Volume I – Chapter XXV

Chapter XXV



After three months during which Nimred and I fought against evil, I observed in him a certain lassitude and a prostration that worried me. I felt my forces diminish, and I knew that the decrease of my own forces would lead to the decrease of the forces of resistance of my chief. I told him simply and frankly. He replied to me:

“Although your experience has led you to appreciate the value of the Degree presently exterior of the Physical State, your Psycho-Nervous, Psychic, Psycho-Mental and Mental Degrees are strong in proportion to their rarefaction. If the struggle must be continued in one of these States or in all of them, there is no reason to get discouraged, given that, in each Degree, it will become more difficult to exhaust your force. As for me, I will do everything that reason counsels me to do.”

My desire was to combat in the exterior Physical State; I therefore sought out four and twelve men of good will and great Vital force who were attached to Nimred.

When I had brought them together, I told them:

“Emit, during the night, some of your Vital force so that I may attract it and unite it to mine. Thus will we be able to fortify the one we honour and love.”

They all consented.

The twelve emitted their Vital force; the four attracted it to themselves and from each of these four I attracted this force; the seers on watch saw it as twelve rays divided in four parts; each part contained three rays that concentrated themselves on one of the four and, from these four, gatherer onto me. Uniting the whole to what remained of my force, I projected it upon Nimred as much by means of direct passes along with passes made over the already Vitalised water. We were thus able to give the chief force sufficient to sustain the combat in the Physical-Nervous Degree during more than three months.

At the end of that time, I notice in myself symptoms that warned me that if I continued this emission of Vital force, not only my Physico-Nervous system, but also those of the more rarefied Degrees would be affected, such that I would be incapable of fulfilling the duties of my office. As always, I informed Nimred who answered me:

“I have been conscious for a long time that I have had from my own force only enough to correspond to that with which you were infusing me. You have done for me all that was possible; I will forever be grateful to you for this. It is now necessary for us to combat Devo in the Nervous Degree of being.”

I thanked and congratulated the Four and the Twelve who had seconded me so well and they went back exhausted.

When night approached, the Vital force of Nimred had visibly diminished and a little before midnight we was lying on his cot, pale and immobile like a statue; but from this I conceived no worry. I anointed with a rare, spicy and aromatic oil, the exterior envelope, entirely, from the brain, the spinal cord, the sympathetic ganglions, and with another less rare aromatic oil, the whole body. I plugged all of the orifices with a light and odoriferous substance, such that air could penetrate nowhere; then I enveloped the body in a white garment, warm, light and porous. I elevated the temperature to twenty degrees, which is inferior to the temperature of the body, and I designated four people of good will to serve me. I then injected, in the vein of the left arm, a liquid with the property of suspending all physiological functions in the limits compatible with the preservation of the body. Three days later, I noticed an oval form of seven feet by three that stood immobile near the head of Nimred. This form had the appearance of a carmine fog, self-luminous, that became blurry little by little in the ambient atmosphere, such that it had no sharp line of demarcation.

There was within a light and a continuous pulsation. The form of Nimred gradually drew itself inside the oval.

Thus did I know that the Nervous Degree of his Physical State was exteriorised. He was, however, not separated from the Physical body with which, to the contrary, he was in connection by means of extremely fine lines, of a crimson tint, and so numerous that they seemed to exude from the form all of the pores of the epidermis; however, I am not absolutely sure about this since I was in a state of activity too great to see and elaborate with clarity.

My first care was to reinforce those lines of connection and to surround them with the aura of power. I then called to my aid Shoofoo who had studied with me and possessed solid knowledge in this matter.

“Be watchful”, I told him; “guard the lines of connection and, if necessary, reinforce the aura of protection.”

After he had done this, he said to me:

“I have not doubt that this exteriorised Nervous body is of the same nature and submitted to the same conditions as the Nervous Degree of those who leave the body after the cessation of respiration and blood circulation. I have no doubt either that the concentrated thought, during eight days, upon the newly separated State has had an efficacious action; it has produced a softening of the separation of the Nervous Degree and the Physico-Nervous Degree, and also acts as a protective aura.”

Then, after a moment of silence, he added:

“Please call Benederdin so that he may see all that is happening.”

