Volume I – Chapter XV

Chapter XV



While Chi remained immobile and silent, Mahallah, first Formation of Sheth, was forming beings similar to Sheth and Kahi, meaning that they were not self-perfect. In turn, these Formations, in partnership with their passives, formed active and passive beings in their own similitude.

Among these Formations, there was one who was gifted with a great power of vitality whereas his passive lacked some, but on the other hand, pathotism and spirituality were overabundant in her. They were named Lhamkhial and Lhamkhialah. “Remember that you are one,” Kahi said to them; “let each of you therefore provide to the other that which they lack, and thus, all will be well for you and for your Formations: Help each other.” They obeyed him.

At a certain epoch, they also produced two dual formations that, like Lhamkhialah, were of great passivity. The first of these two and his passive loved to wander in the most beautiful and most fertile places, to rest there from time to time and to spend their life in peace and contemplation. The second formed and his passive loved to listen to the voice of the waters, the melodies, the harmonies and they tried to imitate them by perfecting them.

Lhamkhial, their Former, ardently desired to evolve the least sensitive materiality; he asked for assistance from his Formations, but without success. He then thought: “If my Formations are useless, it is because Lhamkhialah is too passive?”, and, in this thought, he gave signs of a great dissatisfaction. To Lhamkhialah who was asking about the motive of this vexation, he responded: “I will not declare my thoughts to you, but only to Kahi or to Sheth.”

Upon that declaration Sheth told him: “You have been thinking of talking to me face to face for a long time; here I am then, close to you, to learn from your own lips why your face is troubled, since you are of our Formations and Charity commands us to care for your well-being and for your happiness.”

— “Happiness is found in the awareness that were are approaching the goal which we try hard to achieve. Mine is the restitution of the true physical body, or glorious body; yet, knowing that the constituting parts of which it was formed were drawn under the surface of the earth and are not lost, I see no reason why we will not achieve the restitution of that body.”

— “But this desire, this hope, the realisation of which is certainly possible, are no doubt not the reason of your unrest?”

— “No; what causes my discontent is the inefficacy of the passive who is one with me, and that of our two active Formations; they resemble Lhamkhialah and are, for me, just as useless for attaining my goal.”

— “Have you spoken to Lhamkhialah of your desire?”

— “Yes, quite often, but always, and invariably, I receive this same answer: “Of course my desire is similar to yours, but the time has not yet come; we are not ready.” Yet I am weary of waiting.

— “But the predilection of Lhamkhialah is probably true; it would be preferable to wait for some time rather than trying and failing with your goal.”

— “You are nothing but a sad sympathiser.”

On these words, Lhamkhial turned away, and they went their separate ways.


The following night, Lhamkhial did not return to his home; he stayed in a grotto, on the sea side, to debate with himself. “Am I not,” he thought to himself, “of the race of the Formers, who make things evolve? Is my work not, by hereditary right as much as from my desire, in accordance with that of the restitution? And yet, I can do nothing effective! The first Formations of Kahi and Kahie prepared the matter for other Formations and accomplished this. My own Formations, which are in part those of Lhamkhialah, are not similar to Kaoah and to Abal. My very soul is weary of waiting, weary of the inaction!”

Agitated, troubled, he laid down on the ground of the grotto, face hidden in his hands; a heaviness soon oppressed him; he fell asleep and, in his sleep, he heard a voice call him by his name:

— “Here I am!” he cried out.

— “I am,” continued the voice, “the Former of Kahi and of Kahie, of Sheth and of Shorah, of Mahallal and of Chi, as, without me, nothing that is would have been done. Fear not, do not be troubled; I am here with you as a powerful helper. Rise then; attract to yourself the materiality appropriate for a passive Formation in accordance with your ideal. When you have formed as I command you, I myself will inspire the breath of life into the nostrils of your Formation and she will live, and will be for you a suitable helper.”

