Volume I – Chapter XII

Chapter XII


Kahi ended up being isolated on a comparatively small and distant sphere, detached from the sphere where he had been formed by the Great Former. At a certain epoch, Devo again removed from this sphere a part of its constituents, such that it condensed itself to a degree of density until then unknown.

While Kahi was resting in contemplation, his source of strength in times of trouble and change, Devo said to one of his Formations who was with him:

“I now will clothe this man with this dense materiality; then I will infuse into it my forces, such that he will be imprisoned in it.”

But when he wanted to approach Kahi, in the most material form he could take on, the imperfection of his being, due to his lack of passivity, prevented him from crossing the envelopment of protection and sustentation around Kahi, and he was incapable of touching him.

“I will then form, out of this dense materiality, everything that is formable,” he said, “for fear that Kahi anticipates me by using it himself, since man is the archetypal former.”

But, once these inferior beings were formed in the state of nervous body, which is the second degree of the physical state, he still could not touch the material state since it was not possible for him to clothe himself with its density.

So he brought his Formations before Kahi and told him:

“I am Elohim. Look, here is what I have formed; I have brought them so that you can name them.”

He was thinking: If I can unite Kahi with me by thought on the subject of these beings, they might materialize into his aura and I will then be able to, through them, touch and form the greatest density.

But Kahi paid no attention to these words, nor to the Formations.

Devo sentiented that the living germs of the stationary Formations were in the densest degree of the physical state; but these germs were not in the required conditions for evolution.

So he removed from the Vashas its most rarefied part which he surrounded by drought. He then elevated himself into the atmosphere, and he quickly joined to the breathable air this part which had previously been isolated. A lightning bolt struck and the thunder that followed was a sign that this lightest part had united with the breathable air, and rain showered the earth. The vegetation awoke with its green finery; it was like a delicious garden. From their end, the waters in the sphere gushed out from their deep springs, a result of their affinity to those in the air, and rivers formed.

Thereafter, noticing that the breathable air was lacking more and more, as it had in the past, of the nutritive properties necessary to the being in the density with which he had been enveloped thirdly, Kahi revivified the fruits of the trees that grew beside the waters, ate of them and recovered his forces.

Nonetheless, he felt isolated; he found no materiality sufficiently evolved to form beings in his own similitude; not that he immediately wished to make Formations, as he knew the power and the wile of Devo. All Former, he thought, is responsible for the well-being of his Formations; consequently, I will not form any being in my similitude before knowing if I can protect him.

During that time, Devo had formed, from the matter which he could touch, all sorts of inferior beings that crawled around Kahi during his rest.

Perhaps Kahi, in his isolation, will clothe a few of these beings with the materiality that he alone can touch and I will then enter into one of them, Devo told himself

But he waited in vain. Kahi paid no attention to these Formations. A new thought came to him; he told his chief Formation: “If I can realise what I am thinking all will go well. – Here and there, in the waters, I beheld what lies between the density of the water and that of the ground; perhaps I will be able to descend below the waters and form there beings of lesser density than those who exist in a state that allows them to remain on the surface of the earth.

So he entered into the deep water by force; there he found masses of protoplasm at rest.

— “Here is,” he thought, “a source of passive germinative beings that are not awakened, not actively vivified; I will infuse my forces into them and awaken them to life.” But he tried in vain to achieve this. Looking closely, he noticed that he had been pre-empted; the mass had been influenced. His anger erupted anew.

— “Who took the lead on this?” he cried out. “Let the one who did this show himself so that I can fight with him for domination.”

So the depths of the waters were stirred in a slow rhythm; it was like a spiral undulation. Devo saw a soft light of rainbow colors, and the one that was stirring thus told him, from mentality to mentality:

— “Why are you here, like a thief?”

— “I do not understand what you mean,” replied Devo.

— “The form that you have is not your own,” continued the voice, “so return it.”

— “To whom would I return it?”

— “To me, the First Emanated, to whom it belongs.”

But Devo, knowing the value of the form into which the First Emanated had diffused his passivity responded:

“I did, in the distant past, taken on the form that you rejected; if you can take it from me, do so. But leave this place and remove from all the waters the life which you have infused into them, this germinative life, barely adequate for formations. It is for myself that I separated this sphere and it is by my own power that I condensed it; I will share this empire with no one.”

— “Kahi alone,” responded the First Emanated, “is the Lord of these material states and this sphere which you claim is his.”

Devo tried, but in vain, to remove from the protoplasm this life that the First Emanated had infused into it and, on his end, the First Emanated tried to take back from Devo the form with which he was clothed, but he could not.

Finally, Devo came back up, leaving the First Emanated in the depths of the waters.

As soon as the Hostile had regained some strength, he looked, as always, for a way to weaken Kahi and to dominate him in order to touch, through him, the matter, as the Great Former had done by the intermediary of IE.

“If I could arouse Kahi to a great anger,” he told himself, “perhaps that in this arousal I would succeed in gaining control over him, because I know by experience that often, in a moment of passion, a part of the being is exteriorised, and I could perhaps enter into the void left by such and exteriorisation.”

He tried then to rest, to augment his strength, but he could not because of the passions that stirred him whenever the thought of rest came to him; he remembered the words of the First Emanated: “Kahi is the Lord of the material states and this sphere is his.” And so a dreadful anger took hold of him.

Meanwhile, Kahi was resting in the Eastern part of the sphere, amongst the fruit bearing trees. Through their foliage he was seeing the pathotic foci of the divided and subdivided spheres and spheroids, shining everywhere in the immensity and, thinking of the past when he had been the center for his Formations, an unspeakable feeling of isolation oppressed him. Rising then, he wandered under the trees and stopped by the great river looking at the white flowers of the lotus which leaned over their large rounded leaves.