Benerderdin was the leading seer who did not awake during the whole time he was resting under the protection of Mahallal. Externally he was like all the others but the senses of his Nervous, Psychic and Mental Degrees were very developed. He was extremely reserved and not very talkative, such that it was difficult to know what he was sentienting, by his loyalty and his affection for Nimred were ironclad; he responded thus heartily to our call.

As soon as he entered he cried out:

— “Surround the body of Nimred with all of your power, as he is assailed by the Emanations of Devo who seek to penetrate into that which is exteriorised.”

We immediately did what was prescribed to us. And he continued:

— “These beings are like insects around a lit lamp; when they touch the aura of power, they retire momentarily and then return. However, I notice that when they approach, the aura of power weakens.”

— “Do you know which of the magi have the greatest auras of protective power?” asked Shoofoo.

— “Choudah and Salech are the greatest,” he replied.

We had them summoned. They alternately surrounded the body with their power so as to tire themselves as little as possible.

“I have asked you to come to my aid,” I said to Shoofoo, “because my intention is to try to communicate with Sheth who finds himself wholly in the Nervous Degree, since the curator of this Degree is preventing the separation of all of the more rarefied Degrees and States. I act thus so that, if the Hostile was to prevail against me and cut the lines of connection, Sheth can welcome and protect Nimred.”

At that very instant, Benederdin cried out: “En garde! En garde!” Choudah and Salech immediately surrounded with their power the white form of Nimred.

— “The beings who flutter around Nimred have retreated a short distance,” said the Seer; they form what is like an avenue by which a being which resembles our chief arrives .”

— “It is a great hostile Emanation who is in the Nervous Psychic Degree and who has taken on a form similar to that of Nimred,” observed Shoofoo; “his exterior form is visible to them since, unfortunately, none of us possesses the faculty to make invisible that which we desire to be so.”

— “One of you should rest as before,” I said to the two Mages, “since the being that Benederdin has described is in the Nervo-Psychic Degree; his plan is to possess the Nervous Degree and not the Physico-Nervous Degree of Nimred. It is likely that if he takes possession of this Degree, it is to try to surprise us by exciting our astonishment and interest, to cut the lines that link the Nervous Degree to the Physico-Nervous Degree and to take over the Nervous Degree of Nimred, Degree which is the natural envelopment of the Nervo-Psychic through which he comes here.”

I communicated with the Nervous Degree of Nimred and talked to him thus:

— “One of the chief Formations of Devo came into the Psycho-Nervous Degree, and has taken on your form with the intention, we believe, to sever your connection to the Physical State, to take advantage of the trouble that the separation will cause you, to expel your Nervo-Psychic Degree, and to substitute in its place his own. We are capable of protecting you since here we are can protect the Physical and Nervo-Physical States. I will put you in communication with Sheth, who is in the Nervous Degree, so that you do not abruptly suffer Physical loss and so that you feel no shock. Would you be willing to let, in appearance, the Formation of Devo accomplish its plan so that we may thus acquire the certain knowledge of the conditions where those who undergo the transition find themselves?”

— “You express my own desire”, was answered us.

An so I sent for Othoris, so that he may help Shoofoo, then Beleno and Meditoum, so that they may help Chondah and Salech.

— “Do you desire someone of your choosing to assist you in case of fatigue?” I asked Benederdin.

— “Those who work towards a useful goal do not tire,” he answered me. “What tires, is the perpetual agitation, inefficient and without goal, of the Degrees of being, from the Physico-Nervous to the Mental. I rest alone and when I can no longer fulfil my office I cede my place to another.”

The Formation approaching, Benederdin said us:

— “This Being is veiled with invisibility; I notice that violet lines of power follow him and surround him; this power and this invisibility come from Devo.”

— “In the state of activity and of anxiety in which I am,” I answered, “I can not see that which could be visible to me in rest; tell us therefore exactly what is happening.”

After a moment of silence, Benederdin cried out:

— “Where then is the man who knows himself? I thought I could accomplish my task alone and here at the very beginning I require help!”

— “How so?” I asked.

— “I can not penetrate the invisibility with which this Formation is enveloped; before I can anything, someone must give me this power of penetration.”

— “As far as we know,” I continued, “there is only one who is capable of this, and it is Tihpheres.”

— “Tihpheres is still in rapport with the Passive. Ask Nechohaba to intercede on our behalf.”

