Volume I – Chapter XVII

Chapter XVII



Some time later, Lhamkhialah said to Kahi and to Kahie:

— “I always see, in the islands of the great waters, a being in the form of Lhamkhial; I would like to awaken and go to him.”

— “Rest; I will see if that is possible.”

Kahi put himself in rapport with the First Emanated and told him about Lhamkhialah’s desire.

— “Let that Passive who sleeps under your protection, and who is the only one of your Formations to have survived, act according to her will,” he replied.

Kahi withdrew all influence from Lhamkhialah.  As soon as she was free, she left like a person in a somnambulist state, crossed the earth and the deep waters and only stopped after having found the First Emanated who was residing, at that epoch, in the western islands.

As soon as she had reached the island where the latter was waiting for her, he went to meet her and welcomed her.  Lhamkhialah put her hands in his and said to him:

— “Do you love me and are you happy to see me?”

— “How could I not be happy to have, close to me, the most faithful and the bravest one?  Look into the waters which you crossed.”

She looked and saw that her passage had left a slipstream of silvery light.

— “How beautiful are the feet of the one who walked upon the waters!…” he exclaimed.

Then he took her to the edge of an interior lake.  The opposite shore was covered by a thick shrubbery of small flowering trees.  In the shade of the large trees which stretched out over their tops, they dipped into the streams the latest offspring of their scarlet colored branches, bending under the weight of their flowers that exuded a pleasant smell.

“There, in front, is a place prepared for you to rest since the trip was long;” he said; “at least, it seemed so to me who awaited you arrival.”

They passed over the limpid and immobile waters and arrived at the copse.

— “Before entering,” said the First Emanated, “look behind you one more time.”

She turned around.  Everywhere her feet had left their imprint on the waters was floating the starry and spotless flower of the lotus surrounded by large green leaves.

Once they were inside the copse, he brought her some bread, some wine and some rare fruits.  They sat beside each other; he tore the bread and gave her some with the fruit, and then had her drink the wine from his own hands.  Lhamkhialah, moved to the bottom of her being, was speechless and her tears fell on the hand of the First Emanated.

— “Why do your tears flow?” he asked.  “Tell me all you desire, as your desire is mine, and you are truly free.”

— “I cry out of joy,” she replied.

“May joy reign in everything that is surrounded by water, o queen of the deep water islands!”

Thus did Lhamkhialah love him with a profound love which was the joy of her life.  Everywhere he went she followed him.  Night follows day, she thought; the crescent of the moon becomes a circle of light; the waters have their tide and ebb; but my beloved changes not!  My being swims in happiness close to this perfect being who is mine.

It is thus that, after much affliction, Lhamkhialah found happiness.

The First Emanated called her Tzere because the islands were her home.

One day during her sleep she said: “I see all kinds of beautiful and graceful Formations in the waters; the closer they are to the surface, the more perfect they are.

— “We will love them,” he said, “and we will evolve them very rapidly, as they are our Formations.”

“In truth, I love them well.  But how are they our Formations since they are not in our similitude?”

“The enemy always seeks to influence and to possess the materiality which is not suitable for the Formations of Kahi,” he answered.  “His power and his skill are great, but by using that which he himself desires to use we will be better able to thwart his plans.  Besides, the earth is no longer like it was when all the evolved materiality was suitable for great Formations, and since it is necessary to use up the matter, it is better to use it for friendly and pleasant Formations than to leave it in the hands of the enemy who would form from it hostile and hideous beings.  The Formations we made have the marvelous capacity to evolve by themselves; they are endowed with instinct which for them takes the place of  reasoning…”

A short time later Tzere let out a cry of distress.

— “I saw one of our most beautiful Formations, which was resting on the waters, attacked by a dark and hideous creature” she said; “it is wounded and has taken shelter in an rock crevice where the being that attacked it cannot enter because of its large size.”

The First Emanated consoled her, but was himself extremely anxious.  No one except Devo, he thought, can use the materiality from this degree; and furthermore, in order to do so, he needs a passive being of the density of the earth, without whom he can not form.

