Volume I – Chapter XXI

Chapter XXI



Sheba-el-ma was resting amongst the Formations of Devo who were watching her and, knowing the desire of their master to see her envelop herself with the degree of density with which he was himself clothed, were attracting around her the best materiality at their disposal.

— “What an abyss! What a great abyss!” she cried out in her sleep.

— “Perhaps she his talking about some cavern on the earth where our chief is resting in the sleep of assimilation?” said one of the watchers.

— “What abyss?” he asked Sheba.

— “The great abyss that is within my being and which I can not fill,” she answered.

So then the chief turned to his colleagues and said to them:

“Did I not tell you that by declaring to us that she was the being of his being, Devo was deceiving us? You see that I was right, since if the being of Devo contains some imperfections, he certainly does not have an abyss.”

Everyone remained silent.

— “The abyss! The abyss!” cried out Sheba-el-ma soon after, during the night.

— “What do you mean?” queried again the watcher.

— “A being that resembles me, but of a greater subtlety of form, descended into me like a blue lightning bolt and has filled the abyss that was in me; but he is too big for my being,” she answered.

And she lost consciousness.

The watchers were frightened and murmured: “For us also is the power that is amongst us too great. The one who descended and took possession of the Passive is perhaps the being of her being.”

They called for help; they tripled the guardians, but the one who was amongst them did not speak nor did he manifest himself.

When Devo had finished his Formations in the Valley, he appeared to those who had taken the forms of the men of the woods and those who were standing watch, as he had dictated, in the state of the nervous body.

He called the lead watcher and asked him:

— “Was the one who is the being of my being and who you are watching agitated, did she speak?”

— “O chief, may you live forever,” replied the watcher; “she has said nothing nor has she made any movement.

— “Why then did you triple the guard?”

— “Because our Lord was slow to return and the watchers were tired.”

Having dismissed the watchers, Devo approached the Passive and told her:

— “Hide no longer, but awake and get up so that we may work together. I recognise you despite your change of form; I also know that the body in which I am is that of Lhamkhial, even though you have changed his face; his from is glorified and embellished for having been for Aeons and Aeons that of the First Emanated.”

But Sheba-el-ma did not speak nor did she move. So then, in his anger always ready to burst, Devo seized her hand abruptly.

— “Wake up Zoy” he said,; “wake up and take on the materiality with which you are surrounded, otherwise I will disintegrate you as in the past because I have neither the time nor the desire to play.”

Removing her hand forcefully, the Passive got up and set her eyes on those of Devo:

— “Am I really Zoy who you disintegrated in your anger or did I speak the truth when I said: if you are Devo, I am Dova?” she said.

As he marvelled, he saw a light similar to a blue lightning bolt pass in the bottom and disappear into the waters of the narrowed sea that was separating him from the domain of Kahi. When the dazzling brightness, that had almost blinded him, had dissipated, he found himself alone. His confusion and his disappointment prevailed over his anger.

“I thought that this Passive was Zoy who, by some stratagem, had re-conquered her individuality; I thought I would be able to dominate her by fear, but it turns out that she is a greater being than I! I threatened and brutalised her, and thus, I have compromised the fate of my entire existence!”

This same night, Kahi and Kahie were wandering on the edges of the great river in the star light.

“I feel tired,” said Kahie; “everywhere around us there is like the foreshadowing of some new calamity. I will go rest over there, under the cedar; you may come fetch me when it pleases you.”

And she lay down under the large branches of the cedar of Lebanon, while Kahi continued his stroll.

Thus was he going, sensing, too, some kind of misfortune when all of a sudden, he heard a voice that seemed to come out from under a gigantic rock battered by the waves.

— “Kahi! Kahi!”

— “I hear a voice; but I see no one; who are you?”

— “What does it matter? Leave with Sheth, Chi and Mahallal; let them bring with them all that is dear to them; go together on the summit of the mountains in the South where reign the eternal snows. Bring provisions for three days and three night.”

— “First of all I must know why you are giving me this advice, as I do not know you.”

— “You and your Formations sense a misfortune whose nature you ignore; yet, your premonition is not imaginary. Devo is finally on the earth as a man; he had formed infinitely small beings who will poison the air that you breathe and some winged insects who will devour your food; the wind brings them towards your empire where all will be devastated. This is why I advise you to reach the heights and to stay there until I call you back.”

