Volume I – Chapter XIV

Chapter XIV



At a certain epoch, Kahi and Kahie who were discussing together said:

“Abal is no longer and Kaoah has been ejected from our midst. Let us then form a being that is one with the Second Formed who rests in passivity, so that they may in turn form beings that will inherit the earth.”

And so they did.

They named their third Formation Sheth.

“His name shall be eternal,” they thought.

Now the passive who was only awakened after the Formation of Sheth was very strong in passivity such that, by affinity with the surrounding waters, above and below the earth, she could sentient many things.

While she rested, she said to Sheth:

— “Devo remains in the deep waters; he is still trying to gain dominion upon the materiality, but he is unable to do so because it has already received all of the forces that it was capable of receiving, and that in abundance.”

— “It is known,” said Sheth, “that the One who moves in spirals infused his own forces into the inferior materiality so that Devo would not be able influence it.”

— “Already cells are appearing here and there in the albuminous mass and there is also individual cellular life.”

— “In the distant past, Elohim wanted there to be individual forms in his similitude and, leaving the exterior Attributal State of the Septenary Veil, he incubated the immensity of formless mixed matter and infused it with his forces. Similarly now, someone is incubating the formless mass of albuminous matter in the deep waters willing that there to be life and individual formation.”

— “It is rather like IE who, when under the protection of Brah-Elohim, made formations in the undivided sphere.”

Another day, Sheth’s passive said to him:

— “Now is the time when the Nud has the most influence over great waters; I sentient this sphere by affinity.

— “Let us then go to Kaoah and Kaoahé,” replied Sheth, “and tell us what you sentient.”

The dwelling of Kaoah and Kaoahé was lighting with its aura’s light the darkness of the night and the passive was resting amongst her own. So then Kahie entered and asked her:

— “Tell me, if you can, what preoccupies our First Formation.”

— “All is well with Kaoah however, Kaoahé seems to be suffering.”

— “What is causing this?” asked Kahie.

— “Their first Formation is no more; the one they have now formed also resembles the Great Former, meaning that he is perfect in being and he has planted once agin the tree whose fruits sustain his vitality; there are also other Formations.”

Kahie was thus reassured about the fate of Kaoah and his own; nevertheless, her thoughts remained with the one who had disappeared.

Some time later, Sheth’s sensitive, who was the second passive Formation of Kahi and Kahie, was alone with Sheth. She said: “Let us form a being in the similitude of the one I saw, meaning in the similitude of the Formation of Kaoah who is no more; it is my greatest desire.”

They formed a self-perfect being and they rejoiced.

“Your name shall be Mahallal,” they told him, “as you are the fruit of our desire.”

— “For the birth of all active beings originating from this Formation,” said Sheth, “a solemn festivity that will be celebrated on the eighth day since this Formation will be the eighth.”

“Good,” answered Kahi. “Indeed, from the Cosmic Cause proceeded the Attribute of Balance; from this Attribute emanated Elohim from whom IE was the second Formation and from whom I come myself; your are my third Formation, active, and the one we are celebrating is the first.”

Here is the order:

The Cosmic Cause of the Materialisms;

The Attribute of Justice;

Elohim, the second to proceed from this Attribute;

IE, the second Formation of Elohim;

Kahi, one with IE, but subject to separation;

Sheth, third active Formation of Kahi;



Some time later, Shorah said: “It is my desire is to form a self-perfect being, as is Mahallal, and to place him in a sphere of sustentation so that he may cross the densities and the rarefactions without exteriorisation and in safety.”

— “Your desire is great,” answered Sheth, “but in this matter I share your thought.”

They therefore formed together a sphere into which they attracted the most perfect materiality; and they formed in this sphere a self-perfect being, as was Mahallal. This being rested in the rest of assimilation.

On the eighth day, Kahi and Kahie, Sheth, Shorah and Mahallal rejoiced together.

“Kaoah, our first Formation, will perhaps sentient our joy,” said Kahie.

And they named the new being Chi saying:

“With him there is life, as he will pass from sphere to sphere, such that there will no longer be a complete separation.”


Chi was already strong, and Sheth said to him:

— “Rest now, so that you may exit witin the sphere of sustentation through the densities and the rarefactions without exteriorisation and, above all, without danger.”

— “Watch over Shorah,” said Chi, “so that with her sensitivity and her passivity she may communicate to you my messages if I am not able to do so myself.”

— “Who will watch over the part of yourself that will remain with us,” asked Kahi; “under who’s protection will you rest?”

Chi fell asleep without answering.

Kahi thought he would exteriorise himself by leaving the nervous physical body under his guard; he was astonished when he saw that Chi was leaving in the integrity of his being, surrounded by the sphere of sustentation. He spoke to his third Formation, Sheth, who himself had Chi as second Formation and asked him to bring Shorah so that, in her rest, she would communicate with Chi, if possible. Sheth placed the hands of Shorah into those of Kahi and put them in rapport with one another.

— “Do you see Chi? Do you hear his voice?” asked Kahi.