— “No,” I answered; “never will I commit to put a Passive, who is one with an Active, in rapport with another Active Being, and especially a greater Active, for fear of causing some confusion in her Degrees of Being. But we have the young neophyte Jachmim who possesses great faculties. We will, by his intermediary, put ourselves in contact with Tihpheres; the communication will be easy as, for the most part, we are only separated from his domain by the waters.”

This Jachmim was of the race of Ferhan and of the second Formation of Barashino. He was gentle, peaceful, and in good health; he wore a vestment of immaculate whiteness which brought amongst us the habit of saying about such or another: “he is as pure as Jachmim,” or “he is similar to Jachmim.”

The neophyte slept, his left hand in mine and his right hand in that of Benederdin, I was thus put in contact with Tihpheres from whom I received the faculty of penetration which, through Jachmim, I passed on to Benederdin.

The latter then cried out joyfully:

“Now the invisibility no longer exists for me! Please ask Tihpheres to give me this faculty in perpetuity.”

I passed on his request to Tihpheres who answered back through Jachmim:

“What is given is given. It is for Nimred to confer this power to his people forever. As for Benederdin, no one would know how to better use such a faculty than him.”

Benederdin felt a notable satisfaction and I too because I know the value and importance which contentment has for the sensitive, especially for Benederdin who no longer had Mahallal. Shoofoo made Jachmim rest and he returned home calm and peaceful as usual. As he left us, we saw on his vestment what was like a light rainbow reflection.

“It is the aura of the First Emanated”, said Shoofoo.


I then spoke to Nimred.

“You know what immense service the knowledge of what happens could be for man, after the Nervous Degree of the Nervous State has left the Nervo-Physical Degree,” I told him. “Yet, the Nervous Degree of your being is temporarily exteriorised from the Nervo-Physical Degree, not by the will of another, as this happens in ordinary exteriorisations during the trance or in the hypnotic state, but as a result of the exhaustion of your Nervo-Physical Degree, such that the conditions where you find yourself resemble those of a person who has undergone a permanent separation.”

“Everything is prepared here for an experiment which can bring results of great importance; we only await on your desire and your help. If you will it so, suffer that the one who approaches you in the Nervous Psychic Degree exteriorise your own Nervous Psychic Degree to take its place, and let him act as he likes within certain limits. We will thus acquire the knowledge we desire and which has so far eluded us. Many seers describe what happens after the transition but their narrations differ so basically that we have reason to believe that, despite their good faith, they are deceived; this is not surprising for one who knows the skill and wile of Devo, of his Emanations or his Formations.”

The Nervous Degree of Nimred nodded its head as a sign of assent.

— “I notice,” said Shoofoo, “that at the moment when the head of the Nervous Degree nodded, there was an almost imperceptible movement of the Nervo-Physical form. Is there not in this an explanation of the change of expression or posture which we notice in those of whom we believe the States of Being to be separated? If it is so, does such a change not prove that the connection between the Nervous and Nervo-Physical Degrees has not completely ceased and that the preservation of the Nervo-Physical Degree is necessary to the more rarefied Degrees? Does that not prove that the immediate incineration, the rapid burial or the destruction of the body by corrosive liquids are just as much violations of the law of charity? Indeed, for numerous reasons, there can be, in appearance, cessation of physical functions, as a result of abnormal causes; we can thus have all the appearances of permanent separation while the most experienced could not be affirmative on this point.”

— “The Being veiled with invisibility meticulously examines the aura of power that envelops the Nervous Degree of Nimred,” said Benederdin; “other beings form around him three spheroids. Those who surround him are not of equal rank; those of the exterior circle, contrary to custom, are the most powerful.”

— “If it is so,” said Shoofoo, “it might be because of the presence of Sheth who is greater than us.”

— “There are, attached to these beings, lines of power similar to the one that is attached to the Chief that I will call Chatter (malicious),” continued Benederdin. “I think they could be recalled, or even disintegrated, by means of these lines. With these same lines, mixed with their own power, they weave around the spheroids a weft similar to a spider web; when it is completed, Nimred and Chatter will be enclosed within the three spheroids of which these beings form, so to speak, the ganglionic centers from where branch out the lines of power.”

“The spheroids are completed and Chatter is attracting to himself the Nervo-Physical Degree of Nimred without much difficulty. Nonetheless, I notice that Nimred, if he was not guarded, could in no way resist this Chatter who is perhaps not more powerful than him, but who is sustained by the power of Devo against whom, at present, no one on earth has been able to prevail efficiently.”

