Volume I – Chapter XXIV

Chapter XXIV


Wise men are they who dedicate their intelligence to the study of the physical nature of man. The greatest, because of his great usefulness, is one who can keep the body intact.

There once was, in the past, a man who entrusted to the guardianship of his people an expensive precious stone. It had such a rare luster, such a pure clarity that one would be taken with admiration while looking at it. When the owner was gone, those who were charged with guarding it inquired about the best way to protect it. After many consultations, a traveler who came from the Orient arrived amongst them. “If you desire to protect this gem,” he said, “surround it by resistant envelopes capable of immediately indicating the slightest harm that could affect it. Once this is done, keep the exterior envelope intact and the gem will undergo no alteration.” So is it also in regards to the gems of our self which is the sanctuary and the manifestation of Brah or Braahd, Attribute of the Cosmic Cause (Pure Spirit). It is not to dress IE in the States of Spirit, Light (or Intelligence in permanent form), Essence, Mentality or the Psychic and Nervous States that Brah, the Impersonal, took on personality. It is in none of these rarefactions that the Supreme Holocaust took on personality and offered himself, in order to perfect matter by the infusion of the divine forces. No; if personality was taken on by the Impersonal, it was so that IE could be made Man and have eternal dominion upon the densest materiality. If Brah sacrificed the personality he had taken on in the person of Elohim, it was in order to enter into the Veil of Azert matter.

Tradition has it that when IE was resting in the State of Essence, he welcomed all of those who could enter into the golden light with which he was surrounded and they were permitted to each ask him a question, but only one. Someone who came from a distant focus asked him:

— “What is the Unthinkable?”

And IE answered:

— “It is that which is enveloped or capable of being enveloped by all materiality, from the most rarefied to the densest.”

Consequently, to keep man intact is to guard the Unthinkable. It is for this reason that I devote all that I have of pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital force to the study of the physical state of Man.

At the epoch when Devo was thinking of ravaging the earth with fire, Nimred exteriorised himself and fought against him in the region of subterranean fires. He prevailed and forced him to leave that region. Nonetheless, when Nimred reclaimed the exterior envelope, a venomous creature wounded him on the right heel. The poison that penetrated into the blood affected the nervous system; during three years the great Chief was under my immediate care and it was only at the end of the twelfth year that the nervous system found its balance once again. I have recorded in these notes the knowledge I acquired while treating him. In clay, that I had molded myself, I melted a composite metal, non-oxidizing, with which I made five tablets. On each of those, I set embossed characters and covered them with melted wax to protect them from any impact. Of these tablets, I sent four to the Chiefs of the different countries: to Chi, to Aun, to Nefa, to Aoual; and the fifth one was set aside for Nimred.

Each tablet was accompanied by a roll on which is inscribed, of my own hand, the facsimile of that which is contained on the tablets.

I, Kelaouchi, chief physician of Nimred, record what follows as the summary of studies and experiments undertaken in the light of my own intelligence:

The Physical State of man possesses four degrees which are: the physical, the nervous, the soul and the mentality.

The Physical State of individuals that Brah-Elohim formed in his own similitude, with his pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital force, is, at the current epoch, similar in all rapports, to the Physical State of those whom Brah Aoual formed by infusing his quaternary forces into the mass whose protoplasmic structure was not even cellular.

Indeed, Kahi, as well as his Emanation and his Formations, were dispossessed of the light, resistant, elastic and luminous envelope by Devo, shortly after the latter had separated passivity from activity. Those who were formed in the Physical State by Brah-Aoual have, in his care, evolved up to his own current similitude, but they have not yet acquired this body. Subsequently, the descendants of Kahi and the formations of Tihpheres have the same structure. The latter, though, are less sensitive that the former because the descendants of Kahi sentient the separation and loss of that which the others have never possessed.

The study of the nature of man has brought me to the following conclusions:

Everything that is harmful to the Physical State comes from outside.
The cause of evolution is the preservation of self.
No degree of the Physical State can be damaged or lost unless its immediate envelope is itself damaged or lost. In other words: no rarefied State can be attained until the denser State is deteriorated or disintegrated.
The faculty to sustain itself from which the Physical State benefits depends on two conditions: its nourishment and its protective development.
We know that the densest part of the four degrees of the Physical State is now imperfect because the deprivation of its most exterior vestment exposes it to loss, suffering and disintegration, endangering the entire Physical State. Furthermore, these four degrees are not clearly distinct; each one slides, so to speak, into the next one; they pass from one to the other by imperceptible nuances, like the colours of the rainbow.