— “I do not see him,” answered Shorah. “I only see the sphere of sustentation that is multicoloured and slightly self-luminous; but I hear his voice as clearly as yours; only it seems to come from afar. He calls me by name.”

— “Tell me what he is saying? Do not lose even a word of it!”

— “This is what he is saying:”

“In the center of the sphere from which I departed, I can see, below the surface, like spherical layers of heat, life, light, and the nucleolinus of the pathotism. These concentric forces are in affinity with the exterior heat, life and light; the breathable air veils that which emanates from a center of force, the great sphere, towards which I am heading.”

— “Are there other spheres similar to the one you have just left, in rapport with the sphere towards which your are going, or in rapport with each other?”, asked Kahi.

— “There are eleven other similar spheroids; but none of them is equal in density to the one I have just left. I am in complete darkness,” continued Chi after a moment, “except for the slight luminosity of my sphere of sustentation.”

— “Are you stationary? Do you suffer? Do you feel any unease? Do you wish to return?”

— “I am moving rapidly in a single direction, meaning towards the center of the forces, and through my own will. I am not suffering because my sphere of sustentation is surrounded by your power and hidden by your invisibility; but I sentient that, if it was visible and and unprotected, the life of my nervous physical body would be withdrawn by the hostile forces. Far from wanting to return, I have the firm will to go straight forward.”

“I am exiting the dark stratum and entering into a stratum of white light where rest a crowd of beings which I sentient are not hostile, but they do not see me. I have left that region and am passing into a very rich blue light where there is radiance and darkness unevenly mixed, like the clouds we encounter in the inferior strata of the air. Though I can not discern them, I am conscious of being in the midst of active individuals.”

“What interests me extraordinarily is the continuous descent of twinkling lights, small and bright, which, coming from the outside, enter into forms of radiance and darkness.”

“I am passing with difficulty and slowly into a brightness of rarefaction; I am in the blue where the radiance and the darkness alternate and where many shining lights penetrate. I have now entered into the pink light where beings are resting or sleeping; and now I am in the carmine pale light.”

A moment later, Shorah said: “Chi is crying out:

“Cover me with your power and veil me anew with invisibility as I am in a deep obscurity and I sentient danger there.”

— “Do not fear,” said Kahi; “do not be troubled, as nothing can harm you. Concentrate all of your will on rapidly passing forth.”

Then, Kahi emitted his power and said to Shorah:

— “Do you still see the sphere of sustentation?”

— “I see it moving rapidly through the darkness.”

— “Direct the power I am emitting,” replied Kahi, “and envelop the sphere; veil it with a double invisibility and do not lose sight of it for even an instant.”

Kahi continued to emit force and was showing no sign of anxiety or fatigue. Nonetheless, when Chi triumphantly exclaimed: “I have passed through the terrible obscurity and am now in a glorious light!”, Kahi’s face was pale and he was trembling.

Kahie gave him some juice from the fruit of vitality and he was comforted.

“I am passing,” continued Chi, “towards a spherical region full of pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital force which I sentient as being of the nature of our earth but less dense.”

Kahi’s face became radiant.

— “As soon as you are amidst its habitants,” he said, “see if there are any leaders and what species of men they are.”

“The greatest one,” answered Chi, “is in my similitude; I have with him and his fellow beings such a great affinity that I have drawn back the veil of invisibility and he now welcomes me with an immense joy saying:

“He is of Kahi! He is of the one who formed us, of the one of whom I am the second Formation.”

And he asked me: “Is all well with Kahi? Does he see the light of the quaternary forces that we emit continuously? Has this pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital force been able to penetrate the double spherical layers of obscurity which envelops us and all the spheres of which we are sentient?”

Kahi said to Shorah:

“Let Chi answer thus: “All is well with Kahi; your forces are with him and his fellow beings.” But he must not speak of the separation of our state of being nor of anything that might sadden them.” Remembering the glory of the past, he let his head drop into his two hands and cried for a long time.

Kahie was standing, her hands on his shoulders, without saying a word. The memories of times past came back to her memory also, memories of love, life and light.

Kahi finally recovered and said to Shorah:

“Tell Chi to come back the same way; he can go no further through the divided spheres for the time being. Tell him also: Kahi wants you to remember all that you were sentient of in the sphere you visited; veil yourself carefully in invisibility and make sure you not bring back with you any of the blazing light from the aura of those who welcomed you, as you could run into danger while passing in the spherical strata of obscurity where the enemies lie.”

Chi conformed to these recommendation.

Upon his arrival, he felt very tired. He ate of the fruit of vitality and rested for a long time in the aura of Kahi.

Kahi and Kahie said to each other:

“Not only is he our beloved, but within him is our source of knowledge for of all that concerns the beings from which we are separated; he is for us like the hope of reunion, like a guarantor of the Restitution.”

When Chi had recovered his forces, he said to Kahi:

— “During my rest in your aura, I was sentient of many things and it is my desire to leave like I did before to cross the expansions.”