“Furthermore, Chatter is well protected and temporary separation offers the most favourable conditions, following the envelopment of protective power. Supposing that the one who has undergone the transition of being and the being that comes to possess him are equal in power, the former is at a disadvantage if he is neither watched nor guarded, because he is troubled by the loss of a State, for which he has not been prepared, a loss against nature and often provoked with violence by the Hostile; moreover, his exterior Nervo-Physical State is without protection or insufficiently protected.”

“The Nervo-Physical Degree of Nimred is withdrawn.”

“Here then is something of which I had no conception until this moment: not only is the Nervo-Psychic Degree of Nimred replaced by that of Chatter, but the Psychic Degree of Chatter has approached, as did the Nervo-Psychic and it has taken possession of the exteriorised Nervo-Psychic Degree of Nimred.”

Shoofoo recorded all of these facts.

“Now, the Nervo-Psychic Degree of Chatter possesses the Nervous Degree of Nimred; his Psychic Degree possesses the exteriorised Nervo-Psychic Degree of Nimred; what is happening to the Nervo-Physical Degree which is visible to all, white like marble and without veins?”

— “It is surrounded by Forms resembling the various parts of being of Nimred,” answered the seer; “they is an arm, an ear, an eye, a nose and a mouth; but these forms change.”

— “That is an effect due to the presence of an Emanation (and not of a Formation) of Devo,” said Shoofoo. “This Emanation clothes itself as it can, while waiting for the life to withdraw; as soon as there is no more Nervous blood, the Nervo-Physical blood cools down and coagulates.”

— “Why does this Emanation wait for the withdrawal of the Physical life of the blood?” asked Kanda,

— “Because the most rarefied part of the Physico-Nervous composite Degree is still with it,” replied Shoofoo. “It is possible for one who has enough power and knowledge to use it for his own envelopment; it is therefore possible that, having adopted it, the Emanation in the integrity of his being, meaning from the Degree of rarefaction touching his Emanator, to that of the Physico-Nervous Degree, succeeds in possessing the denser Physical form from which the most rarefied has withdrawn with the Nervous life of the blood.”

— “From time to time,” said Chandah, “the bodies of those who have recently undergone separation disappear mysteriously. Thus could we explain this disappearance.”

— “If it is so, would we not recognise those who have been possessed?” asked Salech.

— “If we consider that man is gradually transformed by his surrounding, his own impressions, his sensations and by circumstances,” answered Shoofoo, “I see no reason that a being as powerful as an Emanation could not immediately transform the Physical Degree he has taken over in such a way that he becomes unrecognisable. Besides, it frequently happens to think one recognises a deceased person in an individual we meet and whom we have never seen.”

— “My desire is to know if the Nervo-Physical Degree of Nimred is sufficiently protected,” I said to Benederdin.

— “So well that, although the Physical functions are in appearance inactive, the blood has lost neither its heat nor its Vitality,” answered the Seer.

I then summoned twelve men in affinity with Nimred and well endowed with force as reinforcement. At the epoch, there was on the earth Nephelim who did not resemble others and who were born seven months after conception, I therefore summoned one of these Nephelim to provide the Nervo-Physical Degree of Nimred all the necessary Vitality before deciding to withdraw the protective power and allowing Chatter to sever the connective rays that united the Nervous Degree to the Nervo-Physical Degree.

The Nephelim operated four by four, in order to avoid fatigue. Then did I let Chatter act freely.

— “You know that it is necessary that the two Degrees of Nimred possessed by Chatter be watched without fail during the day of our experiment,” I said to Benederdin. “You also know that it is impossible for a seer to continuously sentient two Degrees of density at the same time; chose therefore the Degree which you will watch and point out to me someone to watch over the other.”

— “Alas!” sighed the seer. “What was is no longer. I will watch over the denser State; Elrohragel will do what I unfortunately can not do.”

Thus did Benederdin watch over the Nervous Degree of Nimred possessed by the Nervo-Psychic Degree of Chatter and Elrohragel over the Nervo-Psychic Degree of Nimred possessed by the Psychic Degree of Chatter. I chose Albas and Ashreph, who had the rare faculty to note down all that was taking place with exactitude and without mixing in their own imagination, to take notes. Albas transcribed the words of Benederdin and Ashreph those of Elrohragel.

— “Examine Nimred and compare him in your Mentality with the body of those who have undergone permanent separation,” I said to Elrohragel.