— “I have the intuition that you speak truthfully; nonetheless, tell me your name so that I may remember it gratefully.”

— “Of what use is it to remember the past since for the Immortals everything is an Eternal Present? I am known by the name of Sheba-el-ma.”

Kahi rejoined Kahie.

— “Did you not hear a voice?” he asked her.

— “I heard the sound of a voice but not the words.”

Kahi told her everything.

— “It is certain that what was said to you is true,” she said; “from this comes your premonition. The voice was that of a Passive, however she had the tone of voice of Tihpheres.”

This surprised him.

The next day, very early, Kahi and Kahie, accompanied by Sheth, by Chi, by Mahallal and by all of their close relations, departed for the heights and during their trip two clouds overshadowed them; the smallest one was above Kahi and his kinfolk, the greater one above the other more distant Formations. They were all taken upon clouds pushed by a great force and thus they arrived quickly at the eternal snows.


At sunrise, Kahi was standing on an elevated plateau; Kahie was standing to his right; Sheth, Chi and Mahallah [TR: sic] to his left and they were surrounded by the people born of his Emanations and Formations, a people whose race was unmixed. Kahi and Kahi climbed to the highest summit…

They stayed there for thirty-nine days.

During the first three, Kahi, in the rest of contemplation, had seen the components of the solar rays as they are in the breathable air. During the two times seven days that followed he had sought how to separate, in a given location, the components of the breathable air from the twelve components of the solar rays and then recombine them. During nine days he had sought the minerals of the earth by means of which it was possible to divide and to concentrate in focus the components of the solar rays and those of the breathable air. After he had assured himself of the effectiveness and the usefulness of the crystal which he had made, he brought Sheth, his first formed currently on earth, on the summit of the mountain and spoke to him secretly in these terms:

— “You may have noticed that even though we only had provisions for three days, we have so far lacked for nothing. On the fourth day, winged beings brought us food at sunrise and sunset and continued thus to the thirtieth day. From that moment on, they no longer brought us anything and yet, none of us has complained, no one has felt weakened or fatigued.”

— “Is this not due to your discovery about the components of the air and the sun?” asked Sheth.

— “Indeed, I have just acquired proof that the nourishment required for us is found in the solar light and in the breathable air, as in the past, at a time when to breathe was to live. The ability to nourish ourselves with the breathable air is not lost; it is only greatly diminished, and that which is not lost can be found again; in no world is anything lost. What is lost locally or individually can be found again by one who is in affinity with cosmic unity. As long as there remains, individually or locally, something of that which was more or less lost, one can, under certain conditions, recover that which is lacking to well-being. So the earth, in the transformation sustained during its cooling and condensation, absorbed that which the components of the breathable air had lost, the absence of which prevents the air from again being influenced by certain rays of the pathotic, spiritual and intellectual focus. Also, this absorption was neither general nor fortuitous; it took place through certain precious mineral components which attract and absorb that which is lost to man. These minerals, extremely rare, exposed to the solar light and to the air, or awaked to activity by some other means, attract and emit special virtues, like magnetic iron, and a few forces of various kinds can be concentrated in a focus, conserved and stored such that they can then be used at will.”

“Sleep the sleep of the Avasha so that the communication I must have with you is occult and requires no words, as in these dangerous times, the same winged beings who brought us food can divulge what we have to tell each other and we ignore what other powers may be in our midst.”

Sheth slept the sleep of the Avasha during forty nights and Kahi instructed him without words, from intelligence to intelligence.

When the forty days were passed, Kahi said:

— “What is affected naturally, so to speak, meaning without the help of man, can be affected much more rapidly and more perfectly by man. I have brought you here because I know the mode of formation of all absorbent and emitting crystal and so that you, my first Formation still on the earth where our name will abide, can know all that I know.”

And Kahi instructed Sheth on the Formation of the twelve crystals and of their use.

When he had taught him these things and many more Sheth said to him:

— “With this knowledge I will be, on earth, like a Brah-Elohim; I will infuse the pathotic, spiritual and vital forces into everything that is worthy of life.”

During this time, Kahie was with them; in a trance of intelligence to intelligence, she said to them:

“The dual force of Brah-Elohim is rekindled in you just at it was in the beginning; so is it in Sheth and in Mahallal.”