Lhamkhial awoke, remembered his vision, attracted by his overabundant activity the passivity from the atomic matter, and formed in his sustaining aura a passive being that conformed to his own ideal of perfection. He gave that being the name of Zoy, because, as he said: “through her, I shall put matter in motion.”

With the help of this being, he fashioned two other dual Formations; with one of them, he evolved the less sensitive matter and with the other one, he made from this matter forms in their own similitude. Satisfied, he sort of forgot about Lhamkhialah, although he had a few worries on that subject.

This Passive that Lhamkhial had made for himself formed, for her part, a passive being in her own similitude. Lhamkhial suddenly saw before him a Passive similar to the one he had formed.

— “What do you desire,” he asked, “and why do you seek me now?” He thought he was speaking to the Passive that he had himself formed and to whom he had given the name of Zoy.

— “I am not Zoy,” she answered, “but Maahma whom Zoy has formed; I come to ask you for the activity which I need.”

— “Never have I heard of anything this strange,” said Lhamkhial astonished. “I have two Passives, and here springs another one for me.”

Lhamkhialah, seeing that Lhamkhial was not coming back to her, went to the dwelling of Kahi and Kahie.

— “I come to you,” she told them, “to rest safely.”

— “Where then is Lhamkhial?” asked Kahi. ” Has he suffered a misfortune?”

— “Lhamkhial desired greatly to use the materiality proper to the restitution of the glorious body. But you are not the helper I need for this, he told me; your Formations are only good for the evolution of the arts, of melodies and of the beautiful. Then he left and has not returned.”

— Is it not preferable, however, that you wait in your own dwelling where he might return?”, retorted Kahi.

— “It was my intention; but lately I have been surrounded by a horde of active Formations belonging to certain degrees of rarefaction and I am sentient of some danger. I then said to myself: I will get up and I will go to the dwelling of Kahi and Kahie, for fear that some misfortune might taken place because of me.”

— “You have acted wisely. Stay at your home and rest without worry.”

One day, the two Formations of Lhamkhial and Lhamkhialah came also to Kahi and Kahie and asked to discuss with the Passive.

— “Lhamkhialah is resting,” said Kahi, “and no one must disturb her, but who has the right to keep Formations from their Former?”

The first of these Formations, along with the one who is one with him, approached Lhamkhialah who awoke happy. The Formation, named Iabhal asked her: “Where is Lhamkhial? Why is he not with you, or with us who are his own?”

— “I do not know. Perhaps is he held back by his occupations.”

Iabhal left and Aabah, the second Formation, entered.

There was between Aabah and Lhamkhialah a great affinity. Upon seeing him enter, she read the sadness painted of his face. Silently she took his hand into hers and, after having held him thus for some time, she told him:

— “What is done is done; who can undo it?”

And she fell into a deep reverie and Aabah left without making noise. As soon as he was before Kahi, Aabah hid his face in his hands and cried bitterly.

— “What is it now,” asked Kahi; “why these tears?”

— “Lhamkhial has formed for himself a passive being in accordance with his own ideas and this being has herself formed a passive being in her own similitude. Lhamkhial then took some of the less sensitive matter and moulded it into a form in our own similitude, our similitude from the past, and that of Devo and his Cherubim. He followed the counsel of Zoy who told him: “Thus will the similitude of these beings from this age be maintained and of which future generations will say: they are Gods.”

Hearing these words, Kahi was overtaken by sadness.

— “The second darkness that Chi saw is upon us,” he said; “there is thus an imbalance between activity and passivity. As Devo and his Formations have an excess of activity, so also do those of our Formation or in our similitude have an excess of passivity. What will be the result of this?”

While Kahi was making these reflections, Lhamkhialah came.

— “Alas, my child,” he told her, “who will console you?”

— “It is not of myself that I think,” she answered, “but of the danger of imbalance which the action of Lhamkhial has caused. I understand now why I was assailed from all sides by active beings. Since Lhamkhial has taken another Passive, return me, I beg you if you can, to the materiality from which I was formed; perhaps will you thus ward off the confusion.”

