Volume I – Chapter X

Chapter X



After Kahi had risen above the Vasha and taken his place as sovereign of the Material State, the state into which Brah-Elohim had last enveloped him, he became quaternary, meaning that he was in the states of mentality, of soul, of nervous body and of the physical body, inseparable, with his elastic envelopment, resistant, light and luminous, that protected him.

At that epoch, what is presently divided into sun, planets and satellites was a single sphere, self-luminous and, though there was like a respiration that caused radiance and shadow to alternate, there was no night. The forces that were in the sphere were in rapport with the universal forces, such that the localised vital force was in rapport with the unbound vital force, the localised intellectual force with the unbound intellectual force, the localised spiritual force with the unbound spiritual force and the localised pathotic force with the unbound pathotic force.

In the same manner, Kahi and his Formations in his own similitude were in rapport, through their vital, intellectual, spiritual and pathotic forces, with the non localised and universal vitality, intelligence, spirituality and pathotism.

Just as there was no night, so also was there no intellectual obscurity for the inhabitants of this sphere. They were like temples where the light of their Divine Origin shone without ever diminishing. It was shining gloriously and lighting them. Their aura would extend itself beyond the protective body, exterior, self-luminous; it would extend itself, according to variations in their thoughts and in their wills, into the brightness of the pathothism, the silver of the spirituality, the radiant sapphire of the intelligence, the gold of the essence, the dark blue of the mentality, the pink topaz light of the soul, the rich carmine of the state of the nervous body; it enveloped Kahi and all the formations in his similitude. The aura of the sphere was like the exterior sphere that Ad-Ad had seen around the one where IE rested and where the aura of the protective body, similar to a rainbow, was located.

For ever and ever was Kahi able to form, in growing numbers, beings in his own similitude because he was continuously developing the materiality of his domain by infusing his forces, either alone, or by means of his most perfect Formations. This work, along with the transformation of all the beings who were not in the similitude of Kahi, promoted the intellectualisation and the vitalisation of the materiality.

Thus passed eons of time and a moment came when all of the beings were in the similitude of Kahi, not prone to transition.

So then Kahi conferred with his Formations:

“Now that all the materiality is vitalised and used up in the Formations, in accordance to our own similitude,” he said, “our true work begins. As COMMUNAL MAN, in rapport with those who are in the states of Soul, Mentality, Essence, Intellectuality, Spirituality and that more rarefied one, Free Intelligence, it is up to us to fight against that which is hostile to the perfection of the chain of being. Although the pathotism, the spirituality, the intellectuality and the vitality infused by Brah is still inside and around us, precisely because of our affinity with the great Holocaust and the pathotism that unites us to him, our desire is that his will, meaning the perfection of the being, be accomplished as soon as possible.”

And they responded as one:

— “May the will of Brah be accomplished in the material states as it is in the ethered states.”

— “You know,” continued Kahi, “how Elohim formed: 1- the State of Free Intelligence; 2- the State of Spirit; 3- the State of Light or of Localised Intelligences; 4- the State of Essence; 5- the State of Mentality; 6- the State of Soul; you also know that, upon finding the Nervous State depleted by hostile Formations, he rested there and, in the company of IE, who is in me and with me as Brah was in Elohim and with Elohim, he passed above the hostile beings; there, clothing us with the material density of the mental, psychic and nervous degrees of the Physical State, he formed, by our intermediary, all of that which was formable, so as to prevent that any formable matter be used by the hostile Beings.”

“You also know that, having formed us in his similitude, Elohim rose up again in personal form and entered into the Attributal Region; there he rested in those states of being which, presently, can not be in full rapport with the degree of materiality with which we are covered. Nonetheless, of all the states that are in rapport with this materiality, the main resting place of Brah is within Man; this is how we are one with our God; we will evolve and we will fortify ourselves, as one, so that we can be in rapport with the ones who are in the State of Soul, together surround the hostile Beings, prevail against them and vanquish them.”

— “Rumours are going around,” said one of them, “that we could well encounter opponents, not only amongst the hostile Beings, but also amongst the Free Intelligences who did not hold on to their primary state but exteriorised themselves to the nervous state. They fight against one another as if they did not have the same origin.”

