Volume I – Foreword

The Cosmic Tradition – Volume I


The present work which we offer here to the Psycho-Intellectuals is a French adaptation of the most ancient Tradition; it was given by those to whom this Tradition has been transmitted throughout the ages and who have custody of it today.

After a rapid glimpse of the first cosmological principles, it exposes the history of humanity’s primitive times up until the formation of the first empires. The most important problems find therein a new solution: The origin of evil; the role of Humanity; man’s fate after death.

A novel explanation is given for curious phenomena which are manifold these days and which the numerous spiritual or occult schools have not been able to explain clearly.

This work is then of a nature that will interest the occultist as well as the learned, the religious or the philosopher.

The Cosmic Drama, the object of these volumes, is but a small part of the Tradition. It is offered to the Psycho-Intellectuals mainly in the hopes of explaining how the betterment of Humanity depends on the work of Cosmic Equilibrium, which lies with man. It is addressed particularly to the Psycho-intellectuals, in preparation for their enrollment, since only they are called upon to collaborate, by personal initiation, in this task that has never been, and never will be, that of the governments nor of any particular political party.


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