Kahi speaking to Sheth continued:

— “It is your duty to watch over the spherical empire of the materialities; it is our duty to pass, again and again, through the regions of non-sentience where the Hostile Beings are found so that we can prepare and keep open a path for you and for your fellow beings.”

Sheth then understood that Kahi and Kahie intended to exteriorise themselves and for this, he felt sadness.

“Do not be sad,” said Kahie; “no state will be lost. We have the power to take on again that which we abandon of our full will and for the greater good.”

“As soon as you see us exteriorise ourselves into the State of the Nervous Body and pass into the expansion,” said in turn Kahi, “concentrate the power of the third dark crystal upon the place which is above the two peaks of this mountain and, when it has melted the snow and rock, you will place therein our forms in its quaternary degrees, and then the snow will cover it up; this way it will be preserved, because no man can remain without being adequately protected and supplied with that which is necessary in this iced region where vegetation is impossible.”

“Let our people know everything that I have told you; talk to them in my name and do not forget what I taught you. It is by the light of Brah within me that I acquired all the knowledge that is knowable.”

As soon as Kahi and Kahie had disappeared, as Barashino had done, Sheth complied with the instructions he had received from them.

He buried their forms in the rock and waited for the falling snow to hide all traces. Yet he made this reflection: “If these peeks come to disappear, how will we find the place where the bodies lie?”

A voice with mournful and melodious tones answered him:

“Worry not Sheth, I will see to it.”

And he beheld the First Emanated.

Looking at his feet, he saw that, in his footprints, a small plant had germinated and covered the snow with its white flowers and its four leaves. A circle of similar flowers formed in the place where the bodies of Kahi and Kahie were entombed. Sheth plucked a few of them and blessed them.

A voice then told him:

“You will be known by the name of Ala-Ama which signifies a sign or an indication.”

But in the mentality of Sheth, the name had an occult sense, as he remembered the conversation of Chi with Barashino when he had brought the physical form of Ferhan to the latter’s island.

— “It is by the name of Ala and of Ama that Shorah and Kahie were known in the past.,” Barashino had said.

— “I do not understand you words,” Chi had said.

— “It is not important,” had continued Barashino; “I was making allusion to the distant past that preceded the reclassification of matter.”

— “Is it you who said: you will be like Ala-Ama?” asked Sheth to the First Formed.

— “I said nothing.”

— “Do you know these names of Ala and Ama and do you know what they mean?”

But no voice answered and Sheth found himself alone.

So then, he slowly descended the hill and, at mid-way, he met Chi and Mahallal; they asked him where Kahie and Kahie were. He told them what happened.

“I want to instruct you right now about that which relates to the rays of the sun and the breathable air, as well as to the formation of certain crystals, for fear that something might happen since these are difficult times,” he told them.

He thus made Chi and Mahallal to sleep the sleep of the Avasha and, from mentality to mentality, he transmitted Kahi’s secret to them.

He then woke them and brought them to a place where an abundant and impetuous spring which resisted freezing was gushing from a rock.

They stayed there for eight days, concentrating all of their thoughts on Kahi and Kahie. On the evening of the eight day, at the appearance of the first star, Shorah who was resting said:

“All is well, they have made the crossing.”

They got up and descended to the plateau at the foot of the mountain; they were anxiously awaited.


The Formations came running to them and were surprised not to see Kahi and Kahie. Sheth informed them without however telling them of the secrets he had received.

— “We are neither hungry nor cold,” Sheth told them, “and we are not tired.”

— “Neither are we,” they answered; “we have suffered from nothing, if not from the worry we had concerning you.”

At the center of the plateau, amidst the plants which were growing as soon as spring appeared, there was a vast and deep lake. The people assembled at its edges and rested for eight days. On the evening of the last day, as soon as the first star appeared, Haiche who was with Nefa said, during her sleep: “All is going well. For the second time Kahi and Kahie have made the crossing.”

Then, everyone got up and returned to the place from where they had left. A hundred and twenty days has passed.

When the Formations of Nadell and Haiche learned that Kahi and Kahie would not be coming back, they sorrowed and mourned. They went towards the North-West, close to a great lake crossed by the river on the edge of which Kahi, in his contemplation, had heard the voice prompt him to climb the mountain of the north. And there, they whimpered and cried during eight days.

