Volume I – Chapter V

Chapter V


Upon its awakening, the First Emanation found itself surrounded by a great number of the most perfected Free Intelligences, but saw no trace of the Being with which he had discussed.

One of the most powerful of the Free Intelligences who, like its companions, had a form in the similitude of the First Emanation, communicated with the First Emanation from intelligence to intelligence.

— “Most of the Intelligences are preparing to advance towards this state which they are guessing is ready for defined and permanent form. We, on the contrary, who surround you, are of the opinion that this rush is due to the arousal produced by untimely activity.

“Being barely accustomed to form, we sentient that we are still incapable of delving into the secrets of conceptive germination, and even less to use those of effective germination and that resting in passivity is necessary for us before attempting the perfecting of the form; it is only in the rest of passive contemplation that we will obtain the comprehension of nature and that of the mysteries of germination, and this comprehension appears to us absolutely essential for the well being of permanent forms.

“Thus, in passive contemplation, we will be able to advance little by little, acquiring the knowledge of all that is knowable, first conceptive, and then effective.

“Furthermore, little time has passed since the visible or invisible pathotisers, spiritualisers, intellectualisers and vitalisers have penetrated into the densest matter. Without a doubt, being Intelligences, we know, by prediction and by induction, something of that which forms the fourth envelope of the ethered states found beyond the septenary ethered veil, however, we are incapable individually or collectively sentienting at this time of what is beyond because we are not clothed with the corresponding density.

“In centralisation which has for a cause affinity, we gathered around you during your sleep in order to get your feelings on this subject. We will follow your counsel because you have wisdom.”

— “Listen then”, replied the First Emanation:

“One who acts before having conceived and perfected his conception incurs dangers.”

— “We have come nearer by affinity”, answered a Free Intelligence; “by affinity we desire to remain close to you.”

— “You know not what you are saying at this time”, continued the First Emanation. “Rest and wait. Power might be with those with the ones who oppose you, even though they lack knowledge.”

— “Since you desire it, we will rest. But the Chief never changes opinion.”

So then they rested in the aura of the First Emanation.

During that time, the latter was watchful.

Arg-Alif, chief of the Free Intelligences who desired immediate expansion, had also retained individual form. He was well supported. He approached the one who had communicated with the First Emanation and told him:

“Is this the time to sleep? When those who are with me, and who are twice as many as you, are in full activity, ready to penetrate into the greatest density, why are you passive as if you had nothing in common with us?”

The First Emanation and those who were with it did not rise and said nothing. The chief called all of those who were able to come forth and, when they were twice as many as those who were resting, he told them:

“Look a these ones who are of our origin but are not with us; they surround, as if by affinity, a being whom we do not know and who might be against us, and they rest inside an aura that we do not know.

“Earlier some worry manifested amongst us. Not too long ago, a being in perfect similitude to the one in the aura of whom our fellow beings rest (except that he was enveloped with the most imperfect matter) stood before me, asked me strange questions and suggested to me some confusing and troubling things. Let us expel him into the exterior densities.”

— “Let us first consult, said one of them, the one who rests in the nebulosity.”

But the chief answered: “For what purpose?, since he already said: “be mindful that there be no division amongst you”. Let us then expel into the exterior densities the one we do not know and who is the perpetrator of confusion and division.”

— “How can a lesser density”, asked one of them, “be pushed back through a greater density?”

— And the Chief replied: “By force!…”

So then, uniting all of their forces to exhaustion, they expelled the First Emanation into the exterior densities.

Those who were resting in its aura, awaking suddenly, dashed after it; not out of impetus, but because they knew that Arg-Alif, the visible chief of the Free Intelligences, and those who were with him did not willingly suffer their presence and that, if they stayed, their fellow beings would plunge them into the expansion as soon as they were able to do so.

When they had recovered their forces, the Chief, who got up first, noticed that those who had rested in the aura of the Stranger were no longer in the state of mutating form. In the place where they had been, was standing the one who had enveloped himself with inferior, non evolved matter, and who had troubled them before. The Chief asked his fellow beings, from Intelligence to Intelligence: “Who is this one?”

— “It is the one we expelled,” said one of them, “only, instead of being enveloped in rarefied and radiant matter, he only has the envelope of inferior matter.”

They were troubled; The Chief consoled them by telling them:

“As soon as we have regained all of our vital force, we will also expel this being or partial being…

As he announced this decision, the one they were talking about replied with a mocking tone:

“Visible Chief of the Free Intelligences, how great in intelligence you are, respectful of liberty, you not suffering that an unknown Intelligence be in your midst; you who have expelled the First Emanation of the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause! Yet, you are impatient to see me flee!”

Then he plunged into the exterior density and disappeared.

The Chief said to his fellow beings: “I intended to enter with you into the next degree of density, courageously but with prudence and precaution. We would only have enveloped ourselves with what we would have been able to assimilate. But, now that this being, who is stronger than us, has gone forth to perhaps rejoin those who have left their dwelling, we have to advance with great haste for fear that, once recovered from their shock, they regain their forces and oppose our expansion.”

