Volume I – Chapter XVI

Chapter XVI


At that epoch, Kahi went looking for Lhamkhial; when he found him, he told him:

“You spend your time making instruments to fashion matter according to your desire and the passive who you formed is now one with Devo, as much as it is possible for this to be; Zoy, as she did in the beginning, always forms passive beings in her own similitude and they subsequently become helpers for the Formations of Devo. Thus was he able to exhaust the earth of its passivity and impose his dominion.”

Lhamkhial was unusually troubled:

“Where is Lhamkhialah?” he said after having recovered a little. “Perhaps she will help us to get out of this predicament.”

Kahi remained silent.

So Lhamkhial and the second Formation he had with Zoy called forth all of Zoy’s passive Formations. When they were assembled, Lhamkhial cried out in a loud voice:

— “Listen and pay close attention, oh Passives; you are mine and belong to no other, as Zoy who formed you is of my own being.”

— “What does it matter to us, since we are all satisfied?”, they answered.

— “Rest then.”

He had the following thought: “During their rest, I will disintegrate them without pain and I will thus restore the passivity to the earth from which it was drawn.”

At that moment a great noise could be heard in the air. It was the Cherubim, the Jenoim and the Chait’in who came with haste. They fought with Lhamkhial during three days and three nights. Finally, after the third day, at the beginning of the night, Lhamkhial felt his vitality leave him and cried out:

“I am disintegrated by the weapon which I have forged and I bring along my own Formation in my fall.”

The forces that sustained his nervous physical state were withdrawn by the group of beings who had struggled against him. Devo tried to take possession of his body in order to use it but, although the body was separated from the most rarefied states, the vitality inside of it was so powerful that Devo could not accomplish his design nor was he able to disintegrate it.

Seeing that they could do no better, Devo’s Formations took with them the Passives which they claimed as theirs and Devo went back up into his cloud of fire.

Kahi had the body of Lhamkhial brought to his dwelling and deposited it into the waters of crystallisation. When the body had remained there long enough, he placed it into one of the large hollow statues that Lhamkhial had made in his own similitude and dragged it down into the waters.

The First Emanated, who had control over the non evolved matter in the depths of the waters, noticed that his work of evolution remained mostly stationary. Although he was able to infuse his own power into this materiality, such that no other was able to influence it, he could go no further. Nonetheless, he remained at his post and jealously guarded his possessions.

At a certain epoch, he saw a body fall into the depths and stop in the sand. Examining it, he noticed that inside its envelope, heavy and thick, there was something. At that moment, he caught sight of a cloud that descended and stopped over the body, such that he could not continue his examination.

“Before the arrival of this cloud,” he told himself, “I noticed that this body resembles that of a man. If Devo descends thus, it is because there is something that can be useful to him.”

So he dematerialised himself, penetrated into the statue, then into the crystallisation, and took possession of Lhamkhial’s form. He remained there in the rest of assimilation. He soon sentiented that Devo was also trying to penetrate into this form. He arose and was face to face with him.

As soon as the First Emanated had taken possession of the physical part of Lhamkhial in its integrity, everything that had happened to the latter became known to him. He then said to Devo:

— “Are you thinking of stealing the passivity that is in my physical form, or are you in a hurry to reduce me to atomic dust as you did with the forms of earth?”

— “No, Lhamkhial,” replied Devo astonished, “but I want to take possession of your body to use it at my will. Although you have acquired in these waters a new and unexpected force, you know from past experience that, even in the integrity of your being, I was too powerful for you. How much more will I be now that your body is divided like that of Abl?”

The First Emanated, who had divested Lhamkhial’s form of its heavy envelope but not of the light layer of crystal, replied to Devo:

— “You always speak the way you think, meaning with pride; nevertheless, as I have struggled for dominion against your legions who vanquished me, so also will I struggle again in the state where I am, in the silent depths of the waters.”

Devo smiled with disdain.

They fought during seven days and seven nights. On the seventh day, in a clear and bright light, the First Emanated, surrounding the exhausted Devo with spiral circumvolutions, pushed him back to the surface of the waters, and from there, into the clouds.

Before returning to the depths, he told him:

— “Do not ever return down here, as the deep waters are my domain; all those whose states you have separated and who are able to penetrate here will be out of your reach.”

Devo met up with Zoy who told him: “I watched the battle. The one who vanquished you is greater than you; I want to go with him and I will work with him.”

— “Refrain from doing so,” answered Devo; “if you try it, I will disintegrate you in an instant.”

— “I have ensured, regarding my passive formations, that my disintegration will be followed by theirs, and when we are no more, how will you have a hold on the material density?”