— “Who spoke to you of this?” asked Kahi.

— “No one has spoken of it to us by voice, but the knowledge of it came to us in sleep, as if by suggestion.”

An extreme sadness took hold of Kahi and he retired in silence. One of his fellow beings, who loved him especially, followed him and, when they were alone, he told him:

— “Why did the words of Rajel sadden you?”

— “The work of transformation and formation is barely over,” answered Kahi, and here is the Enemy, in our midst.”

— “Listen, Kahi; during my sleep, not long ago, an unknown voice called to me saying: listen, listen; and I answered: here I am!”

— “I am the Origin of your origin,” said the voice; “it is therefore to me that you owe obedience and to no other; you must necessarily adore me.”

“And so I was scared; I hid my face in my hands to avoid seeing the one who had called me by my name and who was enjoining me to adore him. I remained silent.”

— “You have done well,” answered Kahi; “I wish that everyone was as prudent as you. Leave me now; I will rest to know what I must do.”

He exited and Kahi remained, head in his hands, in solitude and silence, conversing with himself, meaning with the Divine light within himself; he was troubled.

— “Tell us where the First Emanated is, the one who was ejected by the Free Intelligences.”

— “I do not know,” answered Kahi.

— “No one knows where he is. However, since he has been ejected into the greatest of densities and that no one has seen him again, he must inevitably be in a degree of materiality denser than ours, unless he has dispersed himself into the materiality of the Azert.”

— “Who told you that the first Emanated had has been ejected?”

— “This came to me in my sleep, however, without having perceived any pronounced word.”

The sadness of Kahi increased.

When he was alone, one of his Formations, with whom he had great affinity, approached him and asked:

— “Is there evil in our midst and would the cause of it be the imbalance of our being; or could that which is hostile have been sentiented by us?”

— “It is not necessarily so. Good and evil are relative; there is no absolute good nor evil. The thought or act which are good in an epoch are not in another. Similarly, a thing can be useful in one place and useless or harmful in another.”

“It is the right of the most evolved beings to collectively classify as good what contributes more to universal happiness, progress and well-being; to classify, on the contrary, as harmful that which prevents or stops happiness, progress and well-being; but if the most pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised collective individualities of an epoch could remain stationary as others were progressing, they would be, for their fellow beings, what the inferior formations have been for us before they were evolved.”

“The use of all the forces, of all the faculties and capacities can be good in certain circumstances, whereas in others, it can only be an abuse or a waste. The only permanent law is the one which prohibits the violation of charity, of which justice is the essential part.”

— “What is best, therefore,” retorted the other, “is that which meshes individual happiness, progress and well-being with the well-being of the group, and the well being of the group with cosmic happiness, progress and well-being.”

“As the well being of an organ, a limb or a state of being is necessary to that of the whole body, so also is the individual well-being necessary to collective well-being and the collective well-being to cosmic perfection.”

“The hostile Being, his Emanations and his Formations are opposed to this Unity that is Order; they must therefore necessarily be transformed, since this Unity is essential to individual, collective and cosmic happiness, progress and well-being. Nonetheless, disorder and personal or collective suffering, of which he is the cause, understood in all of their seriousness, serve as goads to the conceptive and effective qualities. One can not doubt that disorder exists and that it is the effect of imbalance; however it is not in the nature of those who are clothed as we are to conceptually seek a remedy to this disorder as long as it does not affect us personally or collectively. We only know how to efficiently use conceptions that are already evolved, as, usually, the motive of everything that exists is the conservation of the being in its integrity with an eye to progress, happiness and well-being, meaning evolution by transformation or the perfecting of the form. This evolution by transformation is fought by the hostile Being.”

— “The hostile Being must then be regarded as the origin of evil.”

— “Rather like the imbalance.”

— “And his origin?”

— “His origin is unknown. This Being has evolved from that which, for us, is the unknown to the pathotic States, from the pathotic States to the ethered States, from the ethered States to the Attributal Region, from the latter to the Material States of the Nervous Degree where he has established his Kingdom; and everywhere he has been, as he remains still, the focus of imbalance.”