— “You speak nobly, Lhamkhialah, offering the sacrifice of yourself for the common well-being; but I can not accept it for two reasons: first of all, because no one has the right to sacrifice themselves for an uncertain good; and second because the materiality that was formed into a passive being of your capacity and of your rank would reform itself on its own and would attract to it activity. We will therefore confront the danger which we want to banish. Stay instead with us and rest in sleep, until we find the most effective means to ward off this terrible danger.”

— “You will be done. Just give me the power to sleep, since I can not fall asleep because of the unrest that agitates me.”

Kahi placed his right hand on the forehead of Lhamkhialah who fell asleep and was taken back to the place which she had just left.


Some time later, the second Formation of Lhamkhial and of Zoy came to Zoy as the latter was conversing with Maahma, and, taking her aside, told her:

— “Not long ago, I was wandering near a waterfall of which I wanted to imitate the bellowing with an instrument that I devised, when I noticed two beings in our similitude who were wandering together on the side of the river.”

“They lay down in the shade of a tree whose branches leaned over the waters. I hid behind the trunk of the tree and recognised one of them as the one who imitates with his voice the harmonies and who perfects them. Perhaps, I thought, I could learn something from him? But his voice was weak and you could feel that he was suffering.”

“They were speaking of Lhamkhial who formed you for himself; he is one, they said, with the being of the great Passive who was formed at the same time as he and for him, and they added that they were themselves formations of Lhamkhial and Lhamkhialah. I thus learned that they knew of your Formation and my own, as well as that of Maahma that you also formed with so little wisdom.”

Zoy said not a word, but became pale and appeared to be petrified. Her interlocutor wanted to approach, but she looked at her with such a ferocious expression that the latter fled.

Zoy went to find Maahma and told her: “Lhamkhial, who is of the race of Kahi, has deceived me, as he is in duality of being with the one who was formed for him and he formed me so that I could serve as an instrument for his own designs. I will act prudently and I will be crafty with him and those of his race, as he did with me. From now on, I will live for vengeance.”

As soon as she was alone with Lhamkhial, she told him:

“Do you mind if I take the idols of passive forms which you moulded in the subterranean grotto where I had the habit of resting when I was helping you to evolve the materiality from which you formed them?”

“Who is stopping you? Take them.”

Zoy and Maahma carried the empty forms into the grotto. Lhamkhial continued, with his Formation, to make instruments of various and noisy sounds and gave no more thought to the demands of Zoy.

As soon as they were alone, Zoy said to Maahma, her Formation: “I once heard Lhamkhial conversing with someone of his race; it was about the distant past.”

A marvellous story was being told to Lhamkhial: A pathotic form, the story goes, rests near the Nucleolus; two beings were formed, one inside and one outside of this form. As soon as they were evolved, they were united by the pathotic form and were forever but one in the similitude of the latter.

— “What if we could, with the forms here, do in this denser state that which was done in the more rarefied state?”

— “We are not like those of the race of Kahi and Kahie,” answered Maahma; “we neither have their power nor their knowledge.”

— “It is true; but I am not alone.” And as Maahma was looking at her with an inquisitive expression: “Since the absence of Lhamkhial,” she continued, “I am surrounded, more and more, by active beings of great power and great subtlety; they, of course, desire to be in rapport with me. As long as I trusted Lhamkhial, I kept my freedom; but now all is changed and if I can learn form them that which will serve my designs, I will do it eagerly.”

At the same moment, Lhamkhial was telling his Formation:

“Let us wander a bit and try to instruct ourselves in the knowledge of powerful sounds.”

He went to the grotto; but as he approached it, he encountered the last Formation of Zoy who looked like her.

— “Come with us,” he told her; “we are wandering and studying sounds.”

