Volume I – Chapter XX

Chapter XX



At that epoch, Kahi spoke to Chi through the voice of Shorah, the second of his passive Formations.

“Rest now and see if you can pass into the dwelling of Kaoah and return, and then go to our own focus of pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital force and from there, from focus to focus as far as it will be possible for you to do so safely with the certainty of returning at will.”

Chi rested as before, but he could not even pass into the dwelling of Kaoah because of the regions where the hostile was stationed, which could not be sentiented.

— “Please make for me a sphere of sustentation,” he said to Kahi; “this way I will be able to pass.”

— “With what should I make it? We have trouble sustaining our own individuality on earth.”

Chi was forced to return and no longer tried to pass the region of breathable air.

“Before arriving at the area occupied by the Hostile,” he said, “I was like in a state of beatitude, but I did not have the strength to bear this same state without losing my physical vitality.”

Sheth said to Kahi through the voice of Shorah:

— “We are separated from all the spheres by the doings of the Hostile; how are we then in rapport with the Universal?”

— “We are separated from nothing since only one force, Pathotism, unites all of the spheres,” answered Kahi. “There is no doubt that, in our present state, in the absence of a sphere of sustentation, we can not pass from one sphere to another; however, for the most recent evolutionary Formations of the First Emanated, each individual being, in addition to his triple protective envelope, is still enclosed in another envelope that provides him with the vital blood from the mother. In addition, the blood contains not only the life of the body, but also the life of that which is proper to each state and each degree of being which the individual is capable of attaining. The individual being is a Cosmos where nothing is lacking, except for the glorious body.

— “Explain yourself more clearly, please,” said Sheth.

— “The Cosmic Cause comes from beyond that which is veiled by the Nucleolus; from its Attribute of Justice come the Emanations who are the First Emanated, and Elohim, the Second Emanated.”

“Elohim formed IE his masterpiece; according to the established order, and although the Hostile presently prevents all rapport between us, we are no less One with IE, as with all the inhabitants of the Cosmos which were formed with his assistance.”

“The First Emanated is the current former of the cellular materiality and of the cellular mass; it is he who has evolved those who are now one with us, in duality of being; these individual beings, by their dual origin, are then Cosmoses, from the beginning of their formation. There is nothing which is not in them.”

“Furthermore, all evolved cell, like that of the brain or the ganglions, is a sphere which has its nucleus, its nucleolus and its Nucleolinus; it has within itself the means to put itself in full rapport with its allied spheres. Thus, within this marvellous construction, in accord with that of the past, the pathotic force responds perfectly to pathotic force, the spiritual force to spiritual force, the intellectual force to intellectual force, the vital force to vital force, in the whole of the Cosmos.”

“These quaternary forces of the individual being therefore put him in rapport with the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital universality. Furthermore, in each spherical domain, the protoplasm is seamed by that which contains the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital forces of the First Emanated; each of the innumerable atoms of this protoplasm can be evolved into a living cell, individual and dual, and this cell can in turn become what we are.”

“Observe the formation of the beings in our similitude in their triple protective envelope; the latter is itself protected by the mother who brought it into being. What the complex and composite individual evolves is but a dual cell; but it contains his substantiality or his nucleus; the germinative vesicle, or his nucleolus, and his central nucleolinus, germinative conception which can contain the Unknown, the Unthinkable. Each dual germ is thus itself a cosmos.”

The following night, Sheth rested in the sleep of contemplation on the banks of the river.

“Since each cell of the brain inside beings in our similitude is like a sphere in the spherical empire, in full rapport with its allied spheres,” he thought; “since each dual germ can be, itself, a Cosmos; since innumerable individual cells have evolved from matter without a sentientable cell, everything is capable of evolving into beings such as Haiche and his children who have become one with us. That being so, Divine and Human Man, who contains in his composite individuality all the states of matter, from the densest to the most rarefied, veils therefore inside himself that which is to him still Unknown and Unthinkable, and this Unknown, this Unthinkable is like the source, the center of his being. Man can contemplate the immensity, the cellular and protoplasmic universality, and say in all justice: “Formed as I am by the Divine Former, the only homage that I may offer him, the only one worthy of him, consist in realising, by means of the light that is within me, the conception of the Cosmic Supremacy without which infinitude would be a meaningless word: The role of man, in this cosmic work which man alone can accomplish, is to base the unity of being with that which is beyond the veils, to reclaim and maintain, everywhere in the material empire, his hereditary and legitimate supremacy.”

