Max Theon Books Available

Today I received a response from Argaman in Israel who are the publishers of the following 2 Max Theon books avaialble in English:


  • The magnum opus of the Master Max Theon about the era before Genesis
    English – 150 IS – 36 US$ – 32 €

Those interested in acquiring these two gems can contact Arie Rottenberg at who has set up a Paypal account with the same email address to facilitate the transactions.  He quoted shpping for both books to Canada at $14 US (a bargain compared to most book sellers).

Unfortunately, I recently acquired both books from a seller on Amazon for much more than the regular selling price, but I wanted to pass on the info to anyone else interested in acquiring copies of these rare gems.  I have no experience or affiliation with Argaman and am just passing on the info.