A Fragment of Crowleyana


The Recent Dissapearance of a Notorious Agent

From time to time, in Europe, a scandal blows up and a mysterious affair is quickly hushed up which reminds us that a veil is being thrown over the people. It happened here, four or five years ago, the Marthe Moreuil affair, this beautiful girl who was tasked with the surveillance of our aviation military’s forces.

A month a ago, on a Portuguese shore, a letter was found from a man declaring he wanted to end it with his life. It created a huge hype in the Lisbon press.

This man had been driven out of France in 1929. It was sir Aleister Crowley. Back then, he begged our police forces to protect him. He revealed that he belonged to the Intelligence Service since the war; they had made him join this Supreme Lodge of German Freemasonry, Lodge 33, managed from above by imperial highnesses, where important questions about the politics of the empire of William II stirred.

Sir Aleister Crowley had been, in turn, a dervish in fiery Egypt, a false Lama in Tibet and a mage in India where currently operates the greatest agent of the Intelligence Service, Colonel Lawrence.

Our police forces drove out this man who, before leaving Paris, contacted our colleague Pierre Lazareff, entrusting him with the manuscript of his extraordinary memoirs.

What happend to Crowley?  He new himself to be dissavowed by his superiors and was afraid of everything; chased from border to border, he ran aground in Portugal.  Did he kill himself? Was he killed? Or, more probably, did he stage his own dissapearance to try to stay alive?

No Parisian daily paper alluded to this strange affair.


– from “Cyrano” No. 338 – Sunday December 7th, 1930, pp. 16-17
(translated from the French by Mitch B.)