— “Let my beloved look to the south of the extension,” he continued aloud.

— “I see a Passive Form that sleeps in the aura of your power,” she said.

— “Does she rest there in the integrity of her being?”

— “She is of the same degree of density as I, now that I have left the form which rests in your aura since I have been here.”

The First Emanated understood that Zoy’s physical form had been divided in its quaternary degrees and separated from that which was resting in his aura of power.

— “I am not surprised since, at that epoch, having not been able to clothe myself with the Physical State, I had no power over it,” he said; “we can certainly influence a state or degree of being that we do not ourselves possess by means of a being with whom we are in affinity, but we can exert no direct power over it.”

“Do you want me to look for that which is missing and for which being would have descended since it is of greater density?” asked Tzere.

“It would be of great usefulness to me.”

“In a dark and cloudy mist above the waters in the South I can discern this Passive who is one with Devo,” continued Tzere; “together they form beings similar to the one I saw wounding our Formation.”

— “I have saturated the materiality of the waters with Forces,” said the First Emanated; “the Hostile, who dwells above the waters from which I ousted him, seeks therefore the means to use the materiality of the air and its constituent, or to attract to himself that which he has separated from the waters, knowing that separation brings about weakness.  Do not look at him, Tzere, for fear that we will be seen, since Zoy still harbours a sentiment of jealousy towards you and the jealousy of the Passives gives them the power to pierce the veils of invisibility.  Remain in complete passivity in regards to Zoy; even in thought, if it is possible.”

— “You were the first to descended all the way to the earth after Kahi and his had re-ascended,” said Tzere.  “Tell me about the way in which the earth condensed itself and of the great changes effected.”

— “Gladly,” said the First Emanated.  “When all the passivity in individual form, except for you, was withdrawn by Devo and his legions with the help of Zoy and her Formations, they also began to withdraw the passivity from matter.  They were so powerful in their strange but efficient duality of being that Devo even reached the center of the earth’s pathotic force, this universal and omnipresent force that constitutes the eternity of unity.”

“Slowly and imperceptibly, but with consistency, the earth lost its normal heat upon which its degree of density is dependant and thus, it gradually condensed itself.  The breathable air, which in the past was the integral sustentation of the whole sphere, continued to envelop it.”

“As for the changes that were produced, they are as follows:

“The envelopment of each sphere and spheroid is proportional to its sensitivity, meaning the evolved sensitivity of the most perfect inhabitants of the sphere.  The new extension is actually the limit of the sensitivity of the earth’s most perfect Formations; in this cosmic order, that which is found in the extension is classified such that we identify the seven degrees of density which form perfection, to wit: first, the breathable air which now only partially nourishes the four Degrees (Physical, Nervous, Psychic and Mental) of the Physical State; then, that which sustains the Physical, Nervous and Psychic Degrees of the Nervous State (the region of the hostile) and thus allows the safe passage to the Mental Degree of this State.”

Even if the earth, because of the actions of the Hostile,  is no longer like it was in the past, even if its development is insufficient for the sustentation of vitality, it nevertheless has everything within itself and can recover its primal state.”

— “Unfortunately for Kahi and his Formations, the sources of force are increasingly lacking for them,” replied Tzere. “They must inevitably become prey to the enemy.”

— “I foresee an epoch of profound trouble, confusion and darkness the cause of which will no longer be the Hostile’s power, but instead his wile and his skill,” said the First Emanated. “Man, fooled by him, will put up altars to all kinds of gods; however, there will always be on earth the Divine and Human Men, the descendants of Kahi, and inside them, the light of Elohim can not be extinguished.  This pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital light, being from the Eternal, will survive everything that is temporal…”

“Some time ago,” said Tzere in a soft voice, “during my sleep, I saw the Hostile prevail everywhere on earth and the Divine and Human Men were hiding to escape persecution.  Everything was taking place in the Physical State; images and forms of beings made of earth, similar to those made by Lhamkhial, were found everywhere; all were enjoined to prostrate themselves before them and say:  “You are our gods”.  Furthermore, each god was declared by his sectarians to be the only and unique God, and those who adored other divinities were disdained or hated.  From time to time, a Divine and Human Man manifested his pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital power…”

— “And then?”