Like the waters of the river that calmly flow from their source to the ocean, the thoughts of Sheth, during his rest, were springing from the deep sources of his being and rolling to the vast ocean of the future, to its marvelous capacities, to its still unfathomable occult depths.

Some time later, he passed from the contemplative state to the sleep of the Avasha.

During that sleep he felt himself inside the pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital spherical empire, the empire enveloped by the physical state and its quaternary degrees. Then he became aware of the perpetual ascension of the Unthinkable springing up from the center of his being; he had the awareness that this Unthinkable is developed by pathotism, this pathotism by spirituality, this spirituality by intellectuality and this intellectuality by vitality. He had the awareness that that which comes from within is attracted and assimilated to the spherical form; he saw that in his surrounding, the Unthinkable was clothing itself, in order, from the pathotic, the spiritual, the intellectual and the vital; and he said to himself: “Everything tends towards the physical; in it and around it, there is perfect affinity.”


In the same instant he noticed a Being who was approaching by walking on the waters of the river. His form was that of a very young man veiled by an aura of silvery light which only made him visible as if through a fog. Sheth marvelled at his beauty.

“After the First Emanated, he is the most beautiful; no one compares to him,” he thought.

When he saw him close to him, Sheth felt himself as if overcome and close to fainting.

— “Be strong and courageous,” this being said to him; “be worthy of the name you bear.”

— “Yes, I am named Sheth.”

— “It is your name,” continued the Being. “Kaoah and Abal are no longer on earth, and you are the direct Formation Kahi, whose race you forever perpetuate.”

— “By which name shall I know you?” asked Sheth.

— “Barashino is my name, because I was the first to evolve and form outside of the Nucleolus.”

— “Why have you come here?”

— “To touch your density and to set up, with the Formations of Kahi, an eternal union under one name.”

— “How will this happen?”

— “Just as a Formation of Kahi took a girl of the Evolution, so also will you let one of the passive Formations of Kahi unite, in duality of being, with one of my Formations of her choosing.”

— “I gladly consent to this; but we need the advice of Kahi.”

— “Communicate to him my plan, since I have not taken on the nature of man; I have merely passed here with my twelve Formations, so that in their perfect duality of being, they might clothe themselves with the materiality of the earth and resemble Chi and Mahallal.”

— “If they are self-perfect, how can one of them take a Passive from our race?”

— “The Passive of your race will choose amongst the four which we have fashioned by means of the chief Emanation.”

— “A Seer that is never wrong told us that these Emanations had clothed themselves with the forms of those which the First Emanated had evolved and that they had with them Passives of the same origin.”

— “Being not, at that epoch, clothed with the materiality of the density of the earth, they acted thus to prevent these beings from being possessed by Devo and his fellow beings; but as soon as we covered the oriental part of the earth that sunk under the waters with mist so that no one could approach it, our Formations exteriorised themselves and called back to life the Actives and the Passives. Thus could the two children be brought by the First Emanated to Kahi and Kahie.”

Kahi welcomed this news with joy; Kahie held a celebration of delights for her greatest Passives and, in the middle of the festivities, Kahi came amongst them.

“Barashino is the first one who touched that which is outside of the veil of the Nucleolus,” he said; “he has crossed the regions of the Hostile being, bringing with him twelve Emanations; through their chief, he fashioned four active Formations and he asks that one of you choose one of these four.”

One of the descendants of Sheth and Shorah approached Kahi and, putting her two hands in his right hand, said to him:

“Make me rest, Kahi, so that I may see where Barashino dwells without being seen.”

He put his hand on the forehead of the Passive who fell asleep. After a moment she said: “I am inside the silvery fog and I see. It is with the second of the four Formations that I will dwell.”

— “Come back,” replied Kahi; “I will advise Sheth of your decision. Someone will come get you and bring you there.”

The Passive who was named Foerhan, meaning merry and happy, answered:

— “Why come here only to return? Send there the body that lies under your protection.”