What is not generally understood enough, at present, is the loss which man suffered since the epoch when Devo, after having separated the active and the passive, dispossessed him of this light, elastic, luminous and resistant envelopment, the absence of which has left bare the sensitive Psycho-Nervous State. Although it is obscure or forgotten by most of the men, this loss is no less the immediate cause of the deterioration and ruin of the Nervo-Physical Degree or the Physical State in the quaternary degrees; here is why:

The Psycho-Mental envelops and protects the Mental Degree;

The Psychic envelops and protects the Psycho-Mental;

The Psycho-Nervous envelops and protects the Psychic;

The Nervous envelops and protects the Psycho-Nervous;

The Nervo-Physical envelops and protects the Nervous.

But the Nervo-Physical currently has no envelope or protection.

If then the Nervo-Physical depends, for its well-being, on the well-being of the exterior Physical Degree, if the other States depend successively upon one another, the preservation of the Physical envelopment is the preservation of the integral being itself. Yet, the construction and mechanism of the Nervo-Physical State tend to prove that it is formed for a being who is a perpetual generator of force; if however man is of such short duration, it is that he has lost or does not yet have another degree of being that must envelop the other six degrees. Thus is the seventh and last Degree necessary for the perfection of the Physical State.

For those who, through belief, custom or reminiscence, accept that which was received in ancient times, the restitution of this seventh degree can be awaited as the work of the seventh epoch. Whether this work is a restitution or an evolution, it is certain that current Man can not look upon the earth as his permanent home though he is its inheritor and most perfect Formation. Tradition has it that that which is currently mortal, meaning the Physical State, will clothe or envelop itself with an immortal vestment.

Let us consider the Physico-Nervous and Nervous Degrees. We see that the second penetrates the first and is everywhere enveloped by this Physico-Nervous.

The brain, principal ganglion, is the junction site of the sensory and motor nerves; it is the origin of all voluntary movement. We must not forget that man, when he was fashioned in the divine similitude, was “Lord of the body!”, meaning that the body obeyed his will. The quantity of involuntary movements, which are now increasing ever more, shows the nature of the devolution and of the deformation of the human body.

The Physico-Nervous brain, envelopment of the Nervous, Psychic and Mental brains, extends its ramifications to the sense organs and, by a series of divisions and subdivisions similar to those of the branches of a tree, to the linings, to the exterior coverings, such that a part of the latter can not be touched without a sensation being produced.

In practice, the integral sensation is thus proportional to the evolution of the densest degree of being, since it is the intermediary that puts the more rarefied degrees of being in rapport with their current surrounding. It is thus that we can see, for example, a deaf person or a sensitive blind person, who has evolved his Degree of Nervous being in independent personality, become capable, by exteriorising it, of hearing all kinds of noises, of seeing everything that is visible and of sentienting all that is sentienatble.

There are two orders of diseases for the organs of the Nervo-Physical senses: either those who come from some defect of these very organs, like a film on the eyes, a deformation, an injury of the ears or of the nostrils; or those which are due to defects in the Nervous; in the case of the latter type of disease, the sensitive person, to benefit from a normal and complete sentientation will require a double exteriorisation: meaning that he will have to exteriorise to the Psychic Degree of being.

In ancient times, before the division of the spheres, to breathe was to live; all that was absorbed by the lungs was proper to nourishment and sufficed, since there was no waste; the stomach, the intestines, the liver, etc… were superfluous; consequently, the ganglion which had power over the action of the heart was the only one that was necessary. Those who know this will understand that this ganglion was like a second brain, under the immediate power of the will. It was furthermore directly connected to the Nervo-Psychic and Mental ganglions; it is for this reason that joy, pain, love, hate and other passions were attributed to the heart, whereas now they are attributed to the Mentality.

The air having been deprived of its nutritive constituents, the organs of digestion and evacuation necessarily had to receive a gradual development. Presently, what is absorbed as food is so very little nutritious that the delicate wall of the mucous membrane of the intestines are continuously covered by impure and stinking waste, and bloated by harmful gases. Subsequently, this impurity affects the bloods which carry it through the walls of the arteries and veins and these walls become the special home of these infinitely small malfeasants.

Yet, “the bloods are the life”, meaning that they contain all that is necessary to the sustentation of the Physico-Nervous, Nervo-Psychic and Mental degrees of the densest State. Intellectual and vital force is the cause of sustentation and pathotism is itself the cause of this force. The vibration of the pathotic force clothed in the degrees of density where it can affect the Nervo-Physical produces dual currents similar to tubes so fine that they elude vision; these tubes depend, for their vestment, on the friction of the blood on the ever so delicate mucous membrane of the vessels that transport it in rapid leaps. The infinitely small and malfeasant beings are born there, multiply themselves and die in these channels, soiled by the exhalations of organic waste; they coat these same channels with a phlegmy matter that, gradually dulling the friction necessary to the bloods, exhaust from them the life, meaning the intellectual and vital forces. There results from this a progressive reduction of the forces and finally the loss of the individual degrees of being. Furthermore, as soon as the Nervo-Physical form has dissolved, the malfeasant microbes that it contained infect the atmosphere and are breathed in, such that to breath is to receive into the Nervo-Physical system the germs of dissolution.