“Most of the time, he was immediately dispossessed of the physical body to make it impossible for him to influence the earth and man.  However, here and there, a few men of great power and of great wisdom, possessing the knowledge of the occult, succeeded in protecting themselves, influencing the people that surrounded them, and manifesting a ray of the light of the ancient days; a local brightness was then produced making the universal darkness stand out.”

“But as soon as they ceased being on earth, their memory became, in the hands of the Hostile, a new instrument of disorder; noticing that he could not prevail against them, he made gods of them and prescribed man to adore them.”

“Thus, as men increased and multiplied, the gods increased and multiplied too; at the same time, division and hatred became ever greater and everywhere, the false lights veiled the light of truth.”

“With the gods came slavery and the disintegration of man until finally, the loss of the body formed by Brah-Elohim in his similitude was considered a gain, a benefit and a deliverance that allowed one to pass into the State of Nervous Body, meaning into the fortress of the enemy…”

The First Emanated said:

“In order to clothe the masterpiece of his Formation with the State of densest materiality, the Attribute of the Cosmic Cause took on the form of man and, with his Second Emanation, pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised this materiality, giving it to Kahi for him to subjugate the hostile, develop all of this matter and repopulate the sphere with beings in his own similitude.  Will man, deceived by the false lights of the false gods, continue to hold in such low esteem this Physical State for individual formation by which the Attribute became Personal?”

For a long time the First-Formed meditated on what Tzere had seen.

Tzere finally asked him:  “You have given me a name; but what should I call you?”

“You may give me the name you want.”

“I will call you Tihpheres, as no one is comparable to you in beauty”, she added.


— “It has been Aeons and Aeons since I have rested,” said Tihpheres to Tzere.  “I would very much like to rest.”

— “Rest, my beloved; I will be watchful.”

He rested therefore on the interior lake of pure water where the lotus blossomed.

During his sleep, the light of his aura became more and more radiant.  He veiled its splendor from all eyes, except for those of Tzere.  She saw the crimson light turn to pale crimson as it extended itself, and the carmine change into a paler tint, then to blue, similar to that the deep waters.

Between the crimson and the carmine, there was a darkness that the light of aura crossed very rapidly as moved by an irresistible force.

After having crossed the blue, the light, now white, crossed with the same speed the dark immensity; the force was so great that the Physical State of Tihpheres was affected to such a point that the latter became pale and trembled.  But as soon as the darkness was crossed, the light of aura became pale pink and force returned to the Physical State.

Tzere then saw the light change to a clearer and paler blue, self-luminous, and then to golden light and again into a bright sparkle of sapphirine blue.

Tihpheres then said to Tzere:

— “Do not follow the light any further for fear that your will fall asleep.”

— “Where are you, and where are you going?” she asked.

— “I have arrived in the State of Free Intelligences.  Now I leave the densities of the individual material formations similar to IE and Kahi and I pass into the Attributal State; I am entering into the seven Degrees of Etherism to then go to the center.”

“Where will I go?  That I know not, since the passage through the rarefaction depends upon the density one has.  But being in physical form of man, who knows where I can go?”

— “Will you be able to return?”

— “My power to return depends upon the preservation of my physical form.  Guard it; let no one touch it and I will surely return.”

“Will you have the will to return? she asked.

— “Certainly; only those in darkness desire or accept the deterioration of their being by the loss of a State.  The clearer the light towards which I ascend, the more precious the Physical State over which you are watching becomes to me.”

And then there was silence.

Tzere saw, in mentality, the whole lake sparkle like a diamond in the brilliance of the sun, and forms of exquisite beauty going up and down; but her only thought was about guarding, as best as she could, the form of Tihpheres so that nothing hostile could secretly approach it.


On the third night, by a dim light, she heard her name being called.

“Lhamkhialah!  Lhamkhialah!”

As she remained silent, the form of a passive being stood before her, such that the form of Tihpheres was between them.

The form that appeared was that of Kahie.