After some time the seer replied:

— “For me to clearly relate the difference that exists between the State of Nimred and that of a person who has undergone permanent separation, let me first tell you that I notice that the Nervo-Physical State itself possesses four Degrees or densities. Yet it is the most rarefied of these four Degrees that leaves the body at the withdrawal of life from the blood that nourished it. When the blood cools down and coagulates, the two denser Degrees remain with that of the densest part, meaning of the exterior envelopment or visible body, and that as long as any of its constituents retains form, adapting itself to the remnants of the anterior envelopment. It is only when this envelopment is damaged or divided in such a way to exclude all possibility of maintaining union with it that they leave it.”

— “So,” said Chandah, “the conservation of the individual form depends, there like in other States, on its level of perfection, because the Nervo-Physical State has its Degrees of being: Physical, Nervous, Psychic and Mental and each of these Degrees has four densities. Preservation depends therefore upon Intelligence. If the preservation of all that has human form was observed as a sacred law, as it was in the past, the Nervo-Physical State would be preserved and kept intact in all of its Degrees.”

“It is possible that, in certain circumstances, those who have the power and the knowledge are capable of providing a safe conduit to the most rarefied Degree of the Nervo-Physical State, such that other States and Degrees of Being can be put in rapport with that which remains in the body and whose main seat is in the porous interior of the bones, this interior itself conserved by the smooth and comparatively non porous exterior envelopment.”

— “It is for this reason, no doubt, that the scourge unleashed by Devo made the interior of the bones rot,” said Shoofoo. “Besides, the narrative of Benederdin seems to me plausible and the hypothesis is logical.”

— “The sincerity of the Seer is not in doubt”, I said.

— “Sincerity is not everything,” replied Shoofoo; “knowledge is above all necessary in the Seer if we want the description of what he sees to be clear. For example, if we were completely ignorant regarding the nature of the spheres and spheroids and that a seer told us: I see a pale brightness forming a archway within which shine small round lamps, what would we understand?”

Sensing the truth of these observations, I meditated at length.

“Krishnama has studied in depth, with us, the physical structure,” I finally said; “I will ask him to come and put himself in rapport with Benederdin so that he may study this matter.”

Krishnama consented heartily. After long days of study he sent the following report:

There is reason to scientifically examine this assertion of Benederdin, the Seer, that there are four Degrees in the Nervo-Physical Degree; that after the separation of the most rarefied Degree (which has left the body with the life of the blood with which it is sustained) the two intermediary Degrees between it and the exterior envelopment remain with the latter; that finally their common dwelling is within the porous internal part of the bone structure. To this end, we will take in consideration the flowing fact:

The evolution of the bone structure is proportionate to that of the intelligence. Indeed, from the archbiosis until the ninth evolution, there are no vertebrates; from the ninth evolution until the twenty-second inclusively, where we find beings in the similitude of man, the perfecting of the bone structure and that of the Pathotic, Spiritual, Intellectual and Vital forces go hand in hand. In the individual being, the perfecting of the bones goes hand in hand with that of intelligence. The bone structure of the children of man, being composed almost entirely of cartilage (same as in the first fish), the bone skeleton gradually takes the place of the cartilaginous tissue such that it is only after some years that the cartilaginous skeleton is converted to bone by the progressive deposit of ossifying matter into the cartilage; and this matter renews itself as long as the blood circulates.

The bone consists of individual centers of a dark tint from each of which tubes radiate in all directions. By these tubes the blood transports to each center its food. The cellular development in the cartilage is inferior to that of the bone itself, because it possesses more intercellular meatuses and more blood channels. The purported dry bones of man, meaning those who have been partially deprived of their liquid constituent parts, are composed, approximately, of a third of organic matter and of two thirds of earthy matter; while the purported live bones are composed of a little more than thirty-one parts of organic matter and a little less that sixty-nine parts of earthy matter; there is thus, proportionally, in the so called dry bones, an augmentation of organic matter consisting in fat, gelatine, etc. This mineral and organic earthy structure is covered by a nice preservative enamel which, unless subjected to prolonged oxidation, remains permanently.

Nonetheless, I notice that the bone formation deteriorates as much as everything that belongs to the Nervo-Physical Degree of our being; our bones are no longer what the bones of Kahi were, and the bones of our descendants will no longer be like ours are in the present. Without doubt, their form is the same, though its size diminishes; but the bony forces go ever diminishing, as those of the blood. We will necessarily have to answer less and less affirmatively to this important question: can the bones live?

