Volume I – Chapter IX

Chapter IX



The Great Former extended himself into this state with the Seer and, by means of the latter, touched the matter and awoke it to evolution, according to the measure of his capacities; he formed all that was formable in his own similitude.

And then he gave of his own forces and of his power to the Seer and said to him:

— “Supremacy upon all of the material states belongs to IE; nonetheless, since no one can be in full activity in all of his states and degrees of being during the time of primary individual formation, it is essential that there be a visible chief in each state (except in that of Free Intelligence). Remain in this one, since it is by means of you that I evolved and appropriated what I could for the Formation. Look at these Formations that rest in sleep in the middle of their luminous auras; rest among them in the sphere of sustentation, which is yours, until IE comes; evolve all that is evolvable, so that everything will be ready for his formation; but do not awake the Formations that we have fashioned, for fear that, once they awakened to activity and sentienting vividly, they be influenced by something hostile.”

The Seer thus rested while evolving, and the Formations slept in their pink topaz coloured auras.

There is the Sate of Soul.

Arg-Alif and those who had been able to accompany him, with the one who came from the State of Essence and his fellow beings, exited together.


The Great Former was resting after having pathotised, spiritualised, intellectualised and vitalised the State of Soul, in accordance with the capacities of its materiality. He was resting in invisibility when he heard the septenary supplication from IE; he repeated it in pathotism, in the depths of his being, to the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause, his origin. This was the first epoch.

At the second supplication from the Great Former, the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause penetrated the being of his Second Emanation, as ether penetrates air, as air penetrates water and as water penetrates porous solids. He thus penetrated his Second Emanation who had fashioned all formed the formable materiality, from the State of Free Intelligence to the State of Soul inclusively.

Then, Brah-Elohim returned to the sleep of assimilation and he came to IE who was resting amidst his four guards, but the latter could not sentient of him right away because the degree of materiality of Brah-Elohim was to IE like that of the Cosmic Cause is to its Attributes.

— “Why,” said Brah-Elohim to IE, “have you implored Justice seven times?”

— “Because, in the sleep of passivity, I sentiented that which eluded me when I was going forth in a state of activity. Beyond, meaning in the degree of density greater than the one where Arg-Alif and his guests have stopped their race and enveloped themselves, there is this Being who has taken over the form which First Emanated had left behind. He has, with his own power, prepared all that was usable for the formation of beings in his own likeness, and he has used up, for the sake of all kinds of inferior beings, hostile and harmful, that which was not sufficiently intellectualised for such formations, such that an immense region of the expansion is in his power; he extends himself ever more; slowly but continuously.

— “Would it please you,” asked Brah-Elohim, “to rapidly go with me, from density to density, even to the densest one that you may conceive?”

— “My only desire,” replied IE, “is to be next to you, as a pathotism stronger than anything unites me to you.”

— “As we are one with the Cosmic Cause, so also are you One with us for ever and ever.”

Brah-Elohim and IE, whom he carried enveloped in his own aura of light and shadow, crossed the abyss and entered into the beyond.


The Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause had been evoked by IE. Thus, an IMPERSONAL Attribute was becoming Personal and was enveloping himself with a degree of materiality that he could sentient and with which he could be sentiented by the intellectualised and vitalised materiality found outside of the Nervous Degree and State.

However the degree of materiality of Brah-Elohim was not of the same density as the matter into which he was descending, but he was analogically like ether compared to air, like air compared to water, like water compared to individual organic formations.

Brah-Elohim, in rest, formed a powerful Formation that came to rest in the East with IE, in a state of trance, in the radiance and shadow; he then filled the immensity of the densest mixed matter with a rapid and continuous vibratory movement. As a result of that movement, the most rarefied matter came up, and that of greatest density went down. The most rarefied matter surrounded the nervous state.

Next, Brah-Elohim spread out his own intelligence and vitality into this rarefied matter. He emanated and enveloped twelve Beings into the extension and said to them:

“You are formed in Justice and in Wisdom; ensure that no one enters nor leaves here, as you and your auras are like an extension or a separation between that which within and that which is without. Emanate and use up all that is usable for Formations.”

So then he enveloped IE with another degree of density, while remaining himself in a more rarefied degree, and he penetrated and invigorated the materiality but without making Formations. It is in the East that he enveloped IE and his powerful Formation with his protective light and shadow.

