Volume I – Chapter VI

Chapter VI


The Former and his Formation who was accompanying him were extending themselves into the densest matter; the Formation was enveloping itself, while the Former was entering into its state of lesser density and was thus able to penetrate, pathotise, spiritualise, intellectualise and vitalise it, according to its reception capacity.

When this powerful work was accomplished and everything was prepared for evolution, as they were resting on the exterior limits of the density, they were approached by the one who had taken the form abandoned by the First Emanation (Emanation of the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause).

So then the Former enveloped his Formation of a septenary veil of protective power and told it with a voice full of tenderness, ineffable and of profound pathotism: “IE!”

It was the first time this name was pronounced.

IE, in his sleep, answered his Former with all of his being, in the Pathotism of Unity:

The being of whom we spoke approached and said as intelligence to intelligence:

“There is in your aura a concentrated power; why?”

But the great Former remained silent, even in his thoughts.

— “Are you not the Second Emanation of the Attribute of Justice, proceeding from the Cosmic Cause, two in one, active and passive and consequently, are you not, in all of your being, powerful for the Formation.”

The Great Former remained silent.

— “Did you not seen that the Free Intelligences who desired expansion expelled into the exterior density the one who had opposed them and that the first rejected is the Emanation of the Attribute of Justice, who did not fulfill its task because it did not know to suffer and because it placed its personality above the Cause? And that is why you were emanated to take its place.”

The Great Former again remained silent.

— “You are of the Cosmic Cause; I am of the Origin of the Cosmic Cause. Which of us two is more worthy of honour? – Is the one who is greatest in charity the most worthy? –But in what does charity consist? Is it not in the evolution and perfecting of all of that which exists?”

“Do you know why I left for the first time my own dwelling and came here? – It is to see your Formation who is always with you and who precedes you into materialisation, your formation with whom you touch density upon density.”

“Let us examine this a little. – If all that exists proceeds from the Cosmic Cause which is Goodness, where does evil come from? In formation, all is relative; there is therefore neither positive good nor positive evil; the excess of good can be an evil and evil, if well directed, can be goodness, everything being in everything.”

“Why can we take and retain form as the material density increases? Is it because matter has evolved more rapidly and more efficiently by means of formation? If so, the duration of all individual formation is proportional to the evolution of the matter from which it is formed, and such a formation made of matter capable of being in rapport with universal pathotism, spirituality, intellectuality and vitality, is immortal.”

“If the eternal Nucleolinus is the All-Penetrator, and if, otherwise, expansive matter contains everything, is matter not superior to the Nucleolinus since it contains all that exists, whereas the Nucleolinus can not be penetrated by any degree be it of etherism or materiality? If things are so, is perfection not proportional to density?”

The great Former was remaining silent again.

“The one who was the First Emanated by the Attribute of Justice has gone past us into the densest matter; what would happen if he used it for his own formations, such that, at a certain density, you would not be able to find suitable envelopes for yourself and your formations?”

“The First Emanated of the Attribute of the Cosmic Cause has not fulfilled his task, you say? – Is it possible that the Cosmic Cause, Pure Spirit in Activity, has not understood the capacities of its own attributes and their Emanations? Or then, would the First Emanated have started the work to then abandon it by order of his Emanator? If the first supposition is true, The Cosmic Cause, Pure Spirit in Activity, does not have Knowledge; if it is the second supposition that is true, the First Emanated complains and suffers for something that he could not have avoided; he is but a living machine since he has no freedom.”

“Is there a cosmic Director , or are all the events the playthings of circumstances? Is the Nucleolinus, who is necessarily dual since from it stem the triplicities of Centralisation and diffusion, divided against itself? Answer!”

But the Divine Former persisted in his silence. And the Being left.

A short time after, IE said in his sleep: “A moment ago, new thoughts sprang up inside me and almost in spite of me.” So then the Divine Former surrounded his formation with an aura that no sound could penetrate and said:

“What are these thoughts?.

IE replied:

“They are of the same nature as those of the interrogator who was troubling me with his questions.