The questions brought up following these considerations are these: Towards what goal is the bone structure constructed, while all the rest is transformed, except for the hair, which have a distinct individual life? Not only does this structure retain the form, but with the fat it retains oxygen, hydrogen and carbon; with the gelatine it retains the essential constituent of the tendons, the membranes and the ligaments and, with both united, the constituents of the whole body.

For what purpose is the so-called earthy matter, consisting of phosphate of lime, calcium fluoride, carbonate of lime and magnesium phosphate, preserved in permanent individual form? Why, with these organic and earthy constituents of the bones, do we find mixed everything that is essential to the reconstitution of the Physical State of man?

Everywhere there is cellular and elemental life, but the individual form, constructed of innumerable living cells, indicates individual life. Since the bone structure, with its organic, earthy and mineral constituents, retains the individual form, what hypothesis more simple than that of admitting that it is the home of the intermediary States of Being between itself and that more rarefied Degree that leaves it when life withdraws?

Since it has been demonstrated that the bone structure is held in individual form, is any other hypothesis on the cause of this conservation of form more rational?

By admitting for a moment that the bone structure is the home of the two intermediary Degrees of lesser density, the answer to the question so often asked by the occultist: “can the bones live?” can be resolved by the affirmative. Indeed, if we possess the necessary knowledge and power to sustain and protect the more rarefied Degree of Being which escapes when the blood ceases to circulate and clothes the Nervous State when the Degrees are protected, then we will be able to, by means of this State, reconnect that which the skeleton has retained and nourished with the Nervous State. Yet the latter, if it is conserved intact, contains all the other more rarefied States that the individual may have possessed before the separation of Beings.

This more rarefied intermediary State, evoked by the occultist, duly protected and sustained, until its re-assimilation within the being, in its normal dwelling, represents the Mentality or Intelligence of the Nervo-Physical Degrees; can the occultist not then, by means of this Intelligence, awaken to the light of Elohim the latent life of the cells assembled and composite, as well as that of the mixed matter? Can what was apparently inert not awake like the foliage of the trees awakes in the spring, under the first kisses of the sun?

Can the bone structure not cover itself with fibres and muscles, be crossed anew by its marvellous and complex network of Nerves, arteries and veins, and reconstruct itself suitably to receive the more rarefied States and Degrees of Being of which the body will, from now on, be the eternal material habitation; Pathotised, Spiritualised, Intellectualised and Vitalised by the Universal Pathotism, Spirituality, Intellectuality and Vitality.

Having learned or re-learned the value of this corporal State and having thus perfected their being, these more rarefied States and Degrees will Pathotise, Spiritualise, Intellectualise and Vitalise in turn the whole body which will thus perfect itself eternally, remaining, according to the first conception of Brah-Elohim, safe from pain and loss, glorious at last and immortal.

It consists in surrounding with an aura of power the greatest and noblest who rest in the tomb, as was in the past the sphere of formation; it consists in drawing from the whole earth, from the water and from the air, everything that is lacking to the materiality conserved by the bony form in order to thus perfect the individual being in its integrity: that is the masterpiece of occultism!

One more step into knowledge and power and science will be able to separate anew man from other animals, by giving him the power to transform his conceptions into emanations in the world of mixed matter which surrounds him, to clothe these emanations and materialise his conceptions in forms worthy of them.

To awake the mortal person to the consciousness of his right to Immortality is to take a step towards the restitution of man, toward the approach of the time when there will no longer be, for Divine and Human Man, neither death, nor pain, nor sorrow. An it is in no way a futile dream or extravagance; around, above and below us, the air, the water and the earth abound in materiality proper to individual formation. The growth, the sustentation of the individual being, stationary or not, and all of that which Self-Styled Nature actually does with slowness and imperfection with the materiality proper to formation, the intelligence of evolved man can do rapidly and with a certain perfection. Are hydrogen and oxygen lacking? Are nitrogen and carbon rare? Do the former and the transformer have no power over mixed matter?