“When the First Emanated, in the form which is our own, centralised all the way to the most rarefied Pathotic States, he was put in rapport with a powerful being. He left the Pathotic State which veils the Nucleolus to go meet him, and tradition has it that this veil was closed behind him. Looking for Formations in our similitude, he went from state to state of etherisms and always, the veils closed up behind him.”

“At a certain epoch, the first Emanated prepared for himself a body of matter which was insufficiently perfected; then noticing that this imperfect envelopment was producing confusion, he abandoned it at once with the intention to disintegrate it and to remix it with the matter with which it had been formed, but he extended himself into the density before having been able to accomplish his project. The Hostile Being seized the body which the First Emanated had left behind. This Hostile Being descended and, clothing himself with the various densities of the mixed matter, arrived to the Nervous State where he established his kingdom. Consequently, this kingdom touches the confines of the most rarefied degree of our state, meaning the Mental Degree of the Physical State.”

“Tradition also has it that this powerful Hostile Being has prepared the region under his domination by the emanation of his own forces which are in every degree of his being, degrees of an unknown number; he emanated them into the evolved matter that was capable of responding to it in order that beings of all corresponding densities may find therein their sustentation. Brah-Elohim, crossing the domain of the hostiles, entered into the densest materiality and brought there his Second Formation by means of which he had formed the more rarefied states of the materialities.”

“Afterwards, he enveloped with the densities of the materiality of air, fire and water this Second Formation, IE, and finally, he covered him with the density of the Azert. I then heard a voice calling me with profound tenderness: Kahi! Kahi! And I woke up to consciousness and then fell asleep in the sleep of assimilation.”

“You know the work of evolution and of formation of matter, you who evolve and form; you know beings to whose formation you have contributed. The preservation of the self in its integrity and its unity, happiness, progress and well-being, are usually the driving force of all activity, the center around which everything moves.”

— “Since the conservation of all formal and individual being depends upon his exterior development, I am sentient the value of the Material State which envelops and protects all of the other states; I understand that perfection is the unity of the Divine and Human; I notice also that integral cosmic unity or, in other terms, progress, happiness and the well-being of the Cosmos, are incompatible with the existence of imbalance. Consequently, all that causes imbalance must necessarily cease.”

— “Since activity seems to have been kindled by imbalance,” said the First Formation of Kahi, “and since imbalance is the result of activity, which one is the effect, which one is the cause and which one has priority?”

— “Usually,” answered Kahi, “activity is one with passivity, and in this unity lies order. Tradition has it that impersonal activity, evolving in action before impersonal passivity, extended itself with passivity, and, seeing that there was imbalance, tried to remove passivity from the expansion; but passivity could be removed thus because impersonal activity had touched the passivity of the eternal matter and the latter had touched the activity of the eternal matter. Besides, activity must, by necessity, have preceded imbalance since, as it is one with passivity, it has no beginning and will have no end, whereas imbalance will cease, otherwise the eternal and immutable conception of the CAUSE WITHOUT CAUSE could not be realised.”

— As for that which concerns the material states with which we form, so to speak, the exterior envelopment,” said the First Formation of Kahi, “the matter of this density had previously been pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised, such that it was suitable for receptivity when the Great Former classified, infused and formed the states in their various degrees of density and rarefaction.”

— “Tradition has it,” answered Kahi, “that this Formation was the seventh reformation of matter; it was therefore not the first time that matter was in rapport with the attributes emanated from the Cosmic Cause; it is proven by this capacity of response thanks to which matter classified itself once again as soon as the forces appropriate for it, by virtue of having been infused into it before, were put in rapport with the greater forces with which they had affinity.”

“Besides, from what has been passed along, nothing indicates that it was the first time that the material states were classified and evolved for formation.”

“At that epoch, Elohim, who proceeds from Brah, made the heavens and the earth. He formed the mixed matter, first the most rarefied matter and then the densest matter, into seven states which are:

The Free Intelligence;
The Spirit;
The Light or Intelligence in Form;
The Essence;
The Mentality;
The Soul;
The Physical State.”