— “Long have I watched over you and consoled you in your pain; now I come in my desolation and affection, and you greet me coldly as if I was a stranger!” she said.

“Know that Sheth, Mahallal and Chi are no longer on the earth, that the force of Kahi diminishes rapidly.”

And the form cried abundantly, throwing herself in the waters, whimpering in a heart breaking meaner.

Tzere listened silently, without emotion.  As much as she liked Kahie and hers, there was inside of  her this pathotic force that made her prefer to all the one to whom she belonged, and the words of Tihpheres: “my power to return depends on the preservation of my physical form” resonated inside her while she was hearing Kahie.

The form of Kahie was approaching more and more towards Tihpheres, as if carried by the undulations of the water.  Seeing this, Tzere placed the body behind her such that she found herself facing Kahie.  Suddenly, the dark and heavy clouds moved away and the light of the Nud shone brightly. Tzere then clearly recognized the passive Form.

— “You are not Kahie, but Zoy,” she told her, “and you have taken on the form of Kahie.  I see around you a light of fire and a darkness which are of Devo to whom you have given yourself.  You have caused the disintegration of Lhamkhial but you will not touch the one who I guard.”

— “You have guessed correctly,” answered Zoy laughing; “I thought I would surprise you, but all of your will is concentrated on the one who rests under your protection.”

“Fool!  Fool!  Fool!” she cried out, moving away. “You have united yourself, in your integrity of being, to the one who rests and you are satisfied because he gives you all of the activity which you lack; but I sentient that he is so great that he could give the same to many others like you.  Perhaps you are satisfied, but he is not.  He can, at any moment, leave you for another one greater than you.  In order for the union to be permanent, there must be balance.  You have played all that you hold on a single roll of the dice; when he fails you, you will be stripped of everything.”

— “Does the stream which is filled to the brim complain about the spring because it feeds other streams?” replied Tzere.  “If the spring cannot suffice to the stream and feeds others, such that the stream dries out and that everything which depends on it wilts, then only can it complain.”

Upon these words, Zoy disappeared.  But her statements haunted Tzere’s brain and she was sad.  Soon, however, she calmed down:  “If this was so”, she thought, “would he have told me:  “for Aeons and Aeons I have not rested”.  Whatever changes may come, he, the First Emanated, the Immortal, will keep me in his thoughts!”


Tihpheres materialised his thoughts into the materiality and Tzere perceived them.  They are as follows:

The Unthinkable, the only Indivisible and Impenetrable, is that which envelops nothing and is capable of being enveloped in all of the States and Degrees of rarefaction of the density.

All State and Degree of which the Unthinkable is clothed becomes one, indissolubly, with him.

What the Nucleolinus veils, since the exodus of Devo, envelops in its integrity the Unthinkable in and indissoluble unity, from the Nucleolinus to the Attributal.

Etherism envelops the Unthinkable in an indissoluble unity.

From the Attributal Region to the Degree of density of the earth, inclusively, all is subject to transformation and, the greater the density, the greater this dependency is.  The Material States depend indeed on one another for their integrity and only cease to be dependant on the transformation when the entire Materiality is able to envelop the Unthinkable.  Therefore the Cosmos, in the integrity of its being, depends of Kahi and his Formations.

When Kahi was evolving by transformation all that was good for individual, non-stationary Formations in his similitude, this transformation was accomplished without loss nor pain for the transformed individuals.  The pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces were evolved according to the measure of their capacity and the Formations, being united with Kahi, desired from their affinity to be similar to him; they therefore devoted their forces to the realisation of their desire until they had obtained it.

So will it be at the epoch of the restitution:  The transformation will take place without suffering and without loss, by unity with the Divine and Human Restorer with whom they are in affinity and whom they seek to approach.

The evolution is natural and, the more perfected the being is, more rapid and effective is the evolution.  Transformation by loss or suffering is against nature, is the work of the Hostile.