Here then is a first explanation of this often thorny enigma: why is the human life span going in a decline? Another cause of the abbreviation of life is the following: the delicate extremities of the nerves end up in a porous epidermis that was in the past protected at will by the exterior envelope of which Kahi was dispossessed. When man sentiented all that was suitable for his well-being, he could, at will, protect this Nervous Degree against all harmful or depressing arousal. He can no longer act thus; subsequently the Physico-Nervous system that veils the Nervous Degree is exposed to all kinds of exterior influences: pain, arousal, continuous irritability that increases with the sensitivity of the individual, are communicated not only to the Nervous Degree, but through this Degree, to everything that envelops the more rarefied and sensitive Degrees. Thus the inopportune arousal and imbalance that result from this extends all the way to the Mentality. Subsequently, the force that, in order or balance, would be used for the sustentation of the individual in his integrity is requisitioned, as well as it is possible, to make up for that which was wasted by the act of overexcitement and to sustain the malfunction which is necessarily its after-effect.

There is also another cause that shortens human life more and more and this cause is extremely serious; while I watched over Nimred, I was able to note that the hostile beings continuously seek to impress man by inspiring in him the feeling of his own inferiority in comparison with the beings belonging to the more rarefied States. So it was for Nimred: weary from the combat; he was, in spite of his power, subjected to suggestion by Devo; the latter imprinted into his brain this idea that he had introduced into his wound a substance that was supposed to damage the Nervo-Physical, Nervous, Psychic and Mental degrees. Yet I noticed, with certitude, that the wound was not dangerous. What was harmful (and for a long time I thought it would be fatal), was the impression perceived by the chief during his arousal and his extreme fatigue, that the bite of a beast, hideous and formidable in appearance, should be the realisation of a threat made by Devo. He received into his Mentality the conception that a very grave ill had been caused to his quaternary degrees of being and this conception, in unconscious unison with Devo, was materialised to the point where the illness eventually became fact. Thus, by the light wound made to the epidermis, the conception of the power of Devo upon the Physico-Nervous State penetrated all the way to the Mentality of Nimred.

In the same manner, everything that damages the Nervous Degree damages it by means of the Physical State. Neuroses, which are effects, can be classified thus: irritability and discouragement, disease, loss of vital force or anaemia, illusion or insanity. But one must observe that the symptoms of the neurosis are always preceded and accompanied by insomnia, loss of appetite, indigestion, cephalgia or disease of the spinal cord. As long as the Nervo-Physical brain and its prolongation, the spinal cord as well as the nerves, are not damaged, there is no insomnia or illusion; as long as the ganglions of the great sympathetic are not damaged, there is no inappetence or indigestion, and consequently, no loss of force.

If the brain, being organised in a superior manner and needing a special nourishment, weakens in turn, the brains, or less material cerebral envelopes, are affected. The latter are: the Nervous, the Nervo-Psychic, the Psychic, the Psycho-Mental and the Mental which are all enveloped by the Nervo-Physical brain.

The morbid state of the envelope and degrees of the brain naturally affects the spinal cord, the big sympathetic ganglions, and the nerves. The following result from this: a local or general neuralgia, indigestion, the ganglion that regulates the action of the stomach being affected; dyspepsia and the diseases of the liver, the ganglion that presides over the liver malfunctioning; a deficient circulation because, for the same causes, the heart does not function normally, etc…

This state of the Nervo-Physical system, affecting the more rarefied degrees, next reaches the State of the Soul and produces irritability, neurosis, misanthropy, lypemania, fatal premonitions. After these symptoms and this morbid state, the illness penetrating all the way to the Mentality, illusions occur and after these illusions, insanity.

Once the nervous degree has been touched, general and continuous arousal engenders an inflammatory state in the whole body or, at the very least, in its more sensitive parts and an extreme sensitivity results from this, and often, such an acuity of the senses, especially those of touch, sight and hearing, that the least contact, noise, light or even obscurity impresses them in an abnormal fashion. This acuity of the senses is like the bright light of a drained lamp about to extinguish itself. The mentality, also, shares this abnormal state; however, the intellectual power being subject to great variations, reason becomes prey to ideas absolutely contrary to common sense. Yet, this partial or general alteration of the being is due most frequently to the strange beings who have infiltrated the various degrees of the being. The presence or the insidious influence of the Hostile is like a grain of dust in the eye, a thorn in the flesh.

