that which is ethered, its sacred arch of protection, as the rarefied state is precious and essential for developing its envelopment.”

— “Everything within me rejoices at the magnificence of my being!”


At that epoch, the Second Formation noticed that everywhere, in parts where matter was fully developed, there were nebulous and mutating forms full of light that bloomed and diminished in turn all the while becoming brighter. Gradually, these forms took on its own similitude; although, they were not fixed; they passed at will from the nebulous form of the star to it own, and again to the nebulous form. However, since matter had started being used for individual formation, it had continually been used to this end.

Remembering the advice of its Former: “Intelligence must always be free”, the Second Formation veiled itself in the nebulosity and was among those nebulous forms as if it wasn’t there.

When the Free Intelligences saw the brightness and darkness, when they saw the pulsating movement animate the density of matter that the great Former had prepared for the individual formations, by means of the First Formation, many amongst them desired to dilate and take permanent form there. Others opposed this taking of form by reasoning thus:

“By transformation we do not cease to perfect the form; let us continue then to perfect it thus, so that all that we are prepare be in a form worthy of our Intelligence. Indeed, although we know that the individual form we take on is in the similitude of that which is perfect, we are conscious of our own imperfection.”

Others reasoned thus:

“Since a part of the greatest density of matter in expansion is developed and ready for individual formations, we will be able to envelop ourselves with it at will and take on permanent form. But once enveloped thus we will no longer be able to leave this envelope without the risk of loss; the rarefaction of our current form is incapable of being in contact with the exterior density without the protection of an envelope suitable to it, and if we take permanent form we will not be able to perfect the form.”

Those who desired immediate expansion were saying:

“The matter which is prepared must surely be used, otherwise, to what use its development? We sentiented some affinity with that which is developed in the expansion and this affinity is a proof, that in order, we can unite ourselves with this degree of developed matter and envelop ourselves with it.”

A being of the most radiant intelligence was suggesting the following:

“I notice that the one who can make himself visible and who is amongst us like a servant, resting most of the time veiled in the nebulosity, is greater than us: let us listen to him.”

The ones who were the greatest in capacity and development searched for the First Emantion; the one who had suggested to his fellow beings to find him and listen to him communicated with him from intelligence to intelligence and told him:

— “Some sentient that the immediate expansion is desirable; others sentient that our work consists rather in perfecting the form. If you so will, let your opinion on this subject be known.

The first Emanated answered:

“The Intelligence is free for ever and ever. Let each follow their own light but in passivity, as only in the calm of passivity is the divine light immutable.”

Someone asked: “Will you expand yourself with those who will expand themselves or will you stay with those that will stay?”

— “I will stay, answered the First Emanated, not because of what I sentient, but out of duty.”

Another interrogated:

— “For whom and for what is it a duty?”

— “Everyone”, he answered, “is accountable to his own self; in proportion to the liberty is the responsibility. Furthermore, one thing is essential: Be watchful that no division occurs between you.”


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