When Kahi evolved and made the whole individual non-stationary being in his similitude, the Hostile had already damaged the spherical material empire; but in the state in which Brah-Elohim left the empire to Kahi, man could truly inhabit the Cosmos, from the center of pathotic force which is the Nucleolus to the exterior densities. There was no place where the air was non-breathable and where it did not provide all of the sustentation.  Breathing was to live in the plenitude of life, mentally, psychically, nervously and physically.

So will it be again at the epoch of the Restitution.  As by instinct, men will seek to live on all parts of the earth and their first effort will focus upon the regions of the breathable air and the waters. The spherical division and subdivision are the work of the hostile.  At the dawn of the Restitution, man will concentrate his pathotic, spiritual and intellectual forces, by desire and will, on the restoration of the communication between spheres, starting with the closer ones.

He will succeed in doing so, firstly, by the evolution of the development of this pathotic union which was never completely severed since everywhere, in the universality, every sphere is influenced pathotically by similar spheres; secondly, by the spiritual development, meaning by means of the evolved states which are for the moment latent, such a those of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, foresight, predilection and predilection; thirdly, by the intellectual development, meaning by the communication of intelligence to intelligence, of the mentality of beings of one sphere with that of other spheres and finally by the extension of spherical auras, such that, under certain conditions, men will be able to pass from one sphere to another.

Man was not formed to eat bread by the sweat of his brow.  At the approach of the Restitution, his whole being will revolt against this concept; The Psycho-Intellectuals will find progressively easier means of sustention where the acid from various fruits, prepared chemically, will have preponderance.  Then intelligence will find the means to concentrate the various constituents of the breathable air and return to it that which, in the past, made up its sustentative quality.

Individual beings other then man will no longer be necessary and, for the most part, the friendly beings, meaning those formed by Kahi and his fellow beings, will be the only survivors; they will be, for the most part, the ones that man will wish to conserve in memory of their fidelity, service and affection.  As for the others, their transformation will take place without pain and they will even desire to be transformed in order to achieve the similitude of man.

The union of the Active and of the Passive will be, by affinity, pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital.  Each chief will be responsible for the ones who are under his direction.  It will be required of him that he proves himself capable of fulfilling his office, meaning to satisfy the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital needs of those of which he will be the head; if he is incapable, he will be replaced.  Every official, meaning every intermediary between the chief and the governed, will be held to fulfil his office suitably; the unworthy or the incompetent will be replaced.  The chief will be responsible for all officials; he will be, as in the past, the brain and the heart of his people of which the officials will be the nerves and blood vessels.  No one will be able to assume authority or to take the place of the chief if he is not capable of doing so.

Before the re-expansion of the spheres and their auras, the earth will first be rehabilitated by four chiefs under the authority of the invisible chiefs.  Another one, greater than the four, will take charge of the Islands.

The work will be very arduous for these invisible chiefs. Men, being imitators by nature, and consequently influenced and moulded by their environment, will adhere for the most part to the exterior cults of the gods created by the brain.  It will be for Man, at the epoch of his liberation, as it is for those who have been locked up in darkness; they close their eyes to the light when they are freed; or again, for those who are accustomed to breathing a warm and pestilential air, a pure and refreshing atmosphere bothers them.

The arduous work of the pioneers of the Restitution will consist in changing the state of things such that it will be possible for everyone to live according to their convictions.  But that is still not the most difficult part of the work.  The greatest difficulty will consist in changing, not the surroundings of man, but man himself. The doors of the great temple will be wide open, the numb limbs will be untied, the pestilential air will be purified a very long time before those who are used to the darkness will try to open their eyes to the light, before those whose limbs have been untied try to move them, before those who have breathed miasmas breathe the pure atmosphere.

The chiefs will proclaim in a loud voice:  “You have the means to be happy, to possess a happiness that is compatible with rational and natural development.  Get up therefore, and live!”

A few will look upon these chiefs with mistrust.  They will tell themselves:  “For what personal goal do these men prepare for us a new surrounding?  Let us be on our guard; are they not seeking to dominate us and reduce us to a state of captivity worse than the present?”

Other will think:  “This means of evolution and progress that is offered to us is not in accord with our idea of happiness.  We want rest and satisfaction in immobility; we do not want to make efforts to attain that which can but has not yet been attained.  Let us stay in the status quo as best we can and let us wait for the transition that can liberate us from the continuous effort necessary to progress here below.”