Since every individual being self-perfect in each of his degrees, a hostile being can not find a place, temporarily or permanently, in the individual, as long as a part thereof is neither vacated nor dislodged, temporarily or definitively. And yet, due to the most imperious of all the natural laws, the preservation of self, the expulsion of a part of the being does not occur without violence, from whence the contortions, the convulsions and the efforts of those who are assailed, the attacks during which the resistance to the aggressions is often so strong and persistent that the physical strength becomes lacking though the struggle is more instinctive than reasoned.

This is where the assistance of a physician who knows the nature of the human being is eminently useful. It is for this reason that I record my experience on the subject of Nimred, in accordance with his manifested desire and for the benefit of the community.

From the time when our chief no longer needed my care, I have spent ten years in the exclusive study of diseases engendered by the attacks of the Hostile Being and his Formations. This prolonged study has corroborated the experiments which I had done during three years, painful and hard experiments, but interesting and precious.

The first night of my watch, around midnight, Nimred began to groan like a dying person.

— “Where do you suffer?” I asked.

— “From the wound on my heel; the venom of this dreadful creature flows in my veins like fire, my heart beats with violence, my brain is burning up and my throat has dried up. I fear no exterior enemy but I dread this subtle poison against which I am powerless.”

— “You chose me so that I may fight with you the evil that Devo wanted to inflict upon you and I ask you to help me as you have helped all of those who struggle against the enemy. I will prepare for you an antidote that will calm the pain; on your end, suppress all fear and all arousal.”

I then took some pure water, not spring water, nor rain water, but that which came from the storm and had been engendered by lightning. I poured some in a cup of crystal and infused into it all of the Psychic and Mental force which this ,more than any other liquid, is capable of receiving. Shortly after Nimred had drunk some, he fell into a peaceful sleep. He woke up at dawn, calm and rested. I did thus several times and always obtained the same results. This proves that, the Physical degree is so precious to the Psychic and Mental degrees, that if some ill happens to it, these two degrees naturally concentrate upon it their thoughts, desire and will.

There are a few sufferers who can act differently and not appear to be affected, but their detachment or their indifference is constrained and whatever care they take at hiding their thoughts with calm, the Mental and Psychic States ceaselessly preoccupy themselves with the physical illness. Although it is possible, even during overexcitement, to divert the attention away from the illness for some time, this manner of doing things is dangerous for the being in its integrity.

Furthermore, all apprehension relates to the Physico-Nervous degree; if an individual is conscious that the Nervo-Physical degree of his being is in danger of being damaged, what he fears is uneasiness and physical suffering, the inability to take his place amongst his fellows, to rest, rejoice or work towards a goal on the earth.

If the Psychic or Nervo-Psychic degrees are attacked, the individual has the apprehension of separation and if he was sure that this degree of being would stay in the body in perpetuity, his fears would vanish like the fogs before the sun.

If he is damaged mentally, his apprehension focuses again upon the exterior visible state. Although his conceptions or his desires can be abnormal, they cause him no regret or fear; what he fears is their exterior manifestation, either through speech or through action, and even through facial expression. Why? Because he know that such a manifestation would affect his situation amongst his fellow men and could put his liberty in peril. For all individuals, the exterior, the visible is, in practical terms, the pre-eminent, the essential, because reason tells him that, whatever sophism he may be in the habit of reediting upon the invisible, it is the physical that puts him in rapport with the physical surrounding where he lives. The resignation of the being who, with a sane mentality, submits to the loss of a degree of being is similar to that of a man who drowns; after having fought and uselessly called out for help, asphyxiated, exhausted, he has as his only recourse the last plunge, to sink to the depths from which he will not be able to come back up in perfect form; it is by force that he resigns himself to the inevitable and he only accepts it after having lost all consciousness. If you present to one who is drowning the slightest hope of rescue, he will cling to it with all of his might.

Already the descendants of those who, in the distant past, have adored Devo, teach others to resign themselves forever to the loss of the Nervo-Physical state, affirming that such is now the will of Brah-Elohim. Why? Brah took on, through the person of Elohim, a form in the similitude of that which he made for man in order to clothe IE with it in the physical state and now, his will would be that man be dispossessed of this form as he has already been dispossessed by Devo. How misplaced is the Mentality of those who make such assertions!

When Kahi and Kahie, divided by Devo, weary and exhausted, were dispossessed of the exterior envelope of their Physical State, they sentiented this loss to the very core of their being. They felt themselves naked. Instinctively and intuitively they sought the shade of vitality, trying to hide from themselves, if possible, the immense loss they had just incurred: the loss of hereditary glory, strength and beauty.

Presently, alas!, they are too many those who, in the similitude of Kahi, either by habit, by fear of the domineering personal gods or by the semi-poisoning of their Mentality by the emanations and the influence of the enemy, resign themselves to the loss of this Nervo-Physical degree upon which the Nervous, Psychic and Mental degrees depend, with rare exceptions. There are even those who offer their bodies as a living sacrifice to Devo! Is there not a worse evil than that one?


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