“The Eternal Nucleolinus; the Eternal Mixed Matter; here is the Cosmos manifested. All sensation, all desire and all will, indicate imperfection. Sensation has for its cause the friction produced by the penetration of the most perfect into the least perfect, and this friction is painful.”

“Movement has for its cause the pain provoked by sensation. Desire comes from need, and need is pain.”

“Will is the force by which we make efforts to obtain the desired thing and to vanquish what opposes our desire. Opposition causes worry, and worry is pain.”

“Formation, collective or individual, has therefore a unique goal: pain; so, then, why assume individual form? Why the self?”

— “To each their own way of feeling. Would you want to conserve or materialise your form, or would you want to return to your own materiality, leaving behind in each density what you have taken from it?”

— “I would not concede an atom, not a molecule of my being for all that exists, I said, intellectually.”

— “You are right! The abandonment of a state or a degree of being, be it conceptive or effective, is abnormal and unnatural. Did you notice a form or forms near you when these thoughts came to you?”

— “I noticed a shadow, but I saw no individual form.”

“These thoughts emanate, however, from a being who is as visible as yourself, from a being who is or will always be against you and your formations. Now that you are under our guard and our protection, do you want to be placed in rapport with him in order to know him such as he is?”

— “I want what you want.”

— “Look for him, and when you have spotted him, tell me.”

A short time later IE was saying:

“I see above us a Being partially hidden by a density which is for me as semi-obscure. If he was as dark as it is, I would not be able to distinguish him, but he is surrounded by a uneasy and shifting glow.”

So then the great Former suffered IE to become visible and as soon as this Being who was hiding saw him, he approached saying:

— “It is I, the First Emanated; it is I who communicated with you during your sleep. Why do you take on forms of a greater or lesser density?”

And IE asked his Former from intelligence to intelligence: “What shall I answer?”

“Tell him what you, yourself, think”, was his answer, “since it is not against me directly that he will put up obstacles, but against you and your formations.”

IE answered the Being:

“We form and we envelop our form and our formations so that the Chain of Being may be perfected, so that matter may respond in its entirety to the Eternal that penetrates all and with whom we will be One.”

— “You aspire, you work, you suffer in order to realise your aspirations. What guarantee do you have that, even if you succeed in touching all the degrees of density and rarefaction of the individually formable matter, all will not again be reduced to its primary state, meaning to the state of mixed matter, so that all may become more perfect and more worthy of the Eternal who penetrates all?”

— “I have within myself an awareness that things will not be so; but, without taking into account that awareness, I will say that if it was to be so, the mixed matter would have at least evolved in its entirety by our formation and that it would not have been able to evolve otherwise.”

— “And you, Former, where would you individuality be?”

— “Those who work for their own personality and not for a cause are incapable of cosmic work.

— “And if I descend before you, if I form, where will the supremacy of your formations be?

— “One who can prepare for himself a body does not appropriate for himself the body made by another: One who comes with a lie on his lips (and have you not said: I am the First Emanated?), is but a transient evil doer since all falsehood will have an end. Have you not declared yourself: Truth alone is immortal?”

— “Now, you speak with courage because you are protected; but when you will be alone and we communicate together, things might be otherwise!”

— “The Present exists; the Future is know neither by you nor me, in activity. Besides, if the individual form is an evil, leave it and, if you can, return to the place of your origin. You will thus prove your sincerity.”

— “You say: If I can. Who cannot return to where they have come from?”

— “One who is banned cannot, at will, safely return to the centralisation.”

Upon these words, the Being plunged into the densest materiality and was lost to sight.

The Formation then talks to the Great Former.

— “Who formed this Hostile being? If there exists a being more powerful than his Former, why does the Former or his Formation exist?”

— “There is not a place where light is not and everywhere there is light, there is shadow. The shadow of the most perfect is like the dawn of the less perfect and the light that is beautiful and useful to one is blinding to another; what is light in its fullness for one is like obscurity for another. All is relative. The latter is of the deep shadows.”

— “But is the disorder he can cause not a danger?”

— “Those who want to be perfect must, by necessity, struggle for their own perfecting. Without necessity there is no desire, and will, which is the effect and the force of desire, arises from resistance. Without conflict where is the victory?”

