Volume I – Chapter IV

Chapter IV



From the depths where it was resting in sleep, the First Emanation of the Attribute of the Cosmic Cause of the materialities populated with ethered forms the region where the Intelligencein Activity touches the Germinative Conceptive Essence. These ethered forms, of extreme beauty, are in its own similitude; they are haloed with a radiance of the color of emerald. The First Emanation has thus formed, in passivity, that which, in its time, must be manifested as the state of Vitality.

Looking upwards, it notices like a refection of itself and marveled…

While the Free Intelligences differed in their sentientations, the First Emanation was awaking to activity in the depths of the source of vital force. As it arose there was produced like a state of dual etherism, passive and active, which, from the centre, was touching the Intelligence in Activity and, in its expansion, was reaching the Germinative Conceptive Essence.

The First Emanation was reasoning thus:

“As passivity is essential to conception, so also is activity essential to materialisation, by which in turn conception alone can manifest and be used. Yet, my conception thus took form, in the rest of passivity: “Let us centralise in the individual form; as the Second Formation goes into the expansion leaving an individual form in each degree of density, so also do we centralise, leaving an individual form in each degree of rarefaction.”

Looking above, at the place where it had long rested, it saw like a reflection of itself, and it marvelled.

While fixing its gaze upon this form, it understood that it was that of the Second Formation of the Second Emanation and that it had been received there with welcoming wishes.

Then, while making its way to the centre, it found on its path, in each state, a sphere of sustentation where was resting a Being in Passivity in it own similitude.

“Someone has preceded me here, it though; however, there might remain states of rarefaction where he has not penetrated.”

To avoid all confusion, while passing from state to state by exteriorisation, it reduced to their constituent parts the forms from which it had exteriorised itself and spread them out in such a way that they would not reform themselves in any manner.

It centralised thus to the place surrounded by the Nucleolus and there it saw this being which had been formed inside and around the pathotic form of the Second Formation of the Second Emanation.

So then the First Emanation communicated by thought with this Formation.

“I find you here in individual form; you have penetrated into the triple veil of centralisation; is this your last stop in the rarefaction? Or have you entered into the veil towards the centre?

The Second Formation answered: “I have not entered into this veil”.

So then the First Emanation began to revolve around the Nucleolus in spiral circumvolutions as it had done in the most rarefied and the most radiant matter. After it had twice circled the Nucleolus it was met by the one who had been perfected as an individual being on the inside and the outside of the pathotic form. He was standing inside the spiral.

“Centralisation”, he said in thought, “takes place proportionally with the expansion, otherwise where would the balance of the Being be?…”

The First Emanation answered:

— “I am of the Cosmic Cause; I have the right to centralise; who will oppose it?”

“I am”, replied the other, “from the one who, in individual form, penetrated into the exterior densities of which you are, actively, unconscious; consequently, I am before you.”

And as the First Emanation wanted to continue to circle towards the centre, a being suddenly came out of the veil, into the interior envelope which the First Emanation had penetrated, and cast it out with overwhelming force.

During the short struggle, the Being with which the First Emanation had communicated pronounced these words:

“All of those who were present at this scene can bear witness that I am innocent of this act of violence.”

Having no ethered forms with which to clothe itself, the First Emanation was thrown out beyond the septenary veil and could only stop it fall inside the sphere from where it had left when it had refused to enter into the degrees of the denser matter.

There it rested by necessity in the most rarefied part of this matter and penetrated it with its own quaternary force.

After a long rest it awoke and, for the first time, it noticed in the expansion a path of radiant and rarefied matter similar to that which it had itself worked on. Upon entering it, it sentiented a mutual affinity; its whole being rejoiced from this and it thought: “It is the Second Emanated who did this, he the Strong in Righteousness, he who knows how to resist the senses, he the struggler who is worthier than I.”