Fighting the sadness that oppressed him, he consoled himself thus: “Even though I have no companion, I am not alone since Brah, the Holocaust, of whom I am the Sanctuary and the manifestation, is with me forever and ever, as He is at the center of this sphere and in the most distant foci that shine in the immensity; He is everywhere like the love of love, the light of light, the life of life!”

Suddenly he felt a warm, almost burning breeze, pass over his head. He knew that it was Devo. He then saw a form that had the color of a sombre fire glinting feebly, as by bursts, through a purplish cloud. This form was animated with a rapid movement; a voice came out of it, calling him by name: “Kahi! Kahi!” But Kahi did not answer.

The voice continued:

“I am the Eternal One, the Lord of this sphere and all that surrounds it; I created everything and have sovereignty over everything!”

— “Brah-Elohim is the love, the light and the life of all that exists in the States which are denser than the Attributal Region and man is the sanctuary of the temple of Formations,” replied Kahi. “Brah-Elohim alone has the right to form. It is through man that he touches the dense materiality, that he forms it, that he evolves it and that he perfects it; no one can create.”

Devo hid his anger:

— “I have planted this garden,” he said, “and I have formed you so that you could form the materiality; it is now a magnificent garden where the fruits grow for your sustentation and for that of the other Formations that belong to me. Before long I will take on this matter with which I have formed you. I reserve for myself alone the fruit of the tree that nourishes and fortifies the state of mentality, the materialisation of the State of Light or Intelligence in permanent form, itself the materialisation of the State of Free Intelligence. You shall not touch this fruit; neither shall you approach the trees that surround it, as I need it for myself.”

And as Kahi remained silent:

— “Swear to me, and by me, that you will not approach it,” continued Devo.

Kahi persisted in his silence.

— “The day you eat of this fruit which sustains mentality,” said Devo, “you will surely enter into the State of Mentality, as I will rob you of the physical degree, the nervous degree and even the degree of soul of your physical state.”

So, with all his might, he tried to remove Kahi from the protective body with which he was enveloped, but the latter remained calm, not allowing himself to get upset.

And thus was Devo once again powerless.

Soon after Kahi went, as per his habit, amongst the trees whose fruits sustained mentality; in the midst of them, he had planted some whose fruits especially nourished vitality. He found them surrounded by fire and by an obscurity similar to a cloud that he could not penetrate. He approached it as much as he could, thinking of a means to prevail against the power of the enemy.

Soon, the voice which he had heard before, coming out of the ardent light surrounded by obscurity, called him anew by name; but he remained silent.

Devo told him: “I still can not touch you, but I have set aside, for myself, that which sustains in great part your mentality and your vitality and you will not be able to touch it without my permission. Thus, since the breathable air of this sphere is quite insufficient to nourish you, if I also withdraw this food from you, you will surely lose this mental state that puts you in rapport with the states of Light or Intelligence in Permanent Form and of Free Intelligence and, at the same time, the most material physical degree. You will then fall under my power and, through you, touching the materiality, I will form and reign over my Formations.”

— “You will do whatever is possible for you to do,” answered Kahi; “you will disfigure the work of the Great Former as much as you can, but all that you will attempt with an eye towards disorder and strife will turn into confusion for you. Despite you, your work of division will produce union; your work of strife will lead to rest; your work of disorder will hasten universal Balance.”

Devo hid in the nebulous obscurity, but from time to time, he continued to talk to Kahi to in turn tempt him or threaten him.

Kahi felt his mental and vital forces gradually diminishing. When he was exhausted, Devo told him: “Pathotise, spiritualise, intellectualise and vitalise this matter so that we can form beings in my similitude, and then I will allow you to eat of the fruits I have set aside. Thus will you be able to restore yourself and live.”

But Kahi continued to resist. Devo, seeing that he could neither reduce him to powerlessness by seduction, nor by menace, used wile.

“Listen and pay attention to my words,” he said.

“In vain, I declare to you that I am your Former; you neither want to welcome me, nor obey me, nor follow my counsel. You know that in the past IE, when he was greatly troubled, called upon his Former, and how the latter called himself upon his Attributal Origin. Since you are supposedly one with IE, call then upon Elohim which you claim has centralised himself to the place of his origin. Perhaps will he come here and carry you through the circle of fire and cloud, as it is told that he carried IE through the region of the Hostile. If he is not able to do it, since Brah, his immediate origin, is no longer with him, perhaps will he call upon the Cosmic Cause.”

“My will is not that you should perish on this sphere, but that you obey me and live. Since you refuse to do so, let the One whom we believe to be your Former come here, so that we can fight for supremacy and decide which of the two of us you will serve.”

Kahi answered:

“As long as you spoke to me about myself I remained silent, but presently I will answer you:

“IE called upon his Former, not for himself but for entirety of Formations of which he was the masterpiece and the representative. Kahi is alone on this sphere that you have separated, thrown far away from the place of its formation and deteriorated. Do you believe, chief of imbalances, who takes the name of divine Former, that for my safety alone I will furnish you with the means to put yourself in rapport with the rarefactions from which you are excluded. I am not exhausted enough not to discern your plan which is full of wile. You thought is thus: “Since I am in rapport with this man, if I could by some means persuade him to put himself in communication with the Cosmic Cause of the materialisms, whose origin id the Cause Without Cause, perhaps will I then be able to return to my place of origin.”

“Do you believe, Tempter, that for myself and to free myself from suffering, I will expose to confusion, not only the most rarefied states of the materialisms, but also the Etherisms and the Pathotisms?”

So then, Devo left Kahi and, in order to converse with his Formations, he hid in this circle of sombre light in the middle of which the trees, whose fruit mainly sustained mentality, surrounded the one whose fruit sustained vitality.


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