Kahi send the body of Foerhan to the island in the East. When the ones who brought it were far away, the twelve Emanations of Barashino, three Formations of the latter as well as a few from the race of Kahi came to meet them, mounted on light boats which they had lavishly decorated. In the middle of these crafts sailed a ship with white sails and whose masts were garlanded with flowers. The sleeping form of Foerhan, enveloped in veils of rich colours, was lying on the deck of this ship.

— “Where then is the second Formation of Barashino?” asked Chi.

— “Aun is resting until he has the integrity of being to come beside Foerhan,” they answered. “We are watching over him.”

As soon as Foerhan had returned to her body, there was a great celebration and rejoicing.

“Now the Formations of Kahi and of Barashino are but one people,” they were saying.

Chi and his companions returned to Kahi who was also in celebration with his fellow beings.

The Formations of Aun and Foerhan multiplied themselves; with the race of those of the First Emanated who served them, they populated the whole island.


Barashino assembled his twelve Emanations and said to them: “I am returning where I came from. Thus I will be better able to fulfil my task of perfecting. Do not forget that Kahi is the lord of the entire earth; he is the one who worked, fought and suffered; be faithful and useful to him; be one with him, fight together against the Hostile.”

And he again crossed the enemy regions, but alone this time. Everyone loved and served Foerhan the Formation of Kahi.

At that epoch there were four races of men:

Kahi and his Formations.

Barashino and his Formations.

The First Emanated and his Formations.

Haiche and his Formations.


The night before the departure of Barashino, Kahi climbed the chain of high mountains in the North and rested in the middle of the eternal snows in the sleep of contemplation, and then that of the Avasha, as Sheth had done before.

He too saw the silvery fog which was the visible aura of Barashino. The latter spoke in mentality:

— “Salutations, O Kahi, you who are the link of perfecting in the chain of Being; to all of You, salutations!”

— “Salutations to you, O Barashino, you who are the First Former outside of the Nucleolus!” answered Kahi.

— “I have come here to see you face to face before my departure,” said Barashino. “You are weary and weakened; do you want me to give you some of my forces?”

— “No,” replied Kahi. “The mixture is in order; the combination would be confusion. The forces I posses, big or small, are from Brah-Elohim who, in the right balance, touched through IE this degree of density of the matter.

— “Well spoken,” said Barashino; “my Emanations and my Formations are as one with yours; a great and strong people has come forth from their union. Watch over all of them since I am leaving and also to maintain the union which is strength. Though the light of their origin is within them, my own light is of a lesser use here than that of Brah who first penetrated the sensitive matter through his second Emanation and then into it himself .”

— “Can you tell me where you are going and what your plan is?”

— “I am going to the source of Vitality, in the Etherealities, to rest and to draw there some forces. I will then return to the Attributal Region to unite myself with the Attribute of Sustentation of the Cosmic Cause. Thus will I become the support for Vitality in all of the material states which the imperfection of the chain of Being, caused by the Hostile, gradually drains.”

“It is essential that I understand all of the degrees of the material Formations as well as their requirements, and that I have, in each of them, beings who are one with me as I have on the earth.”

— “Since, by means of your Emanations, you sentient your surrounding, what do you think of man and of the Formations in our similitude?” asked Kahi.

— “While coming here, I studied the One who is close to the Nucleolinus, the Being in your similitude who was formed in the perfect individual form in where IE left the pathotic body.”

— “Tradition has it that the ethered being was formed inside of this form,” said Kahi; “that the material being was formed outside, and that after this double formation, they were united as a single being in this pathotic form and by it.”

— “As the pathotic form was the intermediary between the pathotic states and the material states,” said Barashino, “so also is the physical envelopment of the man in your similitude the intermediary between Brah-Elohim and Brah-Aoual who is known to you as the First Emanated. Devo, his Emanations and his Formations have the desire and the firm will to damage, destroy and possess this physical body because of its pre-eminence.”

— “Have you communicated with the First Emanated?”

— “Very little; and only for a particular goal. During his rest I interrogated him thus:

“I, Barashino, remember the perfection of the form in which you floated in the expansion outside of the Attributal Region and I attest that it surpassed in beauty all the Forms I have seen since. Why then have you taken on the Form of another being, a thing that is not desirable since it can be the source of confusion?”

