Volume I – Chapter II

Chapter II

Of the Three Epochs of Rest of the Second Formation

First Epoch

It is during the first epoch of rest that the Former gives birth to the second Formation; the latter passes through seven exteriorisations or dematerialisations ordered in the following manner:

1) In rest, its whole being is united, by affinity, with its Former. The Second Formation exteriorises itself and, leaving the exterior envelope at rest in the sphere of its formation, it passes, with its perfect form, to the state of rarefied and radiant molecular matter by infusing within it its force (pathotic, spiritual, intellectual and vital).

There results from this in the totality of this state an aspiration and an expiration of light and shadow, accompanied by a rapid and vibratory movement. Through this movement the most perfect and most developed molecular matter, radiant and rarefied (meaning the one that responded the most to the forces emitted by the first Emanation), group themselves, as by affinity, leaving aside the less perfect and less developed molecular matter; such that there is alternating light and shadow.

And then the second Formation re-enters into the envelope, or degree of being, from which it was exteriorised, and rests.

2) The second Formation exteriorises itself a second time, leaving after itself two degrees of being: the first in the sphere of its formation; the second, which is more rarefied, in the state of molecular matter; and, in perfect form, it enters into the state of atomic matter.

Here again there is, in the totality of the state, a respiration of light and shadow accompanied by a vibratory and rapid movement and, as before, the most perfect and the most developed atomic materiality groups itself by affinity, in such a way that alternating light and shadow is produced. Then the Second Formation reappears and rests in the aura of its Former, meaning in an exhalation that was surrounding it, in rapport with the various states and degrees of its being.

3) The Second Formation exteriorises itself a third time, passes, in perfect form, to the Attributal state and rest in the nebulosity. It possesses a luminous property that it holds from The Attribute of Justice of the Cosmic Cause, origin of its Former. Then, in its luminous splendour, it re-enters into the sphere of its formation where it rests as before.

4) Exteriorizing itself a fourth time, the second Formation passes through the most exterior Etherised State (meaning that of the Effective Germinative Essence) after having left in each density where it has passed the envelope from which it has exteriorised itself and which is of a degree of materiality in rapport with its surrounding. Here during its rest, the undulations become great waves and each of them reflects, in the entire state of matter, the image of the Formation.

As before, the latter re-assumes one by one and in their order each state and degree of being that it has left, and rests in the aura of its Former, surrounded by its sphere which is penetrated by an undulating golden light.

5) Exteriorising itself a fifth time, the Second Formation passes to the state of Conceptive Germinative Essence and, thrusting itself to the calm and immobile depths of this state, rests therein. It comes back up, and then, retakes its forms one after the other, and returns to its origin.

6) After a sixth exteriorisation it enters into the state of Intelligence in Activity which, by its undulating movements, takes it, in perfect form, through the totality of this state. Then exteriorising itself in order, it returns and rests in the aura of its Former.

During this rest the aura is agitated by undulations of a sapphirine colour that, confounding itself with the undulating golden light, gives it the appearance of a calm sea of emerald.

7) Exteriorising itself a seventh time in order, the Second Formation enters into the state of Intelligence in Passivity, and thrusting itself into its depth, sleeps the sleep of the Alifa.

Waking up, it finds itself at the source of vital force, in the aura of light, of the colours of the prism, of the first Emanation of the Attribute of Justice.

The First Emanation welcomes it with joy.

Then the second Formation returns and, retaking in order the degrees and states of being, re-enters into the aura of its Former, the Second Emanation of the Attribute of Justice, who welcomes it with passion. Seeing itself surrounded by a halo of pure and white light, the Formation communicates thus with its Former, from intelligence to intelligence:

— “The halo of white light”, the latter tells it, “resulting from the balance of the three colours, attests that you have rested in the First Emanation.”

— “During that sleep, which was previously unknown to me, I rested and before waking, I had a vision.”

— “Of what nature, and what is its significance?”

— “The one who received me upon my awaking and whom I had never seen took my right hand in his left hand and led me to the centre of an undulating immensity, transparent, colourless and silvery saying to me: There is the state of your Origin, since you are formed by the Emanation of the Attribute of the Pure Spirit in Activity, who is the Cosmic Cause.”