The evolved intelligence and the twelve developed senses would return to man the power to emanate and form beings in his own similitude and, once again, as in ancient times, he would clothe his Pathotic, spiritual and Intellectual conception by drawing from its sphere of formation, of which he would surround it, phosphorus, oxygen and lime as the main constituents of the skeleton; magnesium phosphate and calcium fluoride proper to the preservative enamel; the nitrogenous combinations proper to the muscles, membranes, brains and nerves; hydrogen, free oxygen and carbon for the fat; ammonia, free oxygen, iron, manganese and salt, necessary for the blood, and so forth.

It is thus that, armed with the sceptre of intelligence, he would perfect with his dextrous power the chain of being, because he would chose the materials, would build a temple for divinity within himself, responding efficiently to the will expressed by Brah-Elohim when he was saying to Kahi: “Form beings in your similitude, repopulate the earth, and exercise domination upon all things.”


In the morning, at the first hour, while we were handing over the Nervous and Nervo-Physical States to the emanation of Devo, a child brought a letter he would not turn over to anyone else but myself. This child, named Hedem, whom Nechohaba had taken with her during her sojourn in the kingdom of Nimred, was so affectionate, faithful and intelligent that Nimred and Nechohaba had taken him in friendship. Judging imprudent to expose him at such a tender age to the influences that surrounded us in the room where Nimred was, I went to the door to take the letter and I asked the child to wait for me for a while outside. Here is the text of the letter:

To the mage Kelaouchi, faithful, loyal and sage.

This night, while I was resting, our young friend Aubis at my side, I noticed that the room was filled with a strange light; looking up I saw that this light preceded the aura of a being in the form of Nimred. I was troubled by this and seized with trebling; but I soon recovered and remained calm, the arm around our son.

The form approached and said in a whisper that was not natural:

— “Nechohaba, my beloved, Devo has prevailed and twice separated my body such that my body remains sprawled lifeless in the bedroom. My Nervo-Psychic Degree is also separated; my discomfort and distress are great; I came towards you, knowing that you would sentient my presence, to take refuge in your aura and in that of our child where I will be able to find rest.”

— “You are, it is true, clothed with the form of Nimred,” I answered; “however all of my being protests and revolts against you; I feel that you are a deceiver, an Emanation of Devo come here for a purpose which I ignore. Go away; your imposture is unmasked.”

The form withdrew a little and continued thus:

— “I am not an impostor but truly an really Nimred. I can prove it to you by speaking to you of events known only by you and him.”

And so he related to me indeed many facts from his previous life.

— “Now, my beloved,” he added, “you are convinced that it is me and not another.”

— “That you are yourself,” I answered, “no one denies it; but that you are Nimred, never will I believe it. Your knowledge of particular events is not extraordinary, given that in the State where Nimred is now, you can read his Mentality like in an open book. Be assured of one thing, it is that Passives who are one with the Actives to whom they belong can not be deceived when there is no division between them.”

So then the seducer invoked all the names that we held in the greatest veneration, swore that he was really Nimred by lamenting and displaying the greatest chagrin. But, not managing to move me, he finally left.

I have related to you all of these facts so that you can warn those who surround you. I add that this being is clothed with the true form of Nimred and that is what troubles me a little. Let me know where things are and if all is going well.


Upon reception of the letter, I asked Shoofoo to go reassure Nechohaba; then, I advised the chiefs of all the parts of the world of what had occurred by warning them against the ruses of Chatter. I received from them tales that I will relate later.

We must not hesitate to doubt the apparitions of those who have undergone the transition; their warnings and their prophecies or their advice must be held as suspicious. Though the resemblance be perfect, even with surprising proofs of identity, however sage, judicious and prudent their counsels may be, all that is done and said has for purpose the accomplishment of the plans of Beings hostile to man. These Beings, despite everything, only delude those who put themselves in rapport with them and set traps for them. The light with which they surround themselves is but a will-o’-the-wisp that fools the naïve; the latter sink, little by little, into the foundry and no longer occupy their rank amongst men, or, what is worse, welcome those who fool them, such that they are possessed for life.

As independent researchers, we noted that the two watchers of Chatter have given us the same description of what had happened far away from them. This is interesting as proving, first of all that, that Benederdin and Elrohragel were sentienting what was happening far away as if they had been present in the body, and, in addition, that they were neither influenced by their exterior surrounding nor by their own imagination, which is of great importance. Many seers and sensitives really see or feel but, without knowing, they let themselves be influenced by those who desire to communicate or want to impress others through their intermediary, or they are influenced by their own conceptions and by their imagination which they have not learned to dominate, such that they have no will, nor free reasoning.


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