“And Brah-Aoual answered: “For a reason I ignore, I am incapable of taking on this form in the greatest densities; this is why I left it to come here.”

— “You though is as my own,” said Kahi: “this form of Lhamkhial, taken by the First Emanated, though embellished and glorified by him, is still and will always be the form of Lhamkhial.”

— “Let us prepare together a form for Brah-Aoual, in the similitude of his first own form: Amass into you aura all of the suitable matter and I will fashion it from memory.”

Thus did they prepare a body similar to the one in which the First Emanated had travelled through the rarefied and radiant matter.

When the First Emanated saw this body, he cried out:

— “From all of my being I thank you! It is the first and the last of the Formations who have prepared this body for me.”

So then, exteriorising himself from the glorified body of Lhamkhial, he took on the new body and for three days rested in the sleep of assimilation. On the third day he rose in the perfection of being.

During this rest, Kahi protected him with his aura of power and Barashino veiled him with his shadow. The latter then rose up into the brightness of the illuminated skies by dawn and, like a silvery and brilliant cloud, he disappeared little by little from the sight of Kahi who continued to gaze at him, absorbed in his own thoughts.


— “Do not stop to watch the heavens,” said Kahie; “only at the time of the Restitution will the one who has just ascended reappear on the silvery cloud.”

— “Is it because you were surprised to see me staying under this shadow unknown to you that you came to get me?”

— “No! This shadow was that of Barashino, but I felt concerned when I saw a kind of stormy cloud, tinted with crimson by the rising sun, rise and descend. I felt danger and I came.”

Kahi recounted all that had happened.

— “Where is the body of Lhamkhial from which the First Emanated exteriorised himself?” asked Kahie urgently.

They looked for the body, but it could not be found. And the following thought came to them:

“The hostile Beings descended in the dark cloud and they seized the body!”

They felt a great sadness.

— “We had the same thought,” said Kahi, “but do not distress; it is I who committed an error. Knowing the finesse and the wile of the enemy, I should have been on my guard.”

— “We share this sorrow as we share all things,” replied Kahie. “Furthermore, who, in the human form, is able to stand watch continually?…”


After the ascension of Barashino, Devo, enveloped with a radiant flame veiled by a dark cloud, was looking at the occidental continent peopled by his Formations who were still imprisoned in the forms they had taken. He noticed that their chief was not with them et he was worried, as he knew that this chief, who he had deceived, hated him.

“I repent for having, in my anger, disintegrated Zoy as she was useful to me,” he thought.

A voice answered: “Regret nothing, repent for nothing regarding the imperfect and changing being that you disintegrated, because if it had subsisted, I could not have been with you and now, here I am…”

Devo then noticed like a stormy cloud tinted with crimson that stirred near the cloud where he himself was hiding; he saw there a small passive Form, supple, moulded in an exquisite fashion; an oval face and of a sparkling beauty was gazing upon him with two eyes similar to stars.

— “Who are you?” he asked; “where do you come from and why have you come?”

— “Listen: Just as you are Devo, I am Dovah. I am that part of passivity that you lack and I have assumed the material form of the density where you are. During aeons and aeons, I have tried to do it; it is only now that my conception has taken place.”

— “There is a mystery too great for me.”

— “Where is the mystery since the law of affinity that comes from the pathotic force is immutable, inexhaustible, eternal?”

— “If you are what you claim, your power must be very great, since you have managed to pass, without being prevented, through so many states and degrees of rarefaction or density that are against me. It is inconceivable that those who I fight would have permitted that my being be thus perfected. Give me then a proof of your power if you want me to trust you.”

Sheba-el-ma had taken the glorified body of Lhamkhial from which the First Emanated had exteriorised himself; she had immediately changed its looks slightly, according to her own type of beauty, had darkened its skin and long undulating hair, such that the face of Lhamkhial was almost unrecognisable.

“Since you have touched the earth,” she continued, “you desire, legitimately, to possess a body of man worthy of your origin and you have not been able to satisfy that desire. I have barely arrived on the earth and I have already accomplished what you could not do; here is the body which I have prepared for you.”

She dissipated the thick darkness with which the Form that she brought in the cloud was enveloped.