— “I am not Zoy, but her Formation.” she replied. “She asked me to stand watch and to tell Lhamkhial, if he turned up, that she rests in order to find him a great treasure hidden under the earth and to achieve the knowledge which he desires to acquire. To all other than Lhamkhial, I must answer that Lhamkhial himself works in this place of which I am the guardian and that it is forbidden to penetrate it, under penalty of woe.”

— “Tell Zoy that her desire will be done, but that she not forget that I was keen on having her with me.”

Lhamkhial and his Formation continued their walk. I am happy, he thought, to no longer have Zoy with me because now, I am thinking more and more of Lhamkhialah.

The Formation of Zoy entered into the grotto where the idols were; she told her former about the departure of Lhamkhial and his Formation.

“Your name,” said Zoy, “is Vash-Zoy; if anyone asks you: “Where do you come from?” you will answer: “Where do I come from? From Zoy no doubt.”

The night came. Zoy fell asleep while Vash-Zoy watched to ensure no one approached. She soon saw a cloud that was descending upon the head of Zoy; in the middle of the cloud there was a red glow. Beings came and ordered themselves around Zoy. A first circle, the closest to her, was formed of nineteen beings; the second one of thirteen beings, and the third of twenty-five.

In the center of the three circles, she saw four beings who were the four Cherubim of Devo. They were conversing with Zoy; but Vash-Zoy could not understand their words. At daybreak, they left and the cloud lifted itself and disappeared like a vapour while making a thud.

Shortly after, Zoy awoke; Vash-Zoy questioned her:

— “What did these strange beings tell you? Did the voice I heard come from that cloud or from the glowing fire?”

— “Do you not know,” answered Zoy subtly, “that that which is heard in sleep can not be recalled in the state of wakefulness? Let us go then to the place where the earthen molds with which Lhamkhial formed these hollow idols are.”

They brought the molds down into the grotto where Lhamkhial had evolved the materiality. Vash-Zoy was smiling; but she was telling herself within:

“If Zoy does not remember what happened in her sleep, how can she know that these molds are necessary? She feigns ignorance; but am I not also a Passive who is lacking activity? Can I not also do what she is doing?”

When the molds were arranged in a circle in the place where Zoy had been formed, Vash-Zoy said:

— “I stood on guard during this dark night when the Nud was giving no light, and now my eyes are heavy with sleep.”

— “Me too,” answered Zoy, “as the sleep from this last nigh has rather tired me. Go therefore to the big grotto where we took the molds and rest there; I will rest here.”

As soon as Vash-Zoy was in the grotto where Lhamkhial had worked, she took the forms of the active beings which he had molded and placed them one behind the other, in such a way as to block the entrance.

“Rest there earth Forms,” she said; “if anyone tries to enter, they will be forced to move you and I will notice.”

And she fell asleep.

As soon as Zoy, who was observing her, was assured herself that she had entered the grotto, she slowly made her way there herself. Seeing the Forms placed in front of the narrow entrance of the cave, she guessed that Vash-Zoy was planning to attract active beings to herself.

“What does it matter!” she told herself; “What I have learned tonight suffices me; I know that the beings whom I saw who lack passivity desire to take it amongst the daughters of men and neither their numbers nor their zeal will be lacking.”

She then retired to a delightful place, already favoured by nature; its charms had been embellished again by the Formations of Lhamkhial and Lhamkhialah; it was bathed by a stream of limpid and clear water where the branches of great trees were mirrored from leaning towards it. Zoy rested there under the foliage and watched the water flow.

A voice that seemed to come from it called her by her name:

— “You are of the Formation of Lhamkhial,” said this voice; “why do you contrive evil schemes against him and his own?”

— “Because he deceived me while I was working with him,” she answered; “I have suffered in silence because I lack activity and also because these strange beings with whom I have at the moment no affinity. Indeed, I know the reason for my unrest: Lhamkhial is one with a Passive greater than I am, who was formed for him at the same time he was!”