Then a very beautiful Passive, of the lineage of Haiche, told him in sleep:

“Sorrow no longer, remain not with your faces against the earth, like desperate people, as everything is well; for the third time, those for whom you cry have made the crossing and they have left, from their passage, a trail of light like the one the Nud in crescent form leaves upon the sleeping waters of the lake.”

As the people were rising to return to their homes, Sheth appeared to them standing on the waters of the lake.

“Here are the words of Kahi,” he said: “When our peoples are assembled, you will talk to them in my name and you will tell the to eternally hold my words.”

“You know, my beloved people, that you come from the First Emanated who, from a mass without cell, evolved beings so close to our similitude that one of you was welcomed as ours. You also know that Brah-Aoual and Brah-Elohim were both Emanations of the Attribute that proceeds from the Cosmic Cause. You are therefore of a same origin as our own Formations and it is for this reason that I speak to you about what I would like you to hold in your memory for your personal well-being and for the collective good. You will remember my words and repeat them to your children who will transmit them from generation to generation.

The pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital Force consecrates you all in the same unity, and in this unity, you are one with your origin.

All that which divides you in thought, words action comes from the Hostile.

You are the garment and the manifestation of the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vitals forces of your origin. Consequently, division amongst you is like division in the being of Brah.

Matter, in all of its densities, is pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised, especially in each molecule of your being. Consequently, you are like the living sanctuaries of your Divine Origin.

The quaternary Forces are manifested in form. The perfection of the form is the measure of their manifestation.

All things manifest to you by the instrument of your senses and that which is outside of them does not exist for you. Consequently, the extent of your conceptions, their realisation and divine manifestation depend upon the perfection of your senses.

Nothing suggests nor proves that things do not exist outside of the senses of the most evolved, as the Cosmos is without limit and that which is localised is necessarily limited.

The extension of the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces is only limited by the power of reception inherent to the material densities.

The center of the dual germ which is inside you is composite; it is the Nucleolinus of all your states of being. This germ being, by origin, one with the Cosmic Cause and having the Cosmos for its surrounding can evolve and perfect itself perpetually in all of the states and degrees of its composite being.

In order or balance, each degree of each state of being is in rapport with the corresponding states of denser and more rarefied materiality; it is for it the medium or intermediary. You become, in this unity, like unto a part of the cosmic unity and each of you can thus, according to his capacities and evolution, achieve the knowledge of all that is knowable.

Your origin, and the universality of your surroundings being immortal, you are yourselves and by right immortal beings in all of the states and degrees of being, because each part of your composite germ is susceptible of individualisation and is the effect of an eternal cause.

Being the effect of the Cosmic Cause, nothing is impossible for you. Remember always that there is nothing miraculous nor supernatural for you. All that was, is and will be is natural, except for perversion or violent despoliation which is an abomination. There is no limit to the knowledge of all that is knowable, because the knowledge of your origin and of your surroundings are inexhaustible.

As vast as your capacities of reception can be, individually or collectively, that which seeks to be received is greater than these capacities.

Do not let yourselves be deceived by anyone. Your capacities, your aspirations and your conceptions prove that you are not formed for time but for eternity.

All evolution depends on you; as you evolve you can yourselves evolve that which is subordinate. Take care to always be conscious of your place in the Cosmos of individual beings. Remember that you are responsible, to the limit of your capacities, not only for the development of those who depend on you but especially on your own evolution, and that you have the right to chose the environment most suited to their development.

Guard your thoughts, as the thought is the conception of that which the action is but the materialisation.

Intelligence only depends on form for its manifestation; the form depends on intelligence for its evolution and its preservation.

The preservation of the physical state is as necessary to our well-being as the preservation of the bark is necessary to the stationary beings. The well-being of the composite dual germ depends on the well-being of the body.

You alone, who are in the body, can develop the materiality that corresponds to its degree of density. In the body you can sentient states of rarefaction that no other individual being can perceive.

The depth of the roots of the tree must be in proportion to its circumference and its height; so is it also for you. In virtue of the law of balance, as you penetrate and take root in the greatest densities, so can you penetrate into greater rarefactions; as a result of this, to lose a denser state or degree is to also lose a more rarefied state or degree. Therefore is the law essential for you which says: Take care of the body, as the loss of the body is the supreme evil.