“A few of the Free Intelligences did not keep their primary state, but left their dwelling and extended themselves from density to density, ejecting first the First Emanated and those of their fellow beings with whom they were in disagreement on the subject of the Formation. This conflict had for a cause the influence of the Hostile Being who, at the approach of the first Emanation, came out of the pathotic veils.”

“This being, assuming individual form, passed from density to density, preceding the Free Intelligences who were extending themselves into the densities. As for those who were ejected at two different epochs: the First Banned, whose leader is known to us under the name of Ad-Ad, remained veiled in invisibility, in the state of Light or Intelligence in Form, then in the state of Essence; the Second Banned, whose leader was Orme, were ejected into a greater density. Covering themselves as best they could in their descent, Arg-Alif and his fellow beings stopped in this degree which is currently known to us as the most rarefied degree of the Nervous State, state into which we can not pass at will and normally because the Hostile Being, who came from beyond the Pathotic States, had taken possession of it before the coming of Elohim and before the arrival of the Banned.”

Thus was it told that seven states were formed in seven epochs.

However, the Great Former rested until the Free Intelligences, who were extending themselves, entered into the state where those whom they had ejected last were found.

Sentienting the strength and force of the hostile Being and his Emanations and Formations who had preceded them, Arg-Alif and Orme made an alliance and the seven states, being at rest, were evolved and populated by those who had for mission to evolve and to form when the ones who had passed there bothered them no more.

Elohim, in his rest, rejoiced at the work of the seven epochs and at the order of the seven states in which there was nothing that prevented the perfecting and he blessed them.

Afterwards, he made the Free Intelligences who were with Arg-Alif and Orme rest; but the latter kept watch as Lights among them. Then Elohim conferred, from Intelligence to Intelligence, with Arg-Alif.

“It is your duty to watch over the materiality that is proper for Formations,” he told him; it is your duty to evolve that which you have already formed and to govern your Formations, as you are the greatest Light and the greatest Intelligence.”

“It is your duty,” he said to Orme, “to watch over the non evolved matter in order to render it suitable for the Formation.”

And so, the matter which was proper for the formation was radiant and the one which was improper was dark. Arg-Alif and Orme conversed together:

“The names of ancient times,” said they, “seem to indicate division; we could likely say: I am Orme or I am Arg-Alif. Let us therefore be known only as the governor of the radiant and the governor of the dark; meaning, let us hide our personality, for the common good.”

When their labors, which transformed the dark into radiance, were finished, Brah-Elohim took IE into the radiance and the umbrage, across the Hostile State, meaning across the State of Nervous Body of the second, third and fourth densities.

The Hostile Being and his fellow beings had hastened to use up, for all kinds of formations, as much as possible of the materiality capable of responding to their forces. They had acted thus for fear that Elohim would form beings who would oppose their progress into the expansion and that those who dwelled in the most rarefied states would approach them and vanquish them.

It is through this expansion that Brah-Elohim passed, in all of his power, carrying with, in his aura of protection, IE in a rest of trance. Beyond the inferior expansion, Elohim clothed IE who, after having rested in the sleep of assimilation, said to him:

“The materiality has no form within and it must be obscure.”

So Brah-Elohim incubated the depths of the immensity, willing that the forces, which he knew were inherent to all matter, would respond to the forces he was infusing it with. As in the seven most rarefied states, there was at first obscurity and then radiance; but the light was very weak in comparison to the other material states and there was a lot of matter where it was barely perceptible.

Brah-Elohim was finding here very little materiality capable of being pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised enough to be suitable for Formations in his similitude; he clothed IE with it, first in the degree of density of air, then that of fire, then that of water and finally in the terrestrial one or the state of the body. There was obscurity seven times and dawn seven times before the seven states were formed. Afterwards Elohim rested: In his rest he returned towards the center, to the retreat of his immediate origin, and he remains in the attributal region as Brah-Elohim.

The first Formation of Kahi said:

“Thus has the Great Former fashioned all kinds of Formations, from the most inferior matter to the most evolved, so that there never is any non formed matter; now then, after eons and eons, all the materiality of the terrestrial density is fashioned in our own similitude, is the epoch of evolution and perfecting, the epoch of rest close?”