Others still, having more vitality and energy, will say:  “We notice that the old systems are no longer satisfying; we see the immense advantage of the reign of reason, of truth and of true freedom; but, while sympathising with the movement, we will do nothing to accelerate it or support it, for fear of compromising our prosperity or our personal situation. When the innovators are in the majority, we will follow them.  Let others take part in the fight; as for us, we will be content to share in the spoils.”

Others finally will speak thus:  “If I was perfectly free, I would follow my inspirations, being able to do so in safety; but the society in the midst of which I live, and my relations, forbid it to me. If I showed new colors, I would be looked at as the enemy of old and my house would be divided against itself, or I would lose the prestige that is so dear to me.”

But, whatever we may say, as sure as the morning light invades the dark vault of the sky and illuminates the earth, so surely will the light of the Restitution prevail, as Man Divine and Human, in whom resides the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital force of Brah-Elohim, will work continuously for this Restitution.

Some will clear away the ruins that will have served during the ages of insane asylums and prisons, today ready to collapse; others will shake up the seemingly unshakable temples that stand erect towards the sky in all of their splendour but are rotten in their very foundation and are erected on quicksand or on the void.  A skilled hand will suffice for these majestic buildings to succumb under their own weight without ever being able to stand up again.  While the latter will be busy making disappear that which is dangerous or harmful to man, others will prepare for him sound habitations, suitable for sound work and rest.  With circumspection and trembling, man, so long deceived by the false cults and the false gods, will enter in these places, little by little.

Other will proclaim ceaselessly and without respite:  “Men!  The material spheres belong to you by right of inheritance; You are One, in Unity, with your origin, divine and human!  All is relative, everything is in everything.  For you, the only good is that which allows you to perfect yourself continually; the only evil is that which opposes itself to your march forward in life and in knowledge.  Stagnation and degeneration are death for you; joyous evolution is life.  Here you suppress, you extinguish in yourselves the divine and eternal light; there, you will always find it again until the time when you are, in all of your being, in full rapport with the eternal and universal pathotism, spirituality, intellectuality and vitality, participating as single being in immortality.  The temple of Brah-Elohim is the integral Man; the gods and the cults divide and disfigure the unity formed with the help of man, in the similitude of Brah-Elohim.”

A few men of good will shall answer: “What you proclaim is true and would be good if man had been less abased throughout the ages by fear, suffering, hypocrisy and lies; but in the actual state of things, to suppress the fear of eternal damnation, to inspire the contempt of invisible beings that watch man and to whom nothing can be hidden would be to unleash all the crimes upon the earth; it would be preparing a state of things where the most evolved and the most refined would no longer be able to subsist.  Fear and superstition are evils, but necessary evil; to suppress their power would be to exchange the existing evil for a greater evil.  Man must first be prepared; he must be liberated only when he is ready for liberty.”

The pioneers will reply:  “You could just as well say to a man whose arms are solidly tied: show us that you are in a state for working usefully and we will free you of the bonds that, paralysing all the way to the circulation of blood, can presently occasion the atrophy of your limbs.  Furthermore, it is the fear of human chastisements and not of an extra-human punishment, the fear of a natural punishment and not that of a supernatural punishment that holds in check men of ill will.  It is for their present life that they fear, not  for states of being of which they have no conception.  The adepts of the menacing gods ensure to men who have greatly offended their fellows and who have been condemned by human law, pardon, protection and the favours of these same gods if these condemned ones make a profession of faith in conformity to their own doctrine, by the confession of their crimes to men who have for mission to whitewash villains; the latter obtain the promise of entering, dressed in an immaculate robe, into the paradise announced to them.”

“In truth”, said Tzere, “I do not understand the meaning of your last words.”

And the First Formed answered:  “Here everything seems current.  It is but by the sound of your voice heard mentally that I notice that I have just sentiented relates to a distant future, at the time of greatest darkness, which must precede the dawn.”