And as I marveled, understanding not what was being said to me, I became conscious of a voice coming from the interior of my being which told me: “Who can know the origin of the ONE who is formed for the immortality and for the perfection of BEING?”

Second Epoch

At a certain epoch the Former was communicating with his second Formation, as from intelligence to intelligence:

— “Pass”, he tells it, “to the seventh exteriorisation until the state that seems to you like a silvery transparency and rest there. Fear nothing, since in each state you will leave degrees and states of being, and I will protect them.”

— “Gladly”, answered the Formation; “what do I have to fear when I am with the One who possesses, simultaneously, the powers and the protective pathotism?”

1) Again the second Formation passed then through the veil and, exteriorising itself an eighth time into the light of aura of the First Emanation (light that was coming from the source of the vital force) it entered into the silvery transparency. While approaching the center, it had an inspiration:

— “That which was is, and that which is will be; because everything is eternal, except for the individual form. Nonetheless, everything tends towards improvement and the light of an epoch is the shadow of the one which comes after it. The dawn of the seventh enlightenment is close, an epoch of light that nothing will be able to obscure.”

And the following was answered back to it:

— “Here dawn has appeared, a dawn that no shadow can obscure; but in the denser matter, the obscurity becomes deeper and deeper, because the hostile being manifests himself as he moves away from the light of the dawn and there will the final conflict and victory be.”

2) In a second exteriorisation, the Second Formation stayed on the immobile silvery transparency and remained resting in the beatific sleep, rocked by the Pure Spirit in Passivity.

3) Exteriorising itself anew, it passed, as always in perfect form, into the state of Pathotic Unity and sentiented that there is the Cause that produces the Cosmic Order.

As is was passing in front, amazed by this immensity and this omnipresent power, it found itself in the pathotic force. While searching for its deep source, it had again this inspiration:

— “Draw from this source freely, because the time will come when all the beings will gather around you.”

It therefore remained there and received as much of the pathotic force as it could receive.

4) Surrounded by pathotic force, and veiled by a nebulosity that was enclosing it in a spherical form, the Second Formation found itself in a surrounding capable of providing it with all that was necessary for the sustentation of the less rarefied states of being, such that it was able to cross the three centers without externalising itself, meaning to approach the Nucleolus in the pathotic form.

There it rested for a very long time in a conscious sleep. Then, waking up, it left the pathotic form in the location where the second state of centralisation aurorises the Nucleolus; then it was taken away, in its sphere of sustentation, towards the Attributal state where the form it had left was resting in the protective shadow of the Former. Re-entering in this from, it returned quickly, from expansion to expansion, leaving a sphere of sustentation in each state where it had exteriorised itself and in the location where had rested the form from which it had exteriorised itself.

An when, finally, it slept of the refreshing sleep in the aura of its Former, a sphere of sustentation also rested on the confines of the densest matter.

Third Epoch

As soon as the second Formation awoke, with the power of affinity which constitutes the natural unity of the Former and its Formation, it enters into the sphere of sustentation and penetrates the immensity of the classified and mixed matter.

Within the sphere of sustentation it can go here and there at will; indeed, because of that which, being like an insulator, maintained the sphere in its form, classified matter or the mixed one can only be influenced at will, either by the presence of the Formation, either by the surroundings. The second Formation knows thus that the spheres of sustentation are personal and not cosmic, except at will; and, by means of them, the onw who would be sufficiently developed could pass from state to state without exteriorisation or abandonment of form.

Upon its return it said: “There is in the beyond something hostile.”

Of the Pathotic Form

The Pathotic Form within which the second Formation was resting in the middle of the triple centralisation was attracting to it, as by affinity, all the states of the pathotism, the Ether and the Atomic and Molecular Matter that the First and the Second Formation had touched, and these, penetrating in the sphere of sustentation with which the Pathotic Form was surrounded, were providing, in order, all that was required for the perfection of being.

Here is the order of this Formation: Almost simultaneously were formed the most rarefied degrees of the inner being, meaning the three degrees of being which have the rarefaction corresponding to the degrees of centralisation which surround the nucleolus; while, from the external envelope, were formed, in order, the densest states of being. Only as the parts of being were exteriorised, the parts of being that were interiorising themselves and developing themselves were perfected (each according to its nature and density); they were united in a single being by the pathotic force.


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