Once he arrived at the third degree of density, he infused it with his intelligence and his vitality. He was like a center that shone upon all of the divided immensity, from north to south, from east to west. These divisions were unequal; the largest one was that of the Orient where IE and the Formation rested in the radiance and shadow.

But, into each division and into each atom of that which surrounded him, Brah-Elohim, through IE, was infusing forces which were received in accordance with the degree of receptivity of the materiality. Yet, in this density, a great portion of the matter was not ready to receive the divine influx.

While Brah-Elohim was advancing towards the centers while imprinting the matter with a rapid vibratory movement, the crudest atoms lost their elasticity and were subjected to attraction and to repulsion, in such a way that, according their affinity or non affinity, they attracted or repulsed each other; this produced the dense molecules.

So then Brah-Elohim infused his forces into this matter after having enveloped IE and his Formation. As a result of the rapid vibratory movement, the densest molecular matter moved towards the center of triple rarefactions and the most rarefied matter extended itself to the extreme limit. Thus, three parts of materiality were again subjected to the law of elasticity while one part, the densest, was permanently subjected to the law of attraction; an intermediate part was subjected to both law; from this came expansion on one side and attraction and repulsion on the other.

When the densest part united at the surface of each division, Brah-Elohim separated the two constituent parts, the principal properties of which were light and heat. At this epoch the divisions seemed irregular, each of them having four corners. In the middle of each one was a sphere of fire. As a result of the intense heat, all of the fusible external parts entered into fusion. Then, Brah-Elohim stopped the force that separated heat and light and, as a result of their affinity, the sustainers of light and heat precipitated themselves one onto the other with a clatter; from this encounter were born the Vashas.

This is the Aschmain (derived of Asch and Maim, fire and water), that we find in the table of contents in the archives of the time where Brah-Elohim formed the densest materiality.

As a result of the scorching heat arising from the fusion, the Vashas that surrounded the sphere were in vapour form and this vapour, entering in contact with the densest atmosphere, condensed slowly by virtue of attraction, while by virtue of elasticity, the hot air, meaning the most rarefied air, extended itself more and more and was replaced little by little by cool air.

Thus the spheres were gradually covered by the denser Vashas which, as a result of their attraction towards the more compact mass, enveloped them little by little, in the same way as the atmosphere enveloped the Vashas.

Though the surface of the dense Vashas was flat by nature, their depths varied a lot because of the risings of the matter in fusion. The densest materiality suspended in the shallow waters remained under the mountains, the hill and the valleys which were located under the waters, covering them with a layer of molecular matter.

Closer to the center of the sphere, in the immobile depths, each molecule searched for its likeness, in accordance with the law of attraction and repulsion, while avoiding the ones with which they had no affinity; this resulted in a cellular formation that was the nucleus of the individual form, these cells being different from one another depending on their capacities and their receptivity.

So then, in all the valleys of the Vashas, in obscurity and silence, the individual cells grouped themselves by affinity in the same way the molecular matter from which they had been formed had acted at the epoch of its formation, and a variety of beings resulted from this.

Then, later, as Brah-Elohim’s pathotic force had developed within each molecule its own properties or affinity, so also did this force develop inside individualised cells and so superior cells (meaning those that had been constituted by the most intellectualised and the most vitalised materiality) approached one another. Then began voluntary movement, and this movement extended itself, little by little, to all of the organic beings, in such a way that the cells were regrouped harmonically. Yet, this movement was using up vitality and so it had to be renewed; desire invigorated the intelligence. An outer orifice, the rudimentary mouth, was formed and, through this, the beings were able to absorb the nutritious atmosphere that not only enveloped them but also infused itself into the Vashas.

The superior Formations knew from experience that what they nourished themselves with was of a dissimilar nature, that for their degrees of being, one part was more nutritious than another; thus the desire to avoid this one and to chose that other one amongt the constituents; this is what developed the organ of taste and then, that of smell.

While waiting, and while carrying themselves here and there, these beings encountered things with which they were not in affinity and often, these encounters would cause them losses; consequently, to avoid these clashes, they needed new organs; therefore, those of sight and hearing developed.

On the mountains, the hills and the valleys of the Vashas and in the depths of the waters, there were beings of all degrees of development, from the rudimentary molecule to the ones who had acquired the will and the power to use the senses of taste, of smell, of sight and of hearing. Naturally, these beings assembled themselves according to their affinity. The most developed frequented to the heights, under the Vashas, because there, they found light and sound with which they were in affinity.