Tzere was sad:  “Woe,” she cried out, “woe to Kahi and to his formations!  Woe to communal Man when Devo and his own will have become the object of their worship and their fear, when pathotism will be replaced by mistrust, spirituality by superstition, intelligence by base ignorance and life by dissolution!  Woe to them when they will look upon the Divine and Humans as imbeciles and enemies when they say to them: “You Restitution lies in the integrity of your self, in the perfecting of your capacities, in the rekindled light of Brah-Elohim that is within you, in the acquisition of all that is knowable, in the claim of your right to immortality on earth and the perfecting of your being which is its consequence.  There is nothing new under the sun; what you once were you can be again because your origin is immutable and eternal.”

Then Tzere asked by thought:

“How was man thus degenerated?  By what trick was he thus deprived of his pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces which put him rapport with the universal forces?”

“In the time of lassitude, of weakness and of distress, replied Tihpheres, Devo and his Formations, in the State of Nervous Body which is their fortress, gradually approached man, with prudence and circumspection.  As Devo once separated the activity of Kahi from his passivity, in the present, his Formations, knowing his plan to possess man, and by means of the man of earth, have partially divided the integral human being by altering his forces, and they then substituted in part their will, their desire and, their goal for his.”

Thus did the descendants of Kahi and his Formations, confused, troubled, damaged in all of their states, became incapable of distinguishing falsehood from truth and followed Devo, in good faith, taking him for Brah-Elohim.

“They accepted therefore, with resignation, slavery in all of the States and Degrees of being, degradation, suffering and transition; they encouraged one another to resignation and to patience saying:  “It is by our sins and our transgressions that we suffer and die.”  If they knew the origin of their degradation, their despoliation and their misery, thousands upon thousands would rise as one man and would fight for the Restitution.”

The glorious face of Tihpheres was illuminated with joy and the heart of Tzere was beating forcefully.

“Why,” she asked, “is the face of my beloved radiant with happiness?”

“I see the eyes of man, veiled for so long, open up to the light and amongst the multitudes that enter into the arena of the earth to combat for life and liberty,” he replied;  “I see not only the Psycho-Intellectuals, but also all of those who, to achieve their current state, have evolved from the protoplasm of the deep waters after I had first awakened it to life by infusing into it my own forces so that Devo could hold no influence on it.”

While Tihpheres was speaking thus, Tzere sentiented the presence of a calm being, strong and well rested.  Looking up, she saw Izlem who had argued with Devo in the distant past.  He was accompanying a being whose features were painfully contracted, and who was clutching in his arms a passive child veiled with the colours crimson, blue, gold and pure white.

Izlem said to Tzere:  “Are they not both Formations of the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause, of same origin?  Are not the first and the last formed in the divine and human similitude formed together for the Restitution?”

The man of pain lamented saying:  “Alas!  Devo came before them!”

And the vision disappeared.


The First Formed awoke and stood, silent, pensive for a time.  And, taking Tzere’s hand, he told her:  “Very faithful, very strong and very patient is my Lady of the Deep Water Islands!”

— “And marvellous as much as useful was the voyage of Tihpheres who has returned to the side of the one who watched over him!” she answered.

At these words, a profound peace and an indescribable well-being penetrated Tzere.  Tihpheres took her hand and said to her:  “I give you the name of Tzere Neche, as it is with you that I have found rest.

“A temporary rest,” she replied; “but for a greater rest, would I suffice?”

She saw again, like a summer cloud that is barely formed and disappears into the azure, The Man of Pain followed by Izlem; and a voice similar to that of a child came out from under the veils:

“It is I who will suffice you.”

Tihpheres became pale and trembled.

“Do you suffer?” asked Tzere.

— “No.  Most certainly, a string of the lyre of the past whose melodious chant has made all of my being vibrate harmoniously was just strummed,” he thought.

Sensing the hand of Tzere in his, he looked upon her bowed head and saw in her luxurious hair a barely opened white lotus flower crowned by a silvery gleam.  He placed his lips to the flower whispering:  “I love you with an eternal love!”  And Tzere fell asleep in beatitude; and she slept during three Aeons.


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