— “Perhaps these beings of shadow have undone formations and mixed the matter?”

— “When individual or collective formations are duly perfected, meaning perfected according to the measure of their capacity of reception, they can no longer be undone, and up to the present, all individual transformation tends towards the collective perfecting and likewise all collective transformation tends towards the cosmic perfecting. The wisdom of each formation consists in the perfecting of the Self in its entirety.

— “But is this concentration required for the perfecting of the Self not done to the detriment of the collective perfecting?”

— “No. In the order, centralisation is balanced by expansion; consequently, the measure of capacity and of perfection of the self in its entirety is the measure of its exterior influence: All that which is under the influence of the expansion of a center evolves with it; when the self perfects itself, everything perfects itself with it. The result of this is that, you and your formations are, and will be, like the sun of the pathotic force whose effect on the materiality of its surroundings is proportional to its own force.”

“The sphere of our influence is in proportion to your perfection and to your evolution, as you are eminently the evolutionaries of the densest matter, no other than you being able to touch it directly.”

“All that seems evil for you must engender good and you will go from strength to strength and from knowledge to knowledge despite all the obstacles; the struggle itself is your principal means of evolution.”

“The care of always evolving and perfecting is incumbent upon you until the time when you will reign, in its entirety, upon the degree of density which you will have touched last.”

“Let all being that is hostile be subjugated but not exterminated, because there is in every being that which is capable of evolving, and the molecular matter of the most imperfect is susceptible of being metamorphosed by repeated transformations, until the time when it becomes capable of being perfected and used.”

“The work of balance is incumbent upon; yet, when is above all necessary to the one who must balance, is the balance of his own self, in order for him to be in full rapport, in all of his states of being, with all the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces.”

“Be watchful that nothing comes between the splendour localized in your state and its inexhaustible source, because every state of materiality proper to material individual formations is yours, by right and by origin, from the state of free intelligence to the state of density of which you still have no active conception.”

“All these beings that interfere between you and your origin, whatever means they might employ, are of the ones that you must, in the end, subjugate; otherwise, your being is useless. Whatever his other works may be, whatever the office he may hold, the one who does not keep his entirety of being in cosmic order becomes and obstacle, and the very friction to which he is exposed will cause his disintegration.”

“All individual or collective personality that ceases to be in full rapport, according to his nature and his capacities, with universal Pathotism, Spirituality, Intelligence and Vitality, casts within himself the germ of imbalance.”

— “Looking towards the center”, says IE, “I notice a luminous silvery streak, as if someone had descended with extreme rapidity leaving behind the trail of his aura light with prismatic reflections here and there.”

— “Since this incandescent matter is visible to us”, said the Former, “it is formable.”

And with his Formation, he formed this materiality which, being pathotised, had been attracted towards the aura of the First Emanated when he had been expelled with a third of the Free Intelligences.

When he had formed all of that which was formable, he noticed that the formations were in the similitude of the First Emanated; he awoke them and blessed them saying:

“Yours is the State of Intelligence in permanent form; your duty is the conservation and evolution of all intelligence localized in the collective of the most intellectual formations. In the states and degrees of being, everywhere where every other thing is subject to transformation, let all intelligence which possesses the power to penetrate the intelligence of its fellows beings be immortal in its entirety! Let them rest in your auras; invigorate them until they can be re-enveloped by that which is ethered and material, until they are themselves immortal.”

“You are like the First Emanated; receive like him the property of invisibility such that no person may see you nor see what is in the light of your aura.”

He thus veiled them with invisibility and they positioned themselves on both sides of the road of the East which he had followed with his Formation to extend himself.

These beings are numbered at two times thirty-six thousand. Three times twelve and four times nine; the three times twelve dispersed themselves all over the state where the had been formed and the four times nine guarded the road by which the expelled beings had passed, such that, in accordance with the will of their Former, four times nine in individual form, in the similitude of the first Formed, stayed permanently in the place of their formation.

Here is found the state of Intelligence localized in individual form, or state of Light.


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