As it was descending surrounded by the rarefied degree of matter which is in affinity with the Pure Spirit in Passivity, it arrived at the place where this degree merges with the degree of matter of which the dominant quality is in a more complete rapport with the Pure Spirit in Activity. When it wanted to pass in front to enter into this second degree of material density, a dual spherical form met it and communicated with it, from spirit to spirit:

“You cannot enter here, as by will of the One who formed me, this degree belongs to me; it is my task alone to develop the classified matter by infusing in into the quaternary force in order to prepare it for formation.”

The First Emanation answered:

“It is in accordance with order that it is thus; who will contest you the power, the glory and the domination! They are yours by will of the Divine Former.”

Having spoken thus, it rested.

When it awoke to activity, it noticed that there were two thirds of darkness in the light, because the matter was still not sufficiently developed to receive the force. It entered into the thickest darkness, meaning into the less developed matter where it could not be sentiented because of the incapacity of this matter, and thus, alone and unknown, it rested.

When it arrived at the third degree of density, it enveloped itself with the most inferior and less developed matter, and gently, slowly, it penetrated into the state of Free Intelligence. This state is the most wide-ranging of all; it influences, and in a certain measure, it encloses the state of Intelligence in form (or Light), that of Mentality and the degree of Mentality of the nervo-physical state.

The First Emanation, finding there that which was essential to it, enveloped itself and formed beings in its own similitude. Its wish was to penetrate the expansion in the darkness, without being recognised.

It met with no being to oppose it; but while it enveloped itself in order to put itself in rapport with its surroundings, it found itself being the centre of a vortex of materiality. Indeed, even enveloped in the most inferior and less developed matter, it was no less an Emanation of the Attribute of the Cosmic Cause; so from the moment it entered into a region where matter vividly sentients the power of centralisation and that of diffusion, the most rarefied part of this unformed matter had to be attracted to one side, and the less developed part has to be attracted to the other side.

Seeing that it was causing disorder and disquiet, the First Emanation exteriorised itself from the envelope which it had taken on, with the intention of reducing it to its molecular state, but, before it could do it, it was dazzled as by a flash of sapphirine light, and once recovered from this dazzle, it saw the form it had just vacated move away rapidly into the middle of a vortex the movement of which increased ever more.

Sensing some danger that it could not define, it penetrated forward into the region without being enveloped with its density and crossed it without being sentiented to the place where the Second Emanated and its Formation had recently rested. There, it waited for the arrival of that which had taken on its form.

During that time, it enveloped itself with the vitality with which it had been penetrated when it was resting in the ethered veils; but it did so in its active state and not in the dual state so that there would be no individual formation. Then it united in this vital surrounding its power with its conception.

“This Being,” it told itself, “must necessarily stop here; consequently I will be able to overpower him as he might be the perpetrator of the confusion and, if I am not mistaken, it is him and no other that threw me out.”


After a prolonged wait, it noticed that the vortex was approaching; soon it was enveloped by a dazzling flash, but this time it was ready; it was not affected by it like the first time.

It went before the one who was descending in the middle of the vortex and, when it approached him, enveloped in the most rarefied matter accessible to it, the inferior or non developed matter was repulsed and the vortex was partially overpowered.

So then the First Emanation communicated from Intelligence to Intelligence with the one who had seized its form:

“There is only one evil,” it said, “the imbalance from which proceeds all confusion and all disorder. By taking on a form that belongs to another and that does not suit you, by penetrating into this state where matter sentients repulsion and centralisation, you are the perpetrator of this imbalance.”

— “It is not I who had the idea to envelop the light in obscurity and to construct a form suitable for the realisation of this conception.”

— “As soon as we felt the imbalance, we vacated the envelope that did not suit us and we were going to destroy it when you prevented us from doing so; you wanted to create a permanent imbalance, by taking advantage of a momentary imprudence, due to the fact that we ignored the nature of the matter in this state.

— “Wise are those who avoid touching that which they do not know; but these lack wisdom, who materialise, in activity, their conception before it is perfected. Furthermore, I know the motive for your action, and it is this; you told yourself: “The Second Emanation accomplished the work in primary order; it was my responsibility to accomplish it in the depths of its pathotism. When, being the first, it was touching through its second formation the rarefied and radiant matter, it was touching it for me; for me who must be one with it in the Balance like in the origin. I know how arduous and difficult its work is; also will I follow it to serve it when the occasion presents itself.” Lacking endurance, you have brought forth confusion or disquiet resulting in disorder; it was for you presumptuous in the utmost to penetrate of your own movement into that which is hidden by the Nucleolus.