— “This Passive,” responded the voice, “rests in a sleep of which no one, except Kahi, can awaken her from; she will not intervene in any way between you Lhamkhial and you, his own Formation and the being of his desire. Rise then and follow him; you will thus be under his protection, since it is you and no other whom he has formed for himself. Has he not always been faithful and devoted to you?”

— “It is true that it is not his fault that one passive being does not suffice to his activity, and even though this being was formed for him, he is not responsible for her. You are right. Why would I harm him, or his own? In truth, he has always been for me all that he could be. I will follow him therefore, and I will bring Vash-Zoy with me to keep her from doing harm. But I will first go to the cave to move the earth Forms; Lhamkhial, if he entered there, might wonder at seeing them thus.”

— “No; do not enter the grotto,” said the voice; “Lhamkhial would not be surprised to see the Forms placed in such a way or another.”

— “Am I not strong enough to enter into the grotto or elsewhere and exit at will?”

She hurried to reach the grotto. Once there, she was immediately surrounded by a shadow out of which came a voice that called her by her name.

“The air is full of voice,s” she thought.

— “Do you know who it was who spoke to you by the side of the stream? It was Shorah, the great Passive who is one with the third Formation of Kahie and Kahie. What she told you was not for your own safety but for their own as she seeks to ward them from a great danger.”

— “It is improbable that a parent of Lhamkhialah would counsel me to follow Lhamkhial,” answered Zoy; “it would be prolonging their separation.”

— “You speak like a person with no judgement. They know perfectly well that those who are one will ,sooner or later, be united indissolubly. For them, you are but a passing evil, a grain in the scale that time will take on the responsibility of making disappear; with us, on the contrary, who have been dispossessed by these men, you will be queen and you will be the cause of their downfall. The passivity of Sheth will deceive you like Lhamkhial has deceived you. In addition, if this voice from the waters talks to you, if you hear it, how could Lhamkhial, who is their own Formation, not hear it? You should be persuaded therefore that everything you have plotted is known to him and that, knowing you to be a danger for his people, he can disintegrate you; to go to him would be to run to your ruin.”

Zoy made the following reflections:

“The voice from the waters says white and the voice from the fire says black; perhaps the voice from the air will counsel me too; it is that counsel which I shall follow if it is given to me; this third one is always the right one and besides, life is precious. I will return to the edge of the water.”

The voice continued:

— “Do you not know that, while you hesitate, Vash-Zoy attracts to herself the most powerful beings and that, before long, she will have taken your place? So you, her Former, you will become her servant. Hurry and judge for yourself if what I tell you is true of false.”

Zoy hastened towards the cave; but when she wanted to move one of the earth forms, she was squeezed into its arms; she felt some heat and a respiratory movement and, furthermore, she was not able not move it.

She felt from this a great distress and for a moment did not know what to do.

The voice from the shadow made itself heard once again.

— “If you are with me, nothing will be able to prevail against you; if you refuse to listen to me, where will your sanctuary be? If you return to Lhamkhial, you will be disintegrated; if you remain here alone, you will be the slave of your own Formation.”

— “In truth,” said Zoy, “I am in the most difficult of situations. If I listen to your advice, how will I know that you are stronger than the ones who are with Vash-Zoy.”

— “Pass before these Forms and look: they all live.”

— “I can not enter; but I do notice, indeed, that they are alive.”

— “Look closely and you will then know who the strongest one is.”

— “I will be cautious as it is my life here at stake.”

After a moment the voice continued:

— “Tell me what you see.”

— “I see that these earth Forms are made of molecular matter of which each molecule has four degrees of density. I also see that each molecule has in itself four latent forces; these forces have recently been awakened to activity by the infusion of other forces with which they are in affinity. The matter thus influenced has classified itself, such that the most evolved molecules respond most to the pathotic force and that the others, according to their order, are in a manner of speaking classified by affinity, responding more specially to the spiritual, intellectual or vital forces. It is with these molecules, classified thus, that these forms are made, though they are not evolved for the moment.”