— “Each thing has its time,” answered Kahie. “Tell me about your voyage and what you sentiented during your restoring sleep.”

“I will give you the details of it. While I was resting with those in our similitude, I beheld all around the light of the auras of the eleven spheres which are similar to ours; they were all surrounded by the darkness of which I have told you and here we can sentient nothing. I noticed, also, that these spheroids are gradually condensing; I thought I saw, for a moment, an second spherical layer near the envelopment of the breathable air which looked like a shadow. This shadow seemed to me like a turbulent liquid. The light from the auras of the spheres and spheroids was diminishing as they were condensing. In the rarefied layers where we can not sentient, the forces had no effect and were not affected, but as soon as they touched the atmosphere of the spheres and spheroids, the living atomic matter, which has seven degrees of density, was responding to those of these forces with which it was in affinity and, as a result of this, the atmosphere was becoming radiant.”

“The usefulness of the three most rarefied degrees of radiant atomic matter did not appear to me at first; but I noticed that, of the four most rarefied degrees of the breathable atmosphere, the one that was the most rarefied nourished our mentality, the second our soul, the third our nervous degree and the fourth our nervous physical degree. In the third degree, more than in any of the others, harmful elements were mixed in, but not combined.”

Kahi replied: “Elohim incubated the mixed matter infusing his forces into its own dormant forces. Naturally, it was the most rarefied constituent which first responded, and thus was Light, or Intelligence, manifested.”

“Since the three densest degrees of the Nervous State are occupied by the Hostiles, the Nervous Degree of the Azerts is under their special influence, obscure, and consequently, full of dangers; and what takes place in the Azerts also takes place in its inhabitants. Abal, our beloved, was not able to return to his nervo-physical degree of being when his degree of nervous being was forcefully removed by Devo. By the same reasoning, the first Formation of Kaoah did not return to his Former; we have no doubt about this.”

— “While coming back amongst the obscurities,” said Chi, “I sentiented a little of the effects of that which is harmful in the nervous degrees influenced by the hostile: I was conscious of the danger of a loss.”

Kahi remained pensive and silent; and he continued:

— “What subjugates us, is the loss of the physical degree of the nervous body, of which Devo has deprived us.”

— “And the spheres or the spheroids, are they also subject to nervo-physical disintegration?”

“No, the power of resistance of the Azerts exceeds by a lot that of its inhabitants, and the time of restitution will come long before they can be disintegrated.”

At another epoch, Chi left again and Shorah slept as before under the protection of Sheth with whom she was one. Chi talked thus to Kahi by the intermediary of Shorah:

“I have passed the focus of the forces, dwelling of your second formation and of the one who belongs to him; now, by predilection, I go towards the earth.”

“Looking behind, I notice that eleven spheroids circulate around the focus of forces and that all of them circulate around your current dwelling; the latter somewhat resembles the shape of a disc; however it does not resemble it to a point where it has the shape of the supports of life inside of our blood.”

“Now I am in a region more rarefied than any I have seen. The light of aura is golden.”

“I enter into a state of mentality and I approach another focus. Here also the inhabitants are in our similitude and they welcome me with joy.”

— “Is the focus also divided and diminished?” asked Kahi.

“No; it is complete, self-luminous and it turns slowly around a center which is completely outside of my sentience. From this great resplendent and self-luminous sphere of white light, I see innumerable spheres whose lights or aura differ, but are equally self-luminous; I feel within such a great affinity for them that they attract me and my desire is, not only to pass from one sphere to another, but even to go all the way to the center around which they slowly turn.”

And he remained silent.

After a long wait, Kahi said to Shorah:

“You must be in rapport with Chi wherever he may be, as he is of your being. Ask him then where he is and why he remains silent for so long.”

Chi answered:

— “I am resting amongst those in our similitude and I feel an intense desire.”

— “What desire?”

— “That of passing from rarefaction to rarefaction, from etherism to etherism, amongst the material spheres.

— “The knowledge of that which is knowable of the material states and degrees is essential to us. I do not blame you for wanting to know; your are of Brah-Elohim, who himself proceeds from the Etherisms beyond the veil; nevertheless it is necessary that you return without delay.”

But there was no answer. All of a sudden Shorah gripped the hand of Sheth and said:

— “Chi is passing beyond the limit of my sentience. He will not return like the Formation of Kaoah did not return.”

— “Make him understand that he must return; the pathotic force is omnipresent.”

Shorah therefore spoke thus to Chi:

— “Are you not the being of my being; will my life not be ruined without you and, far from me, where will your perfection be?”

— “Who knows if the darkness of which you spoke will not become deeper? Come back then, Chi, my beloved.”

Chi surrendered to her supplications; he came back all exhausted and rested silently and immobile during many revolutions of the earth.

Sheth said to Kahi:

“Thus says the Passive who is one with me and whose happiness is mine:

“We beg you to not make Chi travel anymore nor permit him to leave as, since his return, he is no longer well and even in his sleep we can see that he suffers.”

And so Kahi promised.


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