When Devo saw it it was as if he was stunned.

— “Now I know with certainty what you power is!” he cried out. “For what you have done I will be faithful to you forever. Ask me what you want and you will have anything that depends on me.”

— “Allow me to rest in your aura of power as I have not yet slept the sleep of assimilation necessary to my well-being and I am as weary as I am ill at ease,” she said.

— “You may do so and be happy.”

She did and rested, immobile, silent, smiling in her sleep. Devo surrounded her in his aura of power and called from the sphere of nervous body his Emanations and his Formations.

“This Passive who rests in the sleep of assimilation, is the being of my being,” he told them. Be watchful therefore: let nothing alive approach her; make sure also that she does not leave the center of my power. If she awakes before my return, give her all that she asks for, but ensure that she does not slip away from you.”

As soon as the triple circles of the interior and the sextuple circles of the exterior had surrounded Sheba-el-ma, Devo took possession of the body which she had brought him and, after a short rest, he descended in the cloud and stood on the earth in the form of man.


And so, the place where he descended was a deep cavity located between the great mountains on the eastern part of the occidental continent; it was there that his Formations had grouped themselves as soon as they has possessed the bodies of the inhabitants of the island that was precipitated under the waters. He made the heat oppressive in this valley and it became inhabitable.

Then he lay down there and rested in the sleep of assimilation saying:

“Others are watched during their sleep of assimilation by their Emanations and their Formations; I, who trusts no one, am watched over by this intense heat that no nervous-physical being could withstand.”

He had this though:

“Now that I can touch the materiality of the earth, I would much like to form some creature capable of corrupting what still remains for the sustentation of the Formations of Brah-Elohim.”

Upon waking, he heard a strange noise above him; looking up, he saw that the air was darkened by a multitude of winged creatures that projected their shadow upon the earth. He saw them dash upon the hillsides and in the valleys where they devoured all the greenery, after which they flew off.

He captured one and said:

“Be happy, you and your race, since everything that favours our plans is good, and everything that detracts from it them bad. As Elohim, seeing his work in the material states, found it good, so also do I, watching you, find you very good as, by devouring that which sustains the vitality of man, you render me a great service. Be Blessed!”

So he covered the orthoptor with his right hand and said:

“May your race be numerous and destructive; to you and yours I give the bright colour like that of crystal. Are you not, in this density, my first destructive Formations? Go and ravage during the heat waves; accompany your work with this cry: “Kherabt, Kherabt” which means: I ravage! On the sides of your thorax, I have placed the organs of hearing by means of which you will perceive the noises that you make: “Kherabt! Kherabt!” You will produce it in the memory of Kahi when he ate the fruit of the tree that sustained the mentality which I had forbidden him to touch.”

Then he released the insects saying again:

“Be fruitful; multiply, ravage and subjugate; be feared and dreaded by all the Formations of Brah; I will always be with you against Brah-Aoual.”

The locusts soared like a dark cloud that shades the earth. Devo watched them move away until they had disappeared towards the west, above the rocky and craggy masses.

“Be witness, you who have given me my being for my sorrow, that I also have created!” he cried out.

After that, he made, in their evolutionary order, all kinds of nefarious beings destined to destroy the vegetation, the fruits and the seeds of the earth, to damage and destroy the body of man, from the gigantic serpents to the tiniest ones whose poison dart brings death; from the species of the scorpions to the microbes of infinite varieties. He gave them all nefarious capacities, such that the air and water were poisoned; he could not however touch the deep waters.

It is thus that he used the Form which the Passive had brought him, this Form of Lhamkhial, of the race of Kahi, which the First Emanated had taken form himself. When all was finished, Devo burst out with laughter.

“It is in the form that I have won victory and I have known it for a long time; it is in this form and in no other that I am perfected; it is in this form, glorified and embellished by Tihpheres, that I actually touched the materiality of the earth. Who will be able to say that Devo is not also of those who work for justice? Who knows if, in Aeons of time, the descendants of those who today are in league against me, believing they are adoring Brah-Elohim, or the Eternal, will not pay me homage saying:

“Our God is worthy of being glorified and adored, he who has created all that exists and for the good pleasure of whom we and the “Kherabt, Kherabt!” are also created.”

“All that he has made is well made!”


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