— “They are really powerful,” said the voice, “those who can thus classify matter by infusion of their own forces and give life to what seems to be inanimate; but there is more still.”

At these words, Zoy, continuing to observe, saw like an aspiration that was attracting into the cloud all the forces with which the Forms were animated, and soon these Forms fell to dust.

— “In truth,” she said, “your power is great. What is your name?”

— “The Formations of Kahi know me under the name of Devo; but you can give me whatever name you wish.”

— “I will call you H’aoul, because you have given me a sign of your power.”

— “Just as I have withdrawn the Forces from these earth Forms, such that there remains of them but atomic dust, so also will we, before long, withdraw the forces from all individual form that lives in this density. Who knows what we will be able to do in other densities?”

“How will I know that you have the power to withdraw the forces from those whose origin is elsewhere than in dust?”, replied Zoy.

— “I know your intimate thought; here it is: I wish I had never formed Vash-Zoy, I wish that she did not exist. Well then, watch closely.”

She saw the forces of Vash-Zoy attracted by what seemed like by a strong aspiration and that which had composed her became once again like molecular matter. Nevertheless, she was not reduced to dust as the forms made of earth had been.

When nothing remained of Vash-Zoy but the molecular matter and when this molecular matter was spread out upon the earth so that it could not re-form itself, Zoy said:

— “I will call you Tsnin H’aoul, because you have give me two signs of your power; but the last one is a sad sign, as what you have disintegrated was my own Formation, the one I had fashioned by myself. You disintegrated without pity what had cost me a lot or work; I desired not at all that disintegration.”

— “The deed is from me, but the though is from you; not by impulse but by will and desire.”

— “You err greatly,” answered Zoy, “as I deplore this event. If you claim to read my thoughts and if you do what I do not desire saying it was my desire and my will, I see before us but trouble and confusion.”

— “I will also give you a new name,” said Devo; “I will call you Herelua, as you are eminently subtle.”

— “I want to be known by the name of Bara Herelua, because I am a former.”

— “Do not delude yourself,” replied Devo; “without duality there is no formation. It is with our help that you made Vash-Zoy; as, since having this keen instinct for passivity, in addition to strength and boldness, you sentiented that all of the activity of Lhamkhial was not for you, you anxiously sought that which you needed and it is us who procured it for you.”

— “I was unaware of all that,” answered Zoy. “If it is thus, you have done a monstrous act since you have destroyed your own Formation.”

— “It was your Formation as well as mine,” answered Devo. “Who then most deserves the blame or praise? The one who conceives or the one who executes?”

— “The one who has the conception also has the effectuality; otherwise there is imperfection.”

— “There will be, in our work, no imperfection as we will be one.”

— “I am weary of hearing voices. Show yourself as you are, in your integrality.”

And Devo appeared to her in the same state of being as her own.

— “I told you,” retorted Zoy, “to appear to me in the integrality of your being and you appear to me like one of the hollow forms from the cave.”

So Devo appeared to her in the most rarefied state of Lhamkhial.

— “I still see some blanks”, said Zoy.

— “If you want to see me differently,” answered Devo, “you must sleep.”

— “I’m willing to do so.”

She fell into a heavy and oppressive sleep. For the first time, a passive being of the materiality of the earth was sleeping under the power of Devo.

It is thus that after aeons of time, the terrestrial materiality was touched by Devo and his Formations.

So the Jenoun and the Chiat’in formed a spherical layer around and into the aura of the earth, where Chi had seen the slight darkness and the movement that resembled troubled water.

Devo provided for Zoy as best he could. She was proud of her power and full of zeal.

— “Form only passives,” he said; “and let it always be so.”

Each new Formation was brought by the Jenoun or the Chiat’in before Devo who presented them to Zoy saying: “Here is your Former and your queen.”


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