Once again there was divergence of views. The Chief ordered them to rest.

They left individual form and once again enveloped themselves in a spherical or starry form to ensure that they would not be constrained by form, and then they rested. But, even in rest, each was sentient of the presence of the One who had remained standing and immobile in their midst after they had expelled the First Emanation and, once again, they experienced a sensation of disquiet and formerly unknown desires.

Arg-Alif, in his sleep, noticed, close to himself, this very being and told him:

“I myself expelled you into the exterior density; yet, when all are thrown out, you remain standing and immobile in our midst. How can this be, as the form of the one we expelled and your own are identical?”

— “My presence proves that I have not been expelled; perhaps you have only seen the materialisation of your desire?”

— “You are great in Intelligence; I have noticed this during my rest. Let us chat.

— “That is why I am here.

— “When you entered into the densest matter, what did you notice; what did you learn?

— “I only entered into it a little because I wanted to be with you; but I saw that the materiality was recently evolved as a result of the forces that had been infused into it, and that a certain quantity of it was ready for formation.

— “What did you learn?

— “To each their own knowledge. However we will tell you that imagination does not exist; as it not possible to conceive of that which is inconceivable and that which is conceivable is realizable. Consequently, in the future, you will also be able to take any form which you are able to conceive. Do not forget this truth!”

— “However we often conceive of that which we can not realize.

— “Because your of intelligence being insufficiently evolved, you lack some conditions necessary to execute or materialize. An example: you have the conception of passing into more rarefied states because you feel that you are in affinity with them; but since you do not have the necessary knowledge, your conception, which, in fact, is realizable, is for you unrealizable. Conceptions are realities not manifested by materialization and which, in view of the varied degrees of density, must delay their materialization until you touch the desired degree of density.

“Conception is like everything other thing; only the strongest take on and retain individuality; the weakest, finding no way to materialize, return to the collective conceptive state, where they sleep for a time.”

“Listen, visible chief of the Free Intelligences: By extending yourself and by taking permanent individual form, see to it that all of your individual conceptions are conserved, since all that may have emerged from the collective conception contains truth and is consequently worthy of being conserved. Truth alone is immortal.

— “You unwind before me new perspectives. Where do you come from?

— “From beyond the septenary veil.

— “Your origin?

— “Can that which is eternal have an origin?”

— “Since the Nucleus and its etheric envelopes are eternal, since matter is eternal, everything then is eternal except for the particular individual form?

— “Yes, that is why those you have expelled were asking instinctively: Is it right to confine ourselves inside that which is mutable?

— “If it is wiser to remains as a Free Intelligence, where does the ardent and continual desire to keep the permanent individual form come from, and why have you, the very wise, taken it on?

— “If I answered you, you would not understand me at this time. Once you will have passed beyond the other veils of the matter that envelops the etheralities, you will be able to understand and then we will see each other again.

— “Can you leave the form at will?

— “All of my will is to retain it; all of my desire is to envelope it and re-envelope it. For what reason can one desire de-formation, meaning loss?

So then, this being, who had seized the body abandoned by First Emanation, left and Arg-Alif remained engrossed in mediation.

Soon Arg-Alif and the Free Intelligences, who desired to envelop themselves in the permanent form, assembled on the confines of the state which the Second Emanation and its Formation had crossed.

By looking attentively at the brightness and shadows, they noticed, in the closest shadow, a form that was separating itself from its passivity and then taking it on again, in such a way that it was like two individual beings separated from one another, and like two united beings, alternating thus between separation and reunion. A few among them were wondering: What is this new occurrence?

Others answered: “In the disquiet that oppressed us recently, we had the conception of this separation of the active and passive.”

Arg-Alif then remembered these words: “Ensure that all collective conception is conserved, as that which can emerge from the collective conception is truth and that which is truth must be conserved. Truth alone is eternal”, and was troubled.

“In this being”, he said to one of his fellow beings, “we had to reject the First Emanation which came from the Attribute of Justice; we lost a third of our fellow beings; by him we have known for the first time turmoil, disquiet and exhaustion, and now that we are presently forced to quickly enter into the region of permanent form, here he presents to us a divided form which disfigures the similitude of our Former. If a few, troubled and worried, want to take on this form, who can prevent them, since we are all free?”

Upon entering of a common accord into the exterior density to envelop themselves of the permanent form, they sentiented that they lacked much and the more perfected understood that when those who were expelled had crossed this state, some power has enveloped them as best it could with the most perfected and appropriate materiality.

After the rest required for assimilation, those who were extending themselves and taking permanent form emanated intelligence and vitality in affinity with their surroundings and formed thus beings in their similitude but inferior to them since the matter at left their disposal was deprived of its most perfectly pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised constituting parts, such that it was no longer adequate for their conception.

They held council and it was decided that a third of them would continue their expansion, while the other two thirds would remain with their inferior Emanations to watch and guard, in case those who were expelled returned to fight them.

Here is found the State of Spirit, first state of the individual material form, permanent and unchanging.


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