During all of this time, IE and the Formation, who was with him the radiance and shadow, were resting in the Orient, below the Vashas, but on the most elevated point. Yet, though the same constituting parts existed in this division as in the others, their evolution did not take place at the same time.

At that epoch, the Formation of Brah-Elohim interrogated IE who slept entranced:

— “Is everything going well?”

— “All is well,” replied IE. “All that could be developed for the formations has been developed, but there still remains that which cannot be developed at this time.”

The materiality of the sub-stratified mass, being vitalised and intellectualised, sought to group itself into cellular individualities. At the place of greatest height, meaning in the orient, the sub-stratified mass, desiring to break its chains, rose up by a violent effort and so appeared the summit of the oriental mountain, the Azert (or the earth). There, atop the Vasha, slept IE and the Formation of Brah-Elohim was with him.

At this epoch a veiled Being appeared to the Formation of Brah-Elohim, surrounded by sapphirine light and who spoke thus:

“I see that which I can not touch; I witness that, while IE was sleeping in the silent depths of the Vasha, the golden light of the Essence of his aura was touching everything that was germinative and that everything was developing. Why this, since Brah-Elohim himself infused into this materiality all of the intelligence and all of the vitality of which the forces of the matter were susceptible?”

— “In each state and degree,” replied the Formation, “evolution depends upon the greatest individualities in these states and degrees.”

Ad-Ad remained silent.

The Formation took his left hand into his right and told him:

— “Rest with us in the light and shadow of Brah-Elohim where can be found all that is necessary to Emanations in all of their states and degrees; you will find there nourishment suitable for your growth; because, remember, stopping is a regression.”

— “I do not want to abandon the state into which I was ejected with violence,” he replied sadly, “and furthermore, I do not want to abandon the ones that have followed me. Besides, Brah-Elohim, who is the origin of both the Banned and of those who drove them away, remained silent when he was in our midst and permitted that there be light and darkness.” He added, while looking at IE, “I would like to talk to him face to face.”

“Why not?” said the Formation.

So then, IE, rising, took Ad-Ad’s right hand into his left and said to him:

“Until the forces of the eternal matter are in balance with the forces of which the Nucleolinus is the first manifestation, there will light and darkness. It is for this reason that the aura of Brah-Elohim alternates as radiance and as shadow.”

The words reassured Ad-Ad. His face became radiant again, and he left in peace towards the state from which he had come.

At that moment, for the beings who were formed with the vitalised and intellectualised materiality, the organs of sight and hearing developed. They breathed the nutritious atmosphere that enveloped the Vasha and the Azert; they lived on the surface of the Vasha and on the Azerte, and were gradually developed in this environment.

Little by little, beings were formed who took pleasure in launching themselves into the atmosphere. The most developed ones, who formed being similar to themselves, noticed that the nourishment which had been good for them, as they had prospered thanks to it, was not good for the others who grew rapidly, and so they searched for another kind for their formations. As always happens, the desire and will had an influence on the material form; they learned to breathe and to hold on to the nutritive atmosphere by giving it some of their own vitality. Thus did they infused this vitalised atmosphere into their formations.

During that time, while everything was being perfected, the Vasha condensed itself little by little and the Azert became more and more visible; on it appeared a coating of plants, trees and flowers. All of the natural orders were developing because the matter was intellectualised and vitalised and its force was one with the forces of Brah-Elohim.

The densest molecular matter was pushed towards the center and the most rarefied matter attracted to the periphery. In addition, in the center, below the densest part, a part of rarefied matter was mixed to heat and to light that were, for the Vasha, what Ad-Ad was to IE. This rarefied materiality was surrounding the pathotic force inside which Brah-Elohim dwelled when he was infusing his eternal forces into all of his formations.

With everything finished and in order, the most perfect materiality was gathered on the summit of the oriental mountain that rose above the Vasha and where IE and the Formation rested. Brah-Elohim infused into this materiality, which was capable of responding to it, a triple portion of his intelligence and of his vitality.

During that time, the Formation was discussing with IE who was still in trance.

— “Is everything going well?”

— “All is well,” replied IE. “All that is usable has been used. However, there is still some matter which is not ready to be developed. In the surroundings of the radiance and shadow I see an envelopment of a certain materiality which I have never seen before; it is full of the intelligence and of the vitality of Brah-Elohim that concentrates itself into each molecule, penetrates it and mixes itself to its own intelligence and vitality.”