— “No,” answered the Second Formation; “tradition has it that, in the most material state where are found those in our similitude, there will be a final conflict and a final victory.”

— “Let each one of us,” said Kahi, “follow the guidance of the divine light and no other; we are its temple; it is we who manifest it; let none of us, under whatever pretext, listen to an exterior voice or follow any suggestion. If someone tells you: I am Elohim, or I am Brah-Elohim, or I am sent by the Cosmic Cause, or I am Ad-Ad, or whomever it may be, pay no attention to it; abstain from any communication with those who talk to you thus; though they might take on the appearance of pure, sincere beings, of sages and of saints, though their affirmations might seem practical and useful; they are none other than Hostiles!”

“The kingdom of our Former is within ourselves. Refrain especially from paying homage to any personality, as each one of us is the personality in which the Supreme Holocaust must be loved and adored; any non human personality, whatever its form, who asks for your adoration is the enemy of the Supreme Holocaust of whom each of us is the living temple.”


At that epoch, a voice from the Unseen often made itself heard to Kahi:

“Where is the First Emanated?” it said. “Where is the one who first touched the mixed matter; where is the one who, after having followed the spiral several times and having attracted the rarefied and radiant matter, re-entered into the Ethered Veils, the one who desired to enter into the Veils of the Nucleolus behind which is hidden that which for you is the UNTHINKABLE, the one who would have even entered there were he not ejected? Where is the one who the Intelligences, on the advice of Arg-Alif, threw out into the obscure exterior densities?”

Kahi was not answering but he often asked himself: “Where is the First Emanated? Where is the one who is the First Emanation of the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause?”

Some time later, the Hostile Being, who had seized the form abandoned by the First Emanated, assembled his chief Emanations and Formations and stood amidst them. The form he had taken was fitted to the state in which he had established his domination. Its envelopes were semi-transparent; through the carmine and the pink of triple shades, one could see the blue of mentality, tinted with purple, and through this blue, the gold of the Essence and the sapphire of the Light or Intelligence were visible, but had a weak radiance; this blend of colours was like a mutating white.

At his entrance, all bowed before him, as he had not formed any being which could be compared to him in intelligence and in strength though there were many in his similitude.

When he stopped, all the helpers surrounded him like a center, each according to his rank. It became silent. He spoke:

— “You know that I am the First Emanted; you also know that the enemies have taken the Second Emanated and placed him above me; you know that he has besieged me from all sides such that, of the immensity of the whole material formation, I only possess a portion and this still part remains in the mentality of the enemy who wants to wrest it from me.”

“And so, we are excluded from all that extends towards the center, from these triple degrees of the state of the nervous body, which constitute our narrow and insufficient domain, to the septanary Etherisms. Our only hope, therefore, is in expansion; we must spread out into the immensity of the material empire of the densest state. But there is in this expansion a sphere against which I direct, in focus, all of my thoughts; it is the one where Kahi rests, he who is the Second Formation of Elohim, as Elohim is the Second Emanation of the attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause. The epoch has come where we must extend our empire by expansion or lose the one we have. I have therefore decided to do everything in my power to wrest from the usurper his empire; if any one of you has anything to say, let him speak.”

But all remained silent. He continued:

“Let each one follow their own inclination or impulse, as long as no one deteriorates that which is useful to me, as your strength is aroused by passion.”

They exited and the weak and timid hid out of prudence or fear.

When Devo was alone, he sentiented the presence of someone and a voice called him by name: “Devo! Devo!”

He saw like a purple cloud and in the middle of this cloud was the form of a man whose aura was of a changing tint; a veil of a changing tint also covered his face.

— “Who are you?” asked Devo; “where do you come from and why do you come?”

— “What does it matter to you? The white radiance that surrounds you betrays your origin; the beings of your formation betray your abilities. How faded is the light formerly so radiant! How agitated is the light that have been like rest itself, as if a strong breeze was going to extinguish it! How you have fallen, You, the first and most rarefied of the pathotic Emanations in individual form; You, with whom came the imbalance!”

— “Is it to mock me,” answered Devo bitterly, “that you came here?”

— “No; but to warn you that you will, once again, incur even greater losses.”