“You, the archetypal Balancer, pass from the greatest presumption to the deepest humility; you, the Star of darkness and of Light, envelop yourself with the least sensitive matter so that you may, by some means, help the one who holds your memory, who suffers and works to do what you have left uncompleted.

“You have preferred your personality to the Cause and yet, here, communicating with me from Intelligence to Intelligence, you tell me:

“There is an evil: that which arises from imbalance, the cause of all confusion and all disorder. By taking on a form which does not suit you and by penetrating thus in this state of Light or of Intelligence where matter sentients repulsion and centralisation, you are the perpetrator of this imbalance.’

“As for the form which you rejected like something useless or worse even, were not those who had the power to do so free to take it?

“You tell yourself: What is this being that I have neither seen in the Etherism nor in the Materialism and who however knows me and knows my most secret thoughts?

“Listen; you were putting yourself in rapport with me when, leaving the cradle of passivity, you were passing into the envelope of the pathotic force, and then you were entering into the veils of the Nucleolus. You, the First Emanation of the Attribute of Justice, did you not sentient that the pathotic force itself is the result of the non-balance and consequently of imperfection?

“The pathotic force, as you know, has for its sole purpose the necessity for balance, and the sentiment of this necessity attests that there exists a need to satisfy; that there is, consequently, imperfection. Activity is division; division is the imbalance that you, the First Emanation of Justice, observe as being the prime evil! And, if the imbalance is the prime evil, why do seven Attributes proceed from the Cosmic Cause? Given the special process of the Attribute of Justice, it is evident that it was not for the purpose of balancing that the other attributes were emanated.

“You were the first, at that epoch, to take individual form outside of the Septanary Veil where the Etherism is enveloped by the eternal Matter, and you know that this matter was only mixed and not combined since by contact with the etherism, its most etherised part was, by affinity, free to approach the ethered.

“At which epoch was the mixed matter classified for the first time? By which force, by which power was it again mixed? From where does the Pathotism come with its passivity and its activity, latent or manifested, with its centralisation and its expansion that supply the eternal source of pathotic force?

Is it an evil, itself, the pathotic force, that finds its nourishment in the separation of passivity and activity, separation without which it could not be? Is the pathotic force not the effect of division itself?

“If so, push it aside, this imbalance; where then will the cosmic order be; where will its conservation be?

“Without the prior separation of the Pure Spirit in Passivity and the Pure Spirit in Activity called upon to reunite, where is the supply for the source of spiritual force?

“And the spiritual force, by which matter in all of its degrees is continually heightened, refined and purified, is it evil?

“Without the Cosmic Cause, Pure Spirit in Activity, where would the Cosmos be?

“As a result of the separation of the Pure Spirit in Activity or Cosmic Cause, and of the Intelligence in Passivity, their pathotic reunion produces the source of the intellectual force, which is the cause of all evolution. Is the intellectual force then an evil?

“As a result of the separation of the Intelligence in Activity and of the Conceptive Germinative Essence, their pathotic reunion produces the source of the vital force, which is the cause of all conservation. Is the vital force then an evil?

“Who can penetrate the occult secrets of the Nucleolinus, the first manifestation of the unique impenetrable, the unique indivisible?

“Can the material being say with certainty: this is evil, this is good; this is light, this is darkness?

“Can the good not germinate in the focus of evil?

“Can light not concentrate itself in the depth of obscurity?

At that moment, the First Emanation received, as an inspiration from beyond the veil, this advice:

“Rest in the Aura of the place of rest of the Second Emanated and of his Formation.”

So then it rested in the protective shadow similar to a violet cloud. During this rest, it was consoled; it sentiented that it had within itself the knowledge of all that which is knowable, and that to augment this knowledge, the conception in passivity and the accomplishment in activity were both equally essential.


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