“Look no more,” said the Formation, “into states of being, nor to the orient or to the occident, nor to the north or to the south, nor inside or outside, but sleep now of a deep sleep, in peace and beatitude. You are the collaborator, the masterpiece and the glory of Brah-Elohim.”

While IE was sleeping thus and while the Formation was watching over him, the most perfect materiality was attracted into the radiance and into the shadow which, for the first time, was veiled by the radiance; then the radiance became a dazzling whiteness, a pure brightness in which all beings were able to see, from the Free Intelligences to the most imperfect ones, because it had the power to condense and to reflect their thoughts.

So then Brah-Elohim penetrated the Formation, and through his mouth, talked to all of the individual beings in their diverse states, meaning in the states of Free Intelligence, of Spirit of argentine splendour, of sapphirine Light or Intelligence in Permanent Form; and the Twelve Intelligences, the Great Lights formed by Brah-Elohim, heard his words:

“Let us make this materiality into our current likeness and into our likenesses in the most rarefied states.”

So then, in the Orient and in the Occident, in the North and in the South, the obscure shadow became semi-transparent and they saw IE who was sleeping soundly, and they saw him, each in their own state, and in accordance with their capacities and their evolution.

Purple then covered the four transparent states of being, after which it disappeared to reveal the alternating radiance and shadow, as before. After the radiance and shadow had alternated nine times, at the last umbrage, Brah-Elohim through the voice of his Formation called IE by his name on the Azert:

“KAHI, KAHI, awaken, awaken!”

And IE awoke as a man, clothed with the most perfect and the most adequate materiality. Still speaking through the voice of his Formation, Brah-Elohim gave him domination over the entire expanse of the Physical State; he talked to him, as a friend to a friend, of the Eternal Present, without beginning or end; but no being can repeat to another what was said, as this can only be revealed to those capable of receiving it without words.

From that moment, Kahi was the lord of all the Emanations and Formations in the Physical State.

The Formation Brah-Elohim left behind, one after the other, the envelopes with which he was clothed. The first envelope remained on Orme; the second, which was not taken by anyone in particular, remained attached to the third one to make but one envelope, which was seized by Ad-Ad; and the exteriorised Formation, taking refuge in the center, remained in the State of Essence, veiled in a deep shadow, in rest but not in sleep.

Union and peace reigned between Kahi and all of those who had formed. Everything was in order as the brain and the nerves, the heart and the arteries, the head and the limbs are in the body, such that the unity was perfect in all of the Azert.

All molecular materiality, which developed enough to receive its intelligence and its vitality, kept intellectualising and vitalising itself; Kahi was watching and working as Brah-Elohim had watched and worked.

This is how all of the intelligence and all of the vitality, inside and outside of the Azert, were one with Kahi, as Kahi was one with his Origin, his Emanator, of whom he was the masterpiece and the glory.

Through man will the Cosmos of being be perfected. Those who can hear sentient that he comes from a divine source, even beyond the Free Intelligences.

At this epoch, Ad-Ad who still slept since the double coat of the Formation was on him, spoke, in the state of trance, to the four intelligences that watched over him:

“Before the time of balance arrives, the God-Man will materialise himself twelve time and there will be twelve great battles against the hostiles; but after the twelfth, man will develop all of the materiality so that it can receive the intelligence and the vitality of Brah whose Cause is the COSMIC CAUSE.”

“There is no evolution without man no matter what the degree; therefore Man is necessary to perfection of the CAUSE WITHOUT CAUSE.”


The work of formation thus accomplished, Brah, the Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause, left the personality of the Second Emanation, the Great Former whom he blessed saying:

“Unto you, my Emanation and my vestment, unto you, Former of the Materialities, may the quality of Balance ever be confirmed. Centralise towards the attributal region and dwell in the place from where I came. As for me, I remain in the Physical State until everything is accomplished.”

Elohim was surprised and said:

“Since you are not coming back to the attributal region, but are staying in the Physical State and since you order me to centralise, who will be from now on your vestment; who will manifest you?”

— “It is inside our Formations, of which Kahi and his fellow beings, formed in his similitude, are the masterpieces, that our place of rest will be. Our vestment, the one that will manifest us, is Man. No personal God must remain in this kingdom of which Man is King.”

It is thus that Brah, the Supreme Holocaust, sacrificed himself.


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