— “You are well named Rakkek, the cunning; if it is thus, what can I do to satisfy you?”

— “The daughters of men are very beautiful; much more beautiful than my Formations. Lately, in sleep, I saw in your degree of materiality beings of blonde beauty. Even though these girls are in duality of being with those with who and for whom they were formed, these beings nevertheless watch over them as if they sentiented some kind of danger.”

— “What did these beings look like?” asked Devo keenly.

— “They are of a beauty superior to that of Kahi. They rise and descend in multicoloured, self-luminous spheres, in which they pass from density to density without exteriorisation. They are so beautiful that nothing compares to them.”

Devo let out a cry of rage because he knew that these beings were the Free Intelligences. He withdrew in order to contain his anger and decide what needed to be done to prevail, without delay, against Kahi and his Formations.

He thought to himself: “If the Free Intelligences succeed in establishing a rapport with Kahi, all is lost. What is certain is that Zoy must not escape me because it is through her and her Formations that we can withdraw from the earth all the passivity found there in molecular or individual form.” And he returned towards Zoy.

— “We have done may things together,” he told her; we have considerably exhausted from the materiality of the earth the vitality proper to formations in the similitude of Kahi, and we have populated this region, which envelops the breathable air, with passive beings that procure a duality of being to our legions. They can now, under certain conditions, touch in its integrity the densest matter. Let us complete our work,”

— “If you are able to tell the truth,” answered Zoy, “let me know all of your plan.”

— “I intend to first exhaust the passivity from the formable matter which is proper to the Formations of Kahi, so that there remains no matter capable of responding to the emanated forces; then, I plan on removing from the stationary beings that which is required to maintain their vitality. Thus Kahi and his Formations will first be incapable of forming beings of their own species and then, those who are already formed will become so weak that they will no longer be able to resist us.”

“As soon as we can possess their Nervo-Physical State, I and my own will materialise or we will clothe our own beings of the density that you can presently take on at will, or in better terms, from which you can exteriorise yourself at will, since this form is permanent. We will thus posses the earth and all the material spheres and spheroids.”

— “And what of the Beings of light, power and beauty that rise and descend? And also the one who is clothed in the form of Lhamkhial, my Former, and who has thrown you out of his domain?”

— “If we remain faithful to each other,” answered Devo, “we will be more powerful than them.”

— “Truly!!” replied Zoy ironically, we will remain faithful,” but internally she was thinking: “I would much rather have no need of you to attain my goal! How I would disintegrate you with pleasure! Do you think that I and my Formations did not know what to expect? If I yield nonetheless, it is to take my vengeance on the one who has betrayed me.”

Chi was still silent and immobile in the dwelling of Kahi who watched over him.

One morning, at dawn, the latter felt the presence of a Being; lifting his eyes, he saw the form of Lhamkhial, the crystalline layer of which was like a luminous prism. Taken over by profound emotion, he said: “I perceive that I am in the presence of the First Emanated.”

— “I took over the form which you threw into the waters,” replied the latter, “in order to communicate with you, man to man, and to sentient like a man. It is not proper, of course, that a being takes the form of another; but the end which I have conceived justifies this means.”

“Listen to me; while I was struggling with the Enemy in the depths of the waters, I got knowledge of all of his designs. He is preparing to first exhaust of its passivity, then of its vitality the matter proper for your Formations; then he will exhaust the nutritive substances. Already the Passive of the one whose form I have taken, as well as her Formations, are with the creatures of Devo; they surround the earth at the limit of the breathable air which they exhaust. The Enemy also intends to take possession of the waters below the earth, but he is prevented from doing so.”

— “Alas,” answered Kahi, “sustentation is already not what it used to be and everyone feels that their forces are diminishing slowly, but surely; the disappearing vitality is not being replaced. Also, many of our Formations are active and very few of them are passive, such that there is an imbalance.”

“Amongt the Passives of the latest Formations, there are those who, during their time of rest, see not the one under whose protection they rest, but other beings who take on spellbinding and frightful forms. Our state has become so sad that, if we did not know that the Being of Brah-Elohim is in us and with us, the most courageous of us would despair.”

— “In your current state,” said the First Emanated, “you can not sentient this spherical layer, where the Passive Formations of Zoy dwell, without the intermediary of Passives in your own similitude; yet, since the latest formed are subjected to the influence of beings other than man, you should not trust their sensitivity. There is danger, even for those who can not be fooled or thwarted, because of their always increasing weakness and that of their protectors. There is however a means which we can try, since the Formations of Brah-Elohim must absolutely be protected as much as possible from all suffering or from any new loss.”