It is not in the collectivity, but in the individuality that manifest the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces; they require the evolution of renewed forms. Nonetheless, not only does collective aspiration help individual aspiration, but it is upon the degree of evolution of the environment that the well-being of the newly evolved individual depends. Reciprocally, the general or collective evolution depends upon this newly evolved being. The well-being of the individual is also the well-being of the collective.

In no degree of being does an atom touch another; each degree is penetrated and, in a manner, diluted by the rarefied degree.

In all individual Formations, when the densest degree, which is the natural envelope of the more rarefied, is damaged or destroyed, the more rarefied is exposed to proportional damage.

Its capacities of reception for the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces depend on the continuous evolution of matter; it is these forces that clear the path for the Impenetrable and Indivisible, capable of penetrating all and dividing all. You therefore, to whom by origin and by nature the task of developing the densest degree of matter especially belongs, are indispensable to the Cosmic Cause and the Unthinkable.

It is from outside and not from inside that you can be damaged or disintegrated by those who desire your weakening and disintegration.

Keep you body intact in its quaternary degree, which means keep intact its mental, psychic and nervous degrees of being, and nothing, no being in the Cosmos will be able to harm you.”


As soon as the people had left the great lake, Sheth came back to the dwelling of Kahi which was becoming his; while approaching, he saw the ones who had accompanied him on the plateau assembled and waiting for him.

One of the Formations of Mahallal said to him:

— “Please tell us now that which Kahi has made known to you. We are here for this purpose.”

— “Follow me and I will tell you everything,” answered Sheth.

They followed Sheth through the copse of majestic cedars that covered the flank of the mountain atop of which was the dwelling of Kahi.

Face turned towards the East, he spoke to them thus:

“Tradition has it that at each of the seven epochs of the formation of the mixed matter, in the seventh degree of density, from the Cosmic Cause proceeded one of its Seven Attributes; that, with time, he passed outside of the Ethered Septenary Veils and has manifested himself in nebulous Forms.”

“Tradition also has it that in the beginning of the present epoch, the Attribute of Justice produced a First Emanation that is known to a few by the name of Brah-Aoual, a word that means First; that the special power of this Emanation extended itself over the waters with which he was in affinity; that later, under the name of Tihpheres, he came on earth where he presently is and that he is the first life of these beings from which came those who earlier received from my lips the secrets of Kahi.”

“When the First Emanated had classified the most radiant and the most rarefied matter, he entered into the veils where he rested, close to the source of vitality, for Aeons of time.”

“The Attribute of Justice then produced a Second Emanation, Elohim, who penetrated of his forces all the densities of the mixed matter.”

“After having it thus prepared for his Formations by means of IE, his second Formation, he formed in all of the other states beings similar to himself but, in the material state, the Impersonal became Personal.”

— “Is not the greatness of that which is formed the measure of the greatness of the Former?”

“IE passed, in accordance with the the will of Elohim, beyond the Septenary Veil, to the Nucleolus itself, where he left his pathotic body which was later perfected.”

“Traditions has it that, after his rest in the depths of the vital source, the First Emanated centralised and also stopped when he arrived at the Nucleolus. There he saw the form in his similitude as he was trying to penetrate by force into the Veils of the center; he encountered Devo who ejected him into the expansion. Then, the one who came from the pathotic form of IE testified that he had nothing to do with these acts of violence.”

“Thus did Devo, at that epoch, pass through the Veils of the Nucleolinus, and he is now on the earth.”

“Worried about the elusive power of Devo, the Free Intelligences left their own state to penetrate into the densities of matter, but there was division amongst them and it is thus that, firstly, Ad-Ad and then Orme were ejected by their fellow beings. Ad-Ad and his were attracted by affinity to the First Emanated in the aura of whom the rested; they met Arg-Alif, the most powerful of the Free Intelligences, and then Arg-Alif and his legions ejected the First Emanated, taking him for Devo.”

“Again traditions has it that Devo, penetrating rapidly into the material densities, took position in the Nervous State where he emanated and formed beings in his own similitude, but in the restlessness and worry which are the effects of the imbalance, coming from the lack of passivity.”

“So then, for fear that Devo would penetrate into a greater density, Brah, The Attribute of Justice, became one with Elohim, his second Emanation, the same as, in analogy, Ether is one with the Air, and the Air with Water.”