“Abandon everything that is against nature, this silly ambition, this fierce anger; renounce your lying and rest, as it is in rest alone that the light within you will be able to provide you with that of which you lack.”

— “Who can return to me the power to rest?”

— “The power will belong to you; it is to give you this power that I have come.”

There was a moment of silence that was finally interrupted a burst of laughter from Devo.

— “No, no,” he said; “I will watch over and guard that which remains mine. Who knows if those who exhort me to rest will not take from me this very domain. Between you and I, there can be no affinity. Besides, you are here as an accuser; you accuse me of the worst of all evils: formation against nature; of the crime of the cowardly: imposture. Justify your accusations.”

— “At the epoch of your Emanation, passivity was not sufficiently evolved to balance activity; you lack the necessary duality for formation. However, you have formed here abundantly using up all of the matter not susceptible of being used for any individuality.”

“By what means did you accomplish this action?

— “Since you know so much, answer your own questions. Besides, is it my fault if I lack that which flaws the most inferior of the Formations?”

— “You have taken over the body formed by the One who is pre-eminent in passivity and you have used this passivity imprudently; wisdom is inseparable from charity and you violate it!”

— “How so?”

— “You have formed being whose needs you can not satisfy, and even less their aspirations; you have illegitimately seized the exterior form that surrounds you; illegitimately, you have used this form.”

“Exteriorise yourself then, and rest; all will be well for you then, and everything that is needed for the well-being of your Emanations and Formations will be given to them.”

— “What is the reasoning for your advice? If I exteriorise myself in this material state, where will my protective envelope be?”

— “The cloud of shadow that that surrounds me comes from that which is greater than me; this shadow is for you; you can enter into it and rest within it. Remember! Are you not always told: “Rest in sleep and you will certainly find that which you lack.” But you have not wanted it!”

After a long silence, Devo answered:

— “There have been moments when I thought of accepting this rest; but these moments have become fewer and fewer and now, not only have I no desire to rest, but I feel antipathy at the mere thought of inactivity and dependence.”

The face of his interlocutor became sad and he approached Devo.

— “Do not approach me,” exclaimed the latter, “and do not pass behind me either: I am free and I want to remain free.”

— “Do not speak with so little wisdom; these words are beneath the one who knows that any exterior influence can only be sentiented by that which is in affinity with it on the inside; if you have no affinity with rest, even the whole Cosmos could not give you rest.”

— “It is true! Why then do you approach me?”

The interlocutor moved back a little.

— “Since you do not want to rest,” he said, “let us reason together.”

— “I am willing to do so; only, we will reason as equals in intelligence and not as if you were the master and I the disciple. I would not tolerate that from anyone. Since you are my guest, though uninvited, you can be first to speak. But first, by what name shall I know you?”

— “By that of Izlem, as I am in the similitude of man.”

The following discussion began:

— “No one,” said Izlem, “has the right to take on the responsibility of giving existence, if he can not purvey to the happiness, progress and well-being of those of whom he is the creator.”

“No one has the right to take the highest place, if he can not fulfill its conditions. Consequently, the creator of all existence must, by justice which is the essential part of charity, sentient if his own being is in order before forming other beings in his similitude.”

“He alone is by right the leader, who, by his abilities and his evolution, finds himself in full rapport with the inexhaustible pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces; it is only thus that his inherent forces can be universal in his empire, meaning that they can extend to all, from the lesser to the greatest.”

Devo replied:

— “The conservation of self is the first law and charity starts with the self. Without the legitimate satisfaction of being, there is no progress, even in desire or conception; without progress there is no evolution; it ensues that everyone has the right to search for the means to evolve as best he can and he who can not obtain what is required for himself, at will, obtains it however he can. I myself, being formed to be a former, can obtain my own satisfaction by forming. Being formed for power and sovereignty, I find satisfaction of the self in this power and this sovereignty. When it comes to the preservation of oneself, there are no illegitimate means, except for the one that takes the life of others. An yet, not only have I not taken the life of any being, but I have even given individual existence to new beings; furthermore, the divine light is in me and this light is to me evidence that that I reign by hereditary right. I also reign by Force which, often, is stronger than the Law. If someone can wrest from me my empire, let him do it.”