— “I find myself hopeful again; tell me what I must do.”

— “I will form for you a sphere of sustentation; you will enter into it with the one who is yours and with all of your Formations, and also Sheth with his Formation, and Mahallal and Chi; they are self-perfect in activity and passivity. Then I will surround the sphere with my power such that nothing will be able to reach you. You will be able to rise up all the way to the limit of the breathable air and enter into the region penetrated by this passivity formed in an unnatural way. Moreover, as the sphere will contain an abundance of everything that is essential to the Physical States, by staying in it, you will recuperate the vitality and the strength that you need.”

When the sphere was ready, Kahie entered it first, and was followed by Kahi, by Mahallal who carried Chi in sleep, by Sheth, the third Formation of Kahi and of Kahie, and by his great Passive who had some affinity with the waters.

As soon as they had entered, the First Emanated said to Kahi:

“Let everyone rest in the sleep of Kanah until you have reached the region of passivity.”

They rested therefore and acquired during that time much knowledge of the Formation; they only awoke to activity when they were on the confines of the region where Zoy and her Formations were.

Kahi, seeing the sphere surrounded by a prismatic light revolving in a spiral amidst the visible force, like a violet shadow, cried out:

“Blessed are those who rest in the sleep of Kanah, as they are instructed with the knowledge of the Formations.” And so he called the sphere of sustentation Arg [TR: throughout the chapter, the same sustentation vehicle is alternately called “Arg”, “Arq” and “Ark”; the first version with the “g” is not repeated and therefore it is not clear if it was a typo in the original text; the last two could be considered phonetically and qabalistically equivalent] because he had slept, within it, the sleep of Kanah.

Chi awoke with the others to the plenitude of life. With the re-emergent activity, they rose up in the sphere which, during that time, was veiled with invisibility, and gently, noiselessly, they crossed the spherical region where Zoy and her Formations were along with the beings of Devo.

Arrived at the surface, they circulated around in spiral circumvolutions, silently.

As they revolved thus, in invisibility, the passive being of Sheth said:

— “I see continuously descending, majestic forms of great power taking their station over there, where the region is uninhabited; they are veiled with invisibility.”

— “Perhaps they are the Free Intelligences who were able to pass unnoticed through the legions of Devo, because of their affinity with the one who constructed the sphere of sustentation and with us too,” replied Kahi, “since we are one with Elohim of whom they are the First Formations.”

Zoy, in her dwelling of in south, was making these reflections:

“I sense that they, who are not of ours, are in our midst; I will warn Devo…”

She was about to exit when Lhamkhial appeared to her suddenly; she was terrified, but recovering her self-control, she said to him: “I do not know who you are nor who may have taken on the form of the one whose being was separated by Devo and his Formations and whose Nervo-Physical form rests in the depths of the waters; you are but a lying shadow; let me out.”

While looking at the form with a defiant air, her eyes met eyes of such sparkle and so marvellously beautiful that she was not able to detach her gaze and was taken over by a somnolence that ended up striking her down.

Having become lucid in her sleep, she found herself in her own dwelling; the one who had the form of Lhamkhial was standing before her; he told her softly:

— “Tell me all that you know about the numbers and strength of Devo’s Formations in this place, as well as your own Formations and their connection to you.”

Zoy told him everything, withholding nothing.

— “Many of my Formations descended,” she said, “and I clothed them with a form of the same density as that which Lhamkhial had clothed me. Those who are like them have materialised sufficiently to be able to touch the Formations of Kahi, who are weak and unbalanced; but since they were not able to possess them, because of the light of Brah that is inside them, they disintegrated them.”

As for Kahi and his balanced ones, they can not be taken.

— “I sense that there are among us beings who are not of us; it is for that reason that I was going to warn Devo, when you intervened…”

— “How great Zoy is!”, replied the Form. “If I am not mistaken, these Formations are under her dependency, like the branches of the stationary beings are under the dependency of the trunk.”

— “How could it be otherwise? Without this, they would be free, like Vash Zoy, to rival with their Former, or even to surpass her in power and in domination!”

— “However, there is perhaps an essential part of the formative power which is unknown to you. Those who want to be sure of their power over their Emanations and their Formations must be able to attract them to themselves, like to their center and to their source and, if needed, attract their whole being. Put your hands in mine and try to do it. If you succeed, you will truly be the queen of the Formers.”

Zoy put her hands in those of the Form resembling Lhamkhial, but glorified. The Passives, her Formations, beginning with the lesser and up to the greatest, grouped themselves around her according to their rank and their power and soon, they fell asleep in the prismatic light from the aura of the First Emanated, the sleep of unconsciousness, in every state of their beings.

As soon as all of the parts of the region on the surface of which the Arq was resting were occupied by the ones whom Zoy had seen descending, their veil of invisibility fell and the Formations of Devo were able to see the Free Intelligences in their midst. Of a common accord, they called for the Passives by their names, but none of them responded.

There was a merciless war that lasted forty revolutions of the earth. The Free Intelligences, First Formations of Elohim, battled against Devo and the Formations he had with him.

During that time, the First Emanated was disintegrating, in all of their states of being, the Formations of Zoy and dispersing their materiality, restoring each degree to the body from which they had been a constituting part. Then, veiled in invisibility, he approached the Ark that was stationary on the exterior confines of the region of conflict and he conversed through mentality with Kahi.

“In the South rests Zoy,” he said, “whom Lhamkhial formed from his own being by taking from the universal passivity. None of her formations exist anymore; they were disintegrated in their sleep; as for her, no one can disintegrate her other than a man of the formation of Elohim. No one, except for one of you, can approach her or influence her, as she sleeps under my power with which I have surrounded her.”

And he descended, still in the form of Lhamkhial. Devo saw the radiant light of his aura and exclaimed:

“Do you not see the one who falls from heaven like a star? It is the light of the First Emanated, the evening and morning Star.”

And he became ill at ease.

After the fortieth revolution of the earth, the Free Intelligences vanquished Devo and his Formations whom the First Emanated had deprived of their passives.

The Chiefs, twelve in number, circulated around the Ark and there, they set up an expansion that serves as a separation from that which is most rarefied in the beyond. During that time Kahi, Sheth, Mahallal and Chi were resting in the sleep of Kanah and were helping them with all of their power.

From the surface of the waters upon which he was resting, the First Emanated, seeing this expansion, said to himself: “It is the work of the first and the last Formations of Brah-Elohim. Who will be able to prevail against them?”.

When the work of extension was finished three days later, the sphere descended visibly, slowly and with majesty. When it had arrived at a certain point in the Orient, it stopped for a time, illuminating the heavens with its splendour.

“Look.”, said Kahi to Kahie and to Sheth; “look; the light from the Arq, united to that of our aura, descends upon the earth which receives it. It is a sign that, on the holy earth, there will forever be darkness and light, the reflection and radiance of Brah-Elohim; even in obscurity there will be light, and the morning of the seventh splendour will know no evening.”

The sphere, rather than penetrating the breathable air, passed through a brightness such as Chi had described it in his first voyage. It was only when it had crossed three degrees of density, ever less rarefied, that it attained the breathable air.

— “Here must be the density of earth,” said Kahi to Sheth; “here we are in the breathable air.”

The great Passive, who is one with Sheth, said also:

— “By affinity with Lhamkhialah who is in our terrestrial habitation and who sleeps under your protection, I was able to discern the earth from where we left and I saw that it was gradually condensing itself, as were all of the spheres of the same density, such that, the scene of the last combat, of which the Free Intelligences made a protective extension, is now the limit of our sentience.”

— “Thus are we separated, even more, from the other spheres,” replied Sheth.

— “The separation accentuates itself evermore because of the centralisation of the aura of the spheres and of their condensation; but up until now, this change had been gradual; now the separation is clean and sudden.”

— “The dwelling of our first Formed, Kaoah,” sais Kahi, “continues to hold its affinity with the earth.”

— “It seems to me,” she replied, “that this affinity is greater than it once was.”

They were still descending but had not yet reached the earth. Chi said to them: “There is all species of materiality in the Arq; let us make beings that can fly in the air and therefore descend rapidly; we will know, by means of this, if the earth still exists.”

The beings thus formed were freed; some time later, they were coming back with earthy matter on their feet. So then were they all consoled. Arrived at the earth, the left the Arq and came out.

Kahi noticed that the trees of sustentation had perished following an intense cold. He formed two new stationary beings appropriate for their sustentation; one gave strength, and the other courage. As soon as Kahi noticed that these two staples were flourishing, he spoke thus:

“It is not good that we stay together for fear that evil declare itself in places where we are not. Let us spread out upon the earth and let us make Formations in our own similitude so that we become strong enough to resist the enemy; because Devo exists, and Zoy exists and we do not know the power of those who have survived.”

Kahi and Kahie remained in the Eastern portion of the earth. Sheth and his Passive went North, Mahallal to the South and Chi to the West.


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