“Brah-Elohim crossed through the armies of Devo, prepared the dense matter by penetrating it with his forces which were received, as always, according to the measure of the power of reception. He formed all that was formable, thus protecting the dense matter against Devo’s attempts.”

“Once this was done, IE, the second Formations of Elohim, being clothed, as in the most rarefied states, with a form in the similitude of his Former, was to Kahi what Brah was to Elohim; however, in the Nervous State there were imperfections because of the influence of Devo and his legions.”

“When Kahi came out of the sleep of assimilation, Brah-Elohim confirmed him and his Formations in the supremacy over the material densities. Elohim again passed through the legions of Devo, to go to the Attributal Region, and Brah, the Supreme Holocaust of the Materialities, sacrificed the personality he had taken on in Elohim, so as to infuse into the Azerte Matter the integrality of his forces.”

“From the very middle of the region to where he centralised, Elohim spoke in these words to Kahi and Kahie:

“IE will be to Kahi as Brah is to Elohim; but now, by the action of this scatterbrain and his machinations, the rapports of one with the other are difficult and the unity of being is compromised. Only when IE and Kahi, as well as their Formations, one in the Psychic State and the other in the Physical State, are in possession of the Nervous State will the Cosmic Order be restored.”

“As it was revealed to a few that Brah became one with Elohim and that the Cosmic Cause temporarily became one with Brah-Elohim, so also was it revealed to them that Brah-Elohim said to Devo:

— “Rest; there is till time; it is only thus that you will be able to take back your primal state.”

“And that Devo replied:

— “Who are you? Am I not ahead of you?”

“I have reminded you all of these things so that you can forever etch them into your memory and transmit them to your descendants until the time of the Restitution.”

“The power and the hatred of the Hostile are no doubt very great; he divided and parceled out the spherical material empire to a point where it is spread throughout all of the cosmic immensity; the separation is more and more complete, such that at present the spiritual and intellectual rapports are almost annihilated and that everything is in decline.”

“However, the pathotic force that unites the atoms to one another, despite their violent separation, can not be lessened and even less destroyed. This pathotic union is like an eternal and immutable testimonial of unity and this unity is in itself the guarantee of the Restitution and of Victory.”

“All that I have just told you is like the prelude to the sentence which is ceaselessly retold: The preservation and the development of the body, in it integrity, imposes itself urgently upon man:

1- because it is only by the well-being of the physical and by its perfecting that you will be able to take your position in the fight for the conquest of the state occupied by the Hostile, as this loss disfigures the Cosmic Unity,

2- because you are the temple of Brah, the sanctuary of sanctuaries of the Cosmic Cause. One who, by weakness, by ignorance or by any other motive, helps support the Hostile in his work of destruction of these temples, is the enemy of his Former. One who, by will, or by desire, by consent, habit or cowardice, suffers that his body be damaged or disintegrated, insults the One who formed him in his own similitude and violates the Lay of Charity.”

When Sheth had finished speaking, the chiefs of those who were assembled conferred with Chi and Mahallal, and they made the following declaration:

— “It is understood by all that there is only one disorder, the violation of the law of Charity. We declare that the separation of the states of being, voluntarily consented, is the supreme violation of this law, the worse of all disorders. The preservation, the development and the perfecting of the body in its integrity, is therefore the chief duty of man.”

— “Listen carefully,” said Sheth. “If, by misfortune, one of you comes to be deprived, by violence, of the fourth envelope of the body, the exterior envelope, let him do all that he can to keep intact his Mental, Psychic and Nervous States. Though the first degree, the Mental State, is indestructible, each envelope, each envelopment, helps it to re-assume the individual being more quickly on the earth. It is only for Kahi and Kahie that it is permitted to cross the limit and enter at will into the region of the Hostile.”

— “Is the mentality of every individual being individually indestructible?” asked someone.

— “No, of course not,” replied Sheth. “The power of preservation is proportional to the capacities and to the development. I speak of the Formations of Kahie who are here present.”

Again they conferred together with Chi and Mahallal.

“If it happens that one of us is deprived of the exterior physical envelope,” said Chi, “those who will have been in affinity with him will concentrate their desire and all of their will and, during eight days, will clothe with their protective auras the three remaining degrees of being. Thus will the violence of the shock resulting from the separation will be diminished.”


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