— “It matters little,” replied Izlem, “from where the leader of an empire comes; the important thing is that he is… No one has the right to ask him from where he comes, but everyone has the right to ask him if he is in a state to be the head and the heart of his people. It is true that the perfecting of oneself is the prime mover of all perfecting; but the collective happiness, progress and well-being come before those of the individual, just as the Cosmic comes before the Collective. And yet, you prevent this unity in which is found cosmic perfection. Six times you have caused the ruin of the Formations in the material density proper to individual formations, as in the Etherisms; you know better than any other what troubles you have caused in the greatest rarefactions. Even if your personality was everything to all people, as it is for yourself, would you still not be the instrument of your own ruin in this seventh epoch, since it will end with the conditions proper to cosmic perfecting?”

“Consider that, up until now, you could come and go across almost all of the rarefactions, across all of the degrees of density of the etherism and of the materiality and that now, except in rest which is more and more scarce, you can no longer return, even voluntarily, to the State of Soul.”

“Supposing that you achieve your actual conception by fighting against man for the empire of the Azert and by maintaining your empire in the more rarefied state where you are now – a state which, in order, is a physical state – what use will it be to you?”

“You know yourself that, despite the suffering and the loss that you have caused Kahi and his Formations, you can not prevent for long the realisation of the Cosmic Unity, however great your power and your influence might be over beings of your Formation or upon the others. Where then will you find your place in this unity? Reason it out yourself, while you still have the power to do so. Already you have lost the power over everything, except over these denser degrees of the materiality. Already, also, in the State of Nervous Body, the Free Intelligences who, at your instigation, descended, rest in what is like the shadow of Brah-Elohim, ready to awaken and rise when IE appears in their midst; you will never recover that which you have lost, except in order.”

Devo replied:

— “IE is incarnated into Kahi; without exteriorisation, he in no way can pass into the most rarefied state of my empire where the Banned and those who ejected them rest; and yet, all exteriorised being must, by necessity, enter into my empire and its degree of density, and will no longer be able to leave it.”

— “It is not so,” said Izlem. “Not only did Elohim exteriorise himself but he recentralised after having formed all that was formable in the material density and, as he carried IE in his aura of radiance and shadow during his exteriorisation, so also did he carry him into the centralisation. Kahi is self-perfect as IE is self-perfect, and in their union, they constitute man divine and human.”

“When IE takes his place as Divine Man in the most rarefied degree of the Nervous State, Kahi, rapidly fortifying and evolving his mentality, will take his place in the State of Mentality, the most radiant and the most rarefied degree of the Physical State, and by the very power of affinity, a bridge will be established by which the abyss will be crossed.”

— “If it is so,” observed Devo, “why do you tell it to me, who am the eternal enemy of Brah-Elohim and of his Formations, to me who can find a way to prevent this crossing?”

— “No enemy of the Cosmic Cause and its Formations can in truth say: I am an eternal enemy. Only that which takes its place in order in the cosmic integrity is immortal.”

— “If I want to risk everything,” continued Devo, “in order to win everything or to lose everything, what does it matter to you or to others? I am for myself the Cosmos and I will see the end of that which I have begun. It is true that, even for my fellow beings, I am a living lie since that which I do is false if we consider truth; but everything is relative and, if I succeed, a time may come when the lie would be so great and so common that those who would adored me could say in all sincerity: “We adore the God of truth”. Then, in their eyes, I will be Brah-Elohim, as, for the individual being, habit can replace knowledge as faith can usurp the place of reason.”

— “What comes out of your mouth,” answered Izlem, “is below your Intelligence. Listen: for the Eternal there is neither past nor future; all is present; what once was is; come then and rest; take your place as the first and the greatest of the Restored; come fight, yourself, for the accomplishment of the Restitution.”

Devo laughed bitterly.

“Let them serve that want to serve!,” he exclaimed. “As long as I exist, I will reign.”

So then a cloud of shadow veiled Izlem and withdrew slowly.

“The spell has been cast,” said Devo; “as always, it is I who decided.”

He rose and went to the densest limit of his empire, close to the mental degree of the Physical